Funny Kind Of Love
Author: Abbey


Have you ever fallen in love with someone and you are not sure why? Has there ever been a person that always makes you smile? Has there ever been a person that you always look forward to seeing? Have you ever had a never-ending crush? Well, I can answer yes to all of these questions, they all are about one person. He is a very different person, always goofing off or joking around, unlike anyone else I have ever met. At times he can be shy, only around certain people, but always outgoing and spontaneous around his friends.

I have known him for a few years. When I baby-sat or in the halls at school I would always see him. He would say, "Hi" to me sometimes, but we never really talked since we didn't know each other very well. I remember wondering why he never had a girlfriend. I was told he was too shy and that he wouldn't know how to act.

It all started last year when my mom's fiancÚ and his family decided to go on Spring Break with us. His son brought along a friend, whom this story is about. We were in South Carolina for a week, in the bright sunshine either on the sandy beach or pool side. Everyday we were talking and just having fun. I noticed that we were always around each other or always talking to each other. By the end of the week I had finally admitted that I had a huge crush on him. Although I would only admit it to a select few, everyone knew, they could see it in my eyes and smile.

The whole week of school after break was so exciting for me. I looked forward to seeing him in the halls and talking to him after art class. A few people who knew about my crush told me that they thought he liked me too, but that he was too shy to admit it. Of course I didn't believe them, how could I? I thought it was just a dream crush, a crush that would eventually end, how could he ever like me anyway? Well, to my surprise he did and by the end of the week I was a freshman going to the prom!

So, as excited as can be the next few weeks were great, I was the happiest person alive. I thought I couldn't be happier, but I was wrong, he also asked me to go on a date one weekend. We went to see a movie, then he took me home, and unlike other guys he walked me to the door to say, "Good Night." It wasn't anything special, but to me it was just perfect. I was happy about being with him at all. By the time prom came we had been out a few times and knew that we could have fun together.

The day of prom was one of the most fun and exciting days of my life, except for the part that I was terribly nervous. I was practically shaking all through dinner! Although I was noticeably nervous he made me feel so comfortable around everyone. By the end of the night I was over my nervousness and was acting myself. I had a really great time. That night he told me that I looked beautiful, so that made everything even better. He was always a perfect gentleman, tending to my every need, and making me feel so special. After prom I was afraid that the relationship would end right away, but I was wrong again, it got better for a while.

As the summer progressed I saw him less and less. Eventually I saw him once a week at the most. By July he was working everyday and was out with his friends on his time off, he rarely had time for me anymore. I was very disappointed by this, I missed seeing him all the time. By August we were broken up and I was talking to someone else. I felt terrible about the end of our relationship, I couldn't let it go because there was something about him that I liked so much.

I have been told that I broke his heart, but what no one knew was that mine was broken too. When I saw him he would just look at m
e with no expression or look away. It made me feel horrible to look at him, to see in his eyes that he was unhappy and miserable, and to know that I had something to do with how he felt. So, I talked to him and told him how I felt, how I still cared and that I wanted him to know that. Now if I see him he will smile or say, "Hi," again. I thought that I had lost a person that meant so much to me, but I didn't and I'm very grateful for that.

He means so much to me because he is the type of person that stays in your heart forever. He is the kind of person who can always make you smile, even on your worst days. He is the type of person that you will always care about. I am thankful that he still cares about me as much as I care about him. Also, I'm thankful to have him be such a good friend. It is just a funny kind of love...


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Elizabeth ( -- Thursday, February 5 2004, 08:52 am


this poem was a very good poem. this person knows how to write a poem on funny love
Meridian Zuriel ( -- Thursday, March 25 2004, 10:11 am


Wow Abbey! This is..........amazing........exciting..........interesting..........and divine and lovely! I've never read poetry so interesting in my life! Your story about the funny kind of love! I love it Abbey! I'm surprised that no one commented you on such fabulous poetry about how nice the gentleman was, and how he made you feel like you've never felt before! I'm happy for you by just reading it!!!!!! THanks for sharing that poem on this poetry site!! Have fun now.........and.......... Live each day with expectation!!! Meridian
joyce ivy ( -- Thursday, January 27 2005, 08:57 pm

Abbey..A love sometimes not meant to be...

Abbey sometimes there is a love out there that just seems like it should be...but for some reason it can't...You can still love that person and keep him in your heart forever...While still moving on with your life...God knows whats best for he helps us to move on...I know because I gave up on a love not long ago..that I really felt was right...but reason beyond my didn't workout...But life must go have displayed here to us a very beautiful write...I enjoyed it very much...even with the sad parts...but a happy ending no less...thanks for sharing your heart....joyce
Weennie ( -- Friday, May 5 2006, 05:22 pm


Aww Abbey I love it!!!
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