I Am Liberty
Author: Roger W Hancock


I am old I shall not die.
When imprisoned in spirit I live.
I saw wars fought with little thought,
for freedom from the enemy,
yet still, oppression of their kings.
I saw Hancock and Washington,
place much thought upon,
freedom from tyranny.
A price to pay, a sacrifice,
to me for I am Liberty.
A common thought of all,
valued to those who appreciate freedom,
to live life without strife,
of government intervention.
I saw the southern states rebel,
to keep the right of slaving others.
Brothers against brothers,
for freedom there is a price,
pay homage for I am Liberty.
For the people some may claim,
government be their father.
A premise that represses,
lacks freedomís love of mother.
Communism, Socialism both,
have proven premise fails.
Without freedom initiative dies,
ďno gain so why the pain?
Fight hard against apathy,
speak of me for I am Liberty.
Two wars fought world wide,
of fascism and imperialism.
Germany devoted following,
into morbid Aryanism
. Emperor in Japan expands,
warring away internal coup.
Sacrifice of men to win,
Victory for me, Liberty.
Many value differently,
of selfishness or generosity.
Selfishness our enemy,
to be fought on every front.
Responsibility in selflessness,
a premise to keep all free.
America for self and others,
fought for me, as I am Liberty.
From within our battles wage,
ideologies conflict.
When feeling, emotion prevails,
logic of premise ignored.
Foundations must be upheld,
founderís freedom defined.
A gift from France a statue,
substance now embodies.
Freedomís concept visualized,
now in her I am Lady Liberty.
Stand fast, stand tall, be proud,
learn from freedomís history.
America, no greater nation,
our world has ever known.
God has blessed, God has cursed
the good and wrong within this land.
Let logic, common sense prevail,
meaningless emotions defeat.
Future happiness depends
upon my strength, your Liberty


Comments on this poem/writing:

Roy Claxton ( -- Monday, September 30 2002, 01:23 am

Wars and rumors of war

I suppose there should be anger,sufferings
and blood shed as the world grows like a prodical child disatified to return home in rags.
I love being an American; yet if I was born in Vietnam I being native to fight and die if
I must. Maybe in passing we will find the perfect home. We all seek this no matter our birth
place and as bad is maybe you with have it.
anonymous ( -- Monday, September 30 2002, 01:27 am

,you will have it.
roy claxton ( -- Sunday, October 20 2002, 06:32 pm

real sorry barb

I don't know who's hiding in anonymous---maybe I am patriotic--maybe it doesn't apply to Roger. please hear me out and not be affended--I approach Trapper over his GOVERNMENT--get right with being an american and feel what is't about--Who is the blame? are you from a foreign land?--May you both need a down to earth consideration that would help the USA to take care of those that are oppressed and without food,clean water without proper clothing or shelter--don't set youself and try to hide--I call it desertion of life and not be apart of HOPE--change you attitudes or your words aren't for me--Where can one dream ????
barb ( -- Monday, October 21 2002, 06:40 pm

Mike (

Roger W Hancock - the PoetPatriot ( -- Sunday, December 15 2002, 03:07 pm

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you all for your candid comments.
More of my Patriotic Poems can be found at .

Most are shorter then 'I Am Liberty'
Check out 'Veteran's Day'
Your Liberty ( -- Sunday, February 23 2003, 11:35 pm


This is a wonderful piece, and I am reciting it at my school because it is so great. Everyone should hear this piece; it is so touching---
dido^ ( -- Sunday, February 23 2003, 11:37 pm


Please don't put comments here that have nothing to do with the piece, and if you don't have the patience to finish the poem, dont add a comment. There are some people who would like to hear other people's comments ABOUT THE POEM. Thankyou...
ytyy ( -- Sunday, February 23 2003, 11:39 pm


Thankyou Roger W. Hancock
anonymous ( -- Monday, February 24 2003, 01:36 am

omg its so hard memorizin this poem
Roger W Hancock ( -- Wednesday, November 24 2004, 04:27 am

I Am Liberty

I am honored someone would try to memorize my work. (snipped)
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