Tiny Little Tears
Author: ShyHeart


When you were born, I couldn’t wait,
to take you in my arms. Then, they let me hold you
and lightening struck my heart
I looked at you and you looked at me,
A strong man cried that day.

To my surprise, I thought I saw, tiny, little tears,
coming from your baby eyes, as I held you in my arms
We took you home and you grew so fast
And every night, I thanked the lord
I knew that I, had been blessed.

Each night, when you would go to sleep,
You’d rest your head on Daddy’s heart
and I was never far away
Not even to this day

Then one day, I had to leave and once again,
Tiny, little tears, rolled down, my babies face
Someone else had come along,
and I couldn’t take you with me
but, he never took my place.

Your mom and I, well, things just changed
and no, you were not to blame
Your older now, and still ask why,
Why did Daddy, go away

I have no answer for you dear
But, this, I can say, the lightning
That I felt that day, When I held you in my arms,
baby, baby, it has never, never, gone away
And when you go to sleep tonight
You can still, rest your head
Upon your daddy’s heart.

Love, never leaves the heart, but sometimes,
the heart, leaves love. Your older now, and I understand
that in your little heart, still you ask, daddy,
please, tell me why, why did you go away.

Darlin, you have many years, far ahead of you
And I pray to the God who gave me, you, your baby
Never cries,

tiny, little, tears.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Leah06 ( -- Thursday, April 10 2003, 10:41 pm


Wow martin! I really like this one. I can connect with it on so many levels. My dad left me whan i was 21 months old. Now he lives across the contry and he still isnt apart of my life. I cant let him be apart of it because when i needed him he wasent there. And i still dont have a daddy. I love this poem!
barb ( -- Friday, April 11 2003, 01:34 am

free unwanted advice Haaa

very touching and nice. If you dont want her to have anymore tears keep her in your life. What hurts is being left to wonder why.If she knows you still care and love her than she'll be satisfied even if you and her mom aren't together. Very well put Marvin.
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, April 11 2003, 01:55 pm



Leah06, its always tough on the children when the parents split up. I can understand how you feel.

Barb, excellent advice and she knows and has always known. The poem was for those who I know are still out there and still ask why.

Thank You Both
leah ( -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 02:39 am

justa question

that is an excellent poem a daughter or son with a love like that from their dad or mom stays with them all through life! anyway i have a question for you you commented on my peom i wish i like you and i was just wondering can u tell me what a white cane is? you can reply on my poem thanx! :)
LinzAy ( -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 11:57 am


Hey Martin! Beautiful poem! Me and my friend Cookie who's sitting with me right now absolutely love it! It's so sweet. Got Cookie all! Heh heh....It touched my heart. Great writing Martin...
CrYsTaL ( -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 10:43 pm

no title

Hey Martin, what's going on? I really enjoyed this poem, and I really love the way u wrote this, love to read your poems all the time.
Capricorn ( -- Monday, April 14 2003, 11:54 pm

no title

This is so beautiful, Martin.Very touching
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