Author: Seizure


For how many years, have I been around
Posting to this site, before I made a sound
How long was it, before I got a post
And just how many, of you heard me boast?
None of you have, why? Because I don't
What? You think I should? Yeah, well, I won't
I don't have the head, many think I do
And people that know me, know that it is true
I like to write down, everything I feel
Although it is vulgar, at least it's all real

It took me so long, to earn recognition
It took half a year, with constant submission
Before someone noticed, and left me a note
One little comment, it's nothing to gloat
I still carried on, I posted several poems
While I was being, kicked out of my homes
I remained elusive, no one noticed me
It took a couple years, for people to see
That I wrote some work, that was worth a read
Because they relate, I'm in a growing breed

I got more involved, even though I should not
People don't like me, a fact I forgot
I started some shit, starting my decline
Looking back now, my moment to shine
Has already passed, I've lost at the chance
My life is something, I can not advance
I brought it to the site, I'm bringing it down
To think there was a time, I used to have renown
Now I've made the choice, life is too violent
I return to shadows where I'll remain silent


Comments on this poem/writing:

Leah06 ( -- Friday, May 2 2003, 11:39 pm


No i like your writing! And i think you are a great poet! The shadows are evil! Don't go to them when we need you here. Wonderful Poem!!!!!! From a beyond wonderful poet!!!
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 11:03 am


You are liked by some, more than you know.
I for one, wish you wouldn't go
for in the shadows, you can't always stay.
Please reconsider going away!

Best wishes Cap
barb ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 02:36 pm


I know we had our ups and downs but you're writing your feelings so don't stop just because some of us don't like the vulgar and violence doesn't mean others don't understand. keep posting seizure.
barb ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 02:51 pm


I went and looked at some of your comments you got and what I saw was really good comments. So look back at them Seizure. They are really nice. Best wishes.
Roy ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 05:29 pm


"I cannot advance"Give me a break Seizure"to ponder###***???---what ya talking about --up to only YOU--I feel the same way the crystal ball reads---"Silence" says it all! I plea do not depart!
LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 03:54 am


Well, we're talking and ya know i don't think u should leave the site, bc i think ur a big part of it. great writing though Seiz!
Tinity ( -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 10:38 pm

your poems

your poems are the only reason that I come to this site.. If you were to stop writing, I will stop visiting,.. Please reconsider...
stacey xxx ( -- Thursday, June 5 2003, 11:08 am


this poem was exellent i dont know anyone who wouldnt like it i even have my friends at work reading all your poems!!!!!!!!!!!! they are really good!!!! dont put yourself down xxx
Crimson Angel ( -- Friday, August 8 2003, 01:59 pm

Wonderfully Written

Very nice, and very neat about hiding in the shadows. I stay in the shadows as well. Though, I don't hide from others, I just like to keep to myself, considering of past events. Anyway, don't put yourself down, saying that you're time to shine was over, because it's not. I'll always write comments, for your wonderful poetry, to keep you in the spotlight. Very nice, and I hope to see more.

Your Fan,
CA. :-)
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, August 12 2003, 03:31 pm

my thoughts

it is my belief my time to shine has expired. but thanks for the comments everyone.
awatkins01 ( -- Sunday, September 28 2003, 09:30 pm

please don't go!!!

My sister has alot of mental problems and reading alot of your poems helps me to relate to her. I never understood self mutilation or any of this but now I do. It hits home for me.
Pamela ( -- Sunday, September 28 2003, 11:38 pm

Good Luck

I getchya Seizure, sometimes even poets need to take a break from poetry.
Best of Luck :O)
And nice poem too!
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