Time To Talk
Author: Seizure


Please can I stay up? I don't want to sleep
I want to know why, you tend to weep
When dad comes home, every single night
I want to know why, you always fight
Why do families, beat up each other
Why must I defend, my little brother?
Are all families like this? Why is it so hard?
Why don't other kids', faces look as scarred?

Josh, I must tell you, that it's not your fault
Your dad is just sick, it will never halt
Families don't suffer, they are filled with joy
There is no reason, for them to destroy
Life they helped create, it doesn't make sense
I'll tell you stories, not keep suspense
Of what's faced now, each and every day
And how they do wrong, but are loved anyway

There's a girl named RinRin, wanting nothing more
Than to just be there, a lot more than before
Just for her family, even in hard times
Even when they go, and commit some crimes
You see she loves them Josh, and all she'll ever see
Is just a caring, loving family
Maybe not outside, but for sure within
To share her view, I would shed my skin

But Brenda Michelle, has it another way
She just had a mom, they loved anyway
Sometimes she'd break down, sometimes she would cry
Brenda couldn't tell, if she said a lie
Sometimes family cracked, when her mom was mad
But never like this, she was really sad
One day her family died, her mother passed away
There's still memories, that will always stay

Yet someone named Bench, loved her dad so much
That she still longed for, just a simple touch
She could hear his voice, she can see his face
Regardless where she looked, regardless of the place
She learned all her lessons, of life from her dad
And he'd never come home, abusive and mad
She will not forget, I'm going on a whim
Everything that matters, she learned all from him

A woman named Dreamer, has quite the view
If we loved like her, it would be so true
She thinks that all life, will cycle around
When you become a dad, you would just be bound
To be just like him, you know that's not true
But still for many, it's a likely view
I wish it could be, a good memory
And look back and smile, but fate disagrees

Then Stacey, oh my gosh, she puts all on faith
As a gift from god, but taken by the wraith
She always has a place, that she can go hide
She always has someone, that she can confide
Her family's always there, they will always care
Regardless if the pain, is too much to bear
She sees it as the sun, shining through the cracks
Her family's the proof, that these thoughts are facts

A girl named Leah, takes much for granted
These are all the seeds, her family has planted
She hates photographs, they take them anyway
She hates reunions, yet they make her stay
She hates doing chores, her parents make her work
She plays with her cousins, grandpa makes her smirk
But there's just one thing, she doesn't realize
They do these for love, to them she is a prize

Everett's a guy, that sees a crazy place
In family or not, and wants to hide his face
So many families, will just fall apart
It was not working, even from the start
He wonders why try, when it will not last
All his memories, haunt him from his past
It is not a question, if everyone is happy
Just remember friends, will always be family

Last we have Brandi, who loves them a lot
Even though her brother, and her always faught
She knows he still cares, she knows he'll be there
Even when he sticks, duct tape in her hair
Her mom was always there, soothing her with talk
Her dad was along side, when she learned to walk
Even though she doesn't, say it as she should
She loves them more, than you'd think she could

And now you see Josh, not everyone's like us
Just then the door opened, I heard my father cuss
"I will be right there," Josh I have to go
But wh
atever happens, I want you to know
I'm sorry for this life, I brought you into
Then she got up and, walked out of my view
Sounds of glass then crashed, my covers hid my head
This time it's not me, it is her instead

------- Author's Notes -------

The 3rd stanza was co-authored by RinRin, the 4th co-authored by Brenda Michelle, the 5th co-authored by Bench, 6th co-authored by Dreamer, 7th co-authored by Stacey, 8th co-authored by Leah06, 9th co-authored by Everett, and 10th co-authored by Brandi. This is the poem I made out of a series of writings that was written as part of a weekly challenge on Dreamer's message forum. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you check it out.


Comments on this poem/writing:

LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, August 6 2003, 09:16 am

Hey Boi

Josh u already know i luv this poem but i like leavin comments :) Great one!
Leah06 ( -- Thursday, August 7 2003, 03:14 pm

our poem...

Nice! Im in it.... thats cool..... yea i just decided to add a comment because linzAys seemed lonley...
Seizure ( -- Thursday, August 7 2003, 05:40 pm


i didn't really expect many people to comment on this one... so it didn't surprise me when it turned out that way.
Capricorn ( -- Friday, August 8 2003, 08:30 am


Seizure, you have done a wonderful job here. Your poem has combined the stiries of so many lives in an interesting and touching way. I really enjoyed it.
Seizure ( -- Sunday, August 17 2003, 04:24 am

thank you

I appreciate the comment Cap. I'm really glad you saw it as an interesting read.
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