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Author: Red Dragon (Bernz)


(To my fellow writers, you cause me to to feel, think and write)

I am meek a newborn to writing
My mouth opens, yet trembling
A sound, a song with cloudy chord
My tongue is orphaned even with a definite word.

I don't possess
The mind of a writer
So skillful, so clever
In weaving thoughts
Of tales crafted in a kaleidoscope,
Nor the hands of a poet
Who can capture the sunset
In every detail, can paint emotions
A landscape of words, he can fashion

Yet I have my eyes
That welcome the sunrise
As the cuddling of midnight cold
>From my skin, unwinding its lonely hold
When evening comes I see
By the sea a passing display
In a predicted time, they come and go
The sea waves leaping high and low
Night breeze rolling the tides
Afterwards, bit by bit, the undulation subsides

I have my heart
In its untainted part
In its sheer essence
Discern all what my eyes see
Vibrating in laments
Or trumpeting in glee

My mind yet partial in wisdom
T'is the other half of my whole
Heeds the moment of my heart's call
And together in shout or in whispers
Summons my infantile fingers
To etch the language
Of my morning age
Spoken in silence, uttered in solitude
Of which I'm certain is a soft prelude

And I see myself a sprouting plant
That in ages If should gather all
Time's precious gift of very chance
To feel the world, see everything big and small
In others' memory, I'll share
In my sunset days as a full grown tree
"This is my poetry"


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 09:54 pm

Meek and a newborn to writing, Hardly.


There is no way, no way at all, you can write this way, as delicate and embryonic as you have tried and make it sound humble. You are a Pro, Bro. I think, you were born a tree of verse and I thank you for its shade. Making me feel loved, comfortable and most of all safe, safe as a new born babe in a poet's arms.

Protecting me,I'll take the protecion of your pen over the sharpest sword!

Yes, this is good, written by a poet, disguised as a babe in simple, word clothing.

LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 10:55 pm


I'm in awe! And you say you are a newborn to writing! It sure as heck doesn't show! You're writing are words i somehow wish i could put together so beautifully. Definitely a true poet in my eyes!

And gawd Martin! You have the best way of describing how poems can make one feel and who/how the person makes you think they are...Wish i had the ability to do so also!
martin vann ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 01:00 am

You have it, Lady L, beleive me, you have it!

You have all I can give. I think you know that.

However, to my Lady "L" LinzAy, you are, our lady of words (I'm not catholic, but it fits you) soft as the falling night upon the fading sun. There is no ompetition between night and day, only the understanding that both, respect each other. Lady L, I offer all my respect to you. Your poems, your thoughts, they all pass through, my self, and finally, come to me as your heart, would help a stanger, hungry and alone, you have that heart, its written in your work.

You have no idea, how welcome your are, and my heart says, thank you for your love of poetry. Loving poetry means, you love, me, R.D. and the rest of us who set our hearts in flight, to fly unknown winds without direction, only seeking some destination, like you LinzAy, like you. You are not your comments, you are your poems and R.D. and so many, many of us, love you for them.

LinzAy ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 04:25 am


I think i may have almost cried there!!! Seriously!

I feel a lil weird thanking someone on someone elses poem....but thankyou for your words Martin. These one reached deeper than the depth your words usually reach...didn't know there was such a place deeper...

And amazingly it all made sense to my mind and my heart and i realize i feel the same about you guys! This site is really bringing us being, well, um, us! heh heh....Love you guys!
leah ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 04:46 am


I didnt really understand the poem but thats just cuz im dumb and i just want to say that you have a way with words that i could probably never have! you ARE a poet good luck red dragon :)
Red Dragon ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 12:48 pm


Martin and LiZay...Thank you so much brother and sister for your inspiring words. I never thought I'd write own poems, believe me,and go far as this, not until I got broken hearted. If you consider me as a full grown tree, way from the start, and my branches provides you with that upliftment, so be it...Its nice to know that through my work, I become a source...of love, hope and comfort.

Leah: you are not dumb and i dont intend my poem to be deep...i'm sorry but the words just i said, i have my heart and my heart tells me the direction and my mind lights my way....girl, everyone of us can write and you having your poems now has the gift of understanding and kind heart...thank so best wishes for you.....
capricorn ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 01:29 pm

You do!

Oh you certainly do have the mind of a writer and the hand of a poet! This is written with great skill and understanding. I feel you know how to`reach' people....but you realise you still have to `grow'....the sign of a good poet. very well written!
Red Dragon ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 01:57 pm

~..~ were right in saying i still have to grow...honestly, that's what i felt when i wrote this. and then words just flowed....thank you....thank know how i felt....
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 09:03 pm


I love this place! And we are definitely blessed to have you, a new poet, grace us with ur heart! I think we all still have to grow, we will in due time, for now.......i think your poetry, your mind, and your heart are perfect as is!
Dino ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 01:59 am

Awesome Brah!

You definately put a spark in us. Nice words! You've got a talent. It's very inspiring and I'm sure you've got a bag full of thoughts. Alot of nice poets here and I enjoy reading all your poems. Looking forward in reading your next one. Thanks for sharing your poems. Just curious? Do you know what 'Mabuhai" means? It's off the subject, I know, but I feel I can talk to you. My uncles toast with that word.
Red Dragon ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 05:32 am


Mabuhay- a tagalog word, used locally, as an expression of well wish for Long Life and Good Luck. It is means a word for encouragement to pursue a purpose.

TO all of US Mabuhay!
Dino ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 07:31 am

Hey thanks!

Thanks Red Dragon for clearing that up for me. To be honest, I thought it might be a town or like "BANZI!" to crash your airplane and die. Well! Now I can say-MABUHAY EVERYBODY! Okole Maluna!(bottoms up) hick-up!
barb ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 11:44 pm


with writing like that you are defintely a poet. writing what you feel is special.thank-you for your talent red dragon
Red Dragon ( -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 04:50 am


Thanks barb. But i still have a lot of growing to do...hehehehe....
leah ( -- Sunday, April 6 2003, 03:33 am


aww well i would just like to say that these comments and the thank yous sounds like were at the oscars! its so cool anyway great work you have great thinking and writing red dragon by the way did u know that red dragon is the name of a movie? bye
leah ( -- Sunday, April 6 2003, 03:33 am


aww well i would just like to say that these comments and the thank yous sounds like were at the oscars! its so cool anyway great work you have great thinking and writing red dragon by the way did u know that red dragon is the name of a movie? bye
Red Dragon ( -- Sunday, April 6 2003, 04:02 pm

The Movie...Yes

leah...yes. Red Dragon or The Tooth Fairy one of the Hannibal trilogy....Ralp Fiennes was cool and awesome.
I was born out of this movie...hehehehe
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