How Can This Be
Author: ShyHeart


- Inspired By Dreamer -

Like, strangers, we never meet
Yet, through your poetry
We hold each otherís hand
I wonder, how can this be?

I never sent you, a birthday card
I never called you, when your were alone
Through your poems, I know how you feel
I wonder, how can this be?

I wasnít there, when your eyes
Filled with tears, and your heart cried for me
I wasnít there when, most of all
You, needed me

Like strangers, we never meet
Yet, through your poetry
I knew, you needed me
I wonder, I wonder, how can this be?


Comments on this poem/writing:

Enchantress(once known as "moon-loving" CrYsTaL) ( -- Monday, September 1 2003, 03:45 pm

Inspirations are endless

I really love the peticular exquisiteness of this poem, it's like the way I wish I'd meet my soulmate...through poetry. I love this poem because it kind of reminds me of a poem I wrote about soulmates, only that they would not come to know each other by poetry, but by the moon they could see no matter where they were. And that they already knew each other because of it, I think this poem you've written is exactly like that. I loved this masterpiece, it's so beautiful.Keep writing, I'll keep reading!
Megan ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 01:33 am

thumbs up

Thats a really nice way of looking at things.
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 06:44 pm

Happy you understand this one, then your are, Poets!

Enchantress & Megan

Thank you for reading this effort, we write in hopes, someone will read. Well, actually, we as poets, write because we "have to," its our nature.

Enchantress, I could not find your poem about soulmates here, where do I look for it, I would like to read it.

Thank You both,

Enchantress ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 11:21 pm

Sorry, I misinformed you...

Martin, like I've said earlier, I'm barely gonna get the e-mail fixed. I don't have the poem on this site...YET. I'm going to get on here soon, and when I do, I let you know by leaving an author's note by it ok. I'm sorry you misunderstood, but I will put it on. It really is a very beautiful poem, hope to hear from you soon. Thanx-Enchantress
Ben ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 11:34 pm

True, many of us share...

True, Martin, many of us share some the same feelings! I can relate to this one, and many others! Thanks!
Tricia ( -- Saturday, September 6 2003, 10:14 pm

it just can be

This poem reaches out and touches me. Threw each of our poems we can reach out and touch some one. We can express ourselfs, and others through reading our poetry can feel what we feel. Weither its sorrow or happiness. If im sad i read a happy poem and that is like that person was there easing my sorrow. Maybe im crazy but with each poem i read i feel like a part of me is with that person. Not just as a poet but as friend.
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, September 9 2003, 07:02 am


Martin, i agree w/all the comments above..... when the writer expresses their true self in a poem... the reader can relate... because some how we are all connected..sometimes we can almost feel the presense of another being breathing above us, as we type away and pour out our feelings we feel that surge behind all is so refreshing, after i get a complete comprehension of a poem i aways feel like the person whom wrote it, is right in the same room w/me narrating their creation in their own voice...that is an awesome works better for me when i close my eyes and absorb ones thoughts..
kinda like sampling the wine:) I REALLY LOVED THIS....Terrie
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, September 9 2003, 04:57 pm

Poets let us view their private diary.


Reading other poet's poetry is almost, but not quite like, finding their secret diary and with unspoken permission, being allowed to read a page or two. Quite exciting, I think.

Thanks Terrie,
Martin V
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, September 9 2003, 05:47 pm

very exciting...

Martin, your poems...are totally 3-D ......i hope i do not read any 'bout storms...especially when i'm all dressed umbrella is still packed away:) seriously... your poetry has depth....reason.. it is a haven, it is the hand that wipes away a tear, the arms that comfort us, the voice that speaks w/compassion & knowledge, the heart that understands,
the soul that hears/sees/feels/breathes ...your poems are what kids now a days call "THE BOMB"
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, September 9 2003, 08:55 pm

Poets share, the same enternal pen...,


Your words of feeling, belief and understanding are the bomb. First it exploded in my heart, consumed my soul then reached my eyes, the tears powered by emotion, feel upon my desk. Then I asked myself, how can it be, she would say such things to me, I am a former United States Marine,tough, no one gets to me, like poets do.

Then as I said, at the beginning of this work, Dreamer was my inspiration, though she didn't know it. This is what the poem is about, hearts and souls, coming together from millions of miles, heart and souls, we as poets, you and I keep their hearts alive.

I am grateful for all of us, surley, this work was not mine, but a touching of the hearts, long passed, by all us us, except, they came back one day and spoke to me, saying..., you and I will live for every in our words which are not rehersed, just the truth, from poets, who share, the same enternal pen.

Terrie* ( -- Monday, September 15 2003, 05:28 am


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