Lonely Bridge
Author: Seizure


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I'm at my friend's house, he is on the net
He is my best friend, but he seems upset
I looked at his screen, talking to his girl
But just what I saw, made my skin curl
Did she speak the truth? Just what did she mean?
She left a message, flashing on his screen
"Never blame yourself, but I have to go"
Where is just a guess, but I think I know

She wasn't happy, for the longest time
I had always wished, she'd go make that climb
Back to happiness, back to being free
How unfortunate, it's not up to me
Only she can change, it is up to her
I think of them, and recall how they were
How they used to be, they were so happy
It's not my business, but it bothers me

The very next day, I was at the fridge
When he called and said, she went to the bridge
And apparently, she had told the truth
She felt terrible, stress wasted her youth
She went there last night, threw herself from grace
And now is in her final resting place
He never was the same, when his girlfriend died
At that lonely bridge, he broke down and cried


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Monday, August 25 2003, 02:01 am


Seizure,another sad but beautiful piece of writting...thanks for sharing...your poems are got me addicted to your poems i can tell that you have an infectious personality...Terrie*
Seizure ( -- Monday, August 25 2003, 03:38 am


Thanks a lot for your comments Terrie... I think you're my only regular reader anymore... I appreciate all your kind words. As far as infectious personalities go, when people get to know me, 9 times out of 10, they grow to hate me. Such is life though, and I accept it. Thanks again...
Ash ( -- Monday, August 25 2003, 08:30 pm

no title

Well seiz this was great, its so nice to see new material from you again and terrie isn't your only regular reader. I would love to get to know you better and be that one out of ten that likes you.
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, August 26 2003, 04:18 am


It has been a while since my last writing hasn't it Ash? I'm glad you're still around and are willing to check out my stuff. So let's go ahead and get to know each other, see how it works out. See if you are one of the few to put up with me...
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, August 27 2003, 04:45 am

your a strong individual.....

i still think you have an infectious....... personality...reguardless of what others say... or do...people are always quick to judge..misinterpret... especially when one speaks their mind freely...i'm glad you don't allow them to get you down...continue to be the individual that you are..ay' it's their loss right?.... i am always supporting my kids on speaking their mind..anyways ya have all of us here @ dreamers ....Terrie*
keila ( -- Wednesday, August 27 2003, 05:06 pm

oh my god

this got me crying was so amazing....
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, August 28 2003, 04:49 pm

Really, liked the story line..,

The part about you being at the fridge, seem to make it real, nice touch Seiz. As I have read your poems, however, not commented on them all, wanted you to know, I appreciate them all.

Know, just a little bit about you, as I read this poem, wondered if this was a dream, displayed, on your computer screen?

LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 12:20 am


Well, it's not my fault i can't be a regular anymore...sorry! LOL....well, i guess in a notsoreally way it kinda is.....

But Anyways.....I really like this one Seiz! Yet another great writing from you. Not that i expected anything less..i's you! ;)

Talk to ya later!
Seizure ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 06:14 pm


I'm gone for a little while, and people leave really nice comments... thanks everyone...

Terrie, you have my upmost respect preaching to your children to speak their minds... Zombie kids are the worst, and in my opinion, the reason society is in a decline.

Keila, thanks for the comment... it made me feel good.

V, I too, thought the fridge part made it more realistic... I was hoping for more visuals that everyone can relate to.

LinzAy, yes it is your fault you can't be a regular anymore. Unbox your computer... you moved like 3 months ago.
Ashley R. ( -- Sunday, October 19 2003, 04:37 pm

no title

This one is really sad, but nonetheless, really good!
Seizure ( -- Sunday, October 19 2003, 06:50 pm


I think that's about all I am even able to write. Either sad or psychotic work. I guess poetry just reflects what's truly inside the writer eh?

Thanks for the comment.
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