All At Once
Author: Seizure


My heart is getting weak, more so with each day
I do not know why, the hurt won't go away
I suffer from migraines, I constantly see
Colors everywhere, they're all around me
Obsessive compulsive, disorder hits me too
It bothers me so much, there's nothing I can do
I also suffer, psychotic episodes
They will just get worse, until my head explodes

My temper fuse is short, I snap all the time
Which should be apparent, good thing it's not a crime
I recently got slashed, across my cheek and chest
I am still alive, the cops were all impressed
My mom called me up, after all these years
She's getting divorced, she sounded close to tears
She needed money, so now I am poor
For her to leave my dad, my bed's again the floor

My stomach rumbles, I haven't eaten
In what seems like weeks, I'm already beaten
I can not hold out, this long anymore
I wish my life was, as it was before
Anything went wrong, I was still so pure
God could have killed me, I'd rather that I'm sure
I'm hit all at once, I've merely scratched the top
I look at my clock, and pray for it to stop


Comments on this poem/writing:

LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 08:59 am


Ya know what i think about this poem but i like leaving comments so ur getting it again!! I really like this one....good writing!! and ya know what i think abuot the subject of the poem but i won't post that here..... ;)
Leah06 ( -- Wednesday, May 7 2003, 11:18 pm


Awsome poem! Again it is wonderful! Great writing!
stacey ( -- Thursday, June 5 2003, 10:59 am


this was a great poem and i dont know how you can put all these feelings down on paper!!!! it was incredable!!!!
Seizure ( -- Saturday, July 5 2003, 10:01 am


I didn't really expect any comments on this one... i'm glad my heavy venting poems still make a shred of sense
Ash ( -- Monday, July 7 2003, 10:17 pm

Like Whoa Seiz...

What do u mean u didn't expect any comments? your writing is impecable and anyone who isn't in agreeance with me doesn't recognize well written poems.
Seizure ( -- Monday, July 7 2003, 10:41 pm


I didn't expect any comments because I consider it an imperfect writing. I was pissed off, stressed out, and just wrote it all down. While that would make it a poem in the truest form, it still has things about it that urks me.

I'm glad you think they're all well written poems tho
keila ( -- Wednesday, August 27 2003, 05:04 pm


I really loved that one. Its so awesome
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