Whose Life Was Touched Today
Author: Terrie*


did you ever stop to wonder?
as I often do
how many lifes did I touch today?
no matter how much I brainstorm I can not remember..
did I embrace a soul? maybe?
was it thru something I said, ?
hmmm this I do not know
did they feel the presence of my love? maybe?
maybe, maybe so

maybe it was some thing I had done?
don't know what to tell ya I really do not know
dried a tear today? oh lord I do not know
dried a tear? hmm let me think.. maybe?
perhaps it was just being there as a friend
the support I offered at the end... maybe?
that may have been,oh I do not know

well no matter what it was
it made me feel three times my size
because i made a difference in someones life
it placed me at a very special spot
up in the mountains ,so high gazing at the bright stars late at night?
or staring out my back window watching the birds glide in motion
and the clouds in the distance trying to steal the show
it even drew me back to the time when my child shared a tender hug?
all the joy that my heart felt
just thinking about the person whom I may have touched today
I start to wonder about life under the sea
and the beauty of the calm waters...when it is not in a rush
oh I remember
it was were the one whose life I felt
I was the one whose life you touched today
it was you...
you did it for me...
the feelings I had were yours
not mine
you felt good for making a difference
it was my life you touched.....


Comments on this poem/writing:

Angel Laney ( -- Wednesday, September 24 2003, 05:06 pm


Cute poem. I often wonder that!
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, September 24 2003, 05:45 pm

Angel , wow what a sweet surprise....

Hi sweetie, glad ya liked my poem...(snipped-content)
~Leah~ ( -- Thursday, September 25 2003, 03:15 am


I really like this poem!
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, September 25 2003, 11:52 pm

Thank You Leah........

happy that you liked this..
John ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 12:38 pm


Very touching and deep poem.......Certainly touched me.
Terrie* ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 04:39 pm

Thank You John......

touched ,that it touched you...thank you for the comment...
Pamela ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 05:06 pm


I like this poem because of it;s positive message and subject. It addresses not only that we can touch people without saving the world, but also that it can touch us to touch other people! Very well written Terrie :O)
anonymous ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 09:15 pm

Thank you Pam...

WOW! glad to hear that you like this...i never expected such positive responses on this particular one...loved the thought that you ALL enjoyed it.....thank you ALL FOR TOUCHING MY LIFE..
Terrie* ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 09:18 pm


DUH!!! i did it 'gain i pressed post before...applying my name..SORRRRRRY!!!!!!That is so like me :)
shan ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 01:10 am

terrie yo- so rite

i'm really glad you brought this one to my attention. my GOOOOSH i loved it. every word-girl. your so flippin talented ;-) as always, i love your work, but you pointin me to this one from mine.. well.. it did answer questions.. lol of course, being me, answered questions bring more questions about the answers, so.. thanks for being inspiring once again. you've touched MY life. thanks chica, ya friend, shan
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 03:22 am

Shan, your sooo welcomed CHICA......

(SMILE) thank you gal ya loved it..
Thank you for such a lovely jesture..
oh WOW!! i'm touched..
thank you for touching MY LIFE ..
i think we ALL inspire each other.....
Sweet Sara ( -- Monday, January 17 2005, 10:15 pm


i believe you're the one touchin my life today! wow terrie, i never knew you has such wonderful poems. this one reminds me of how only a special friend i have is capable of makin me feel so good. its such a nice feeling. im inspired by you terrie :P
Terrie* ( -- Monday, January 17 2005, 11:27 pm

Thank you Sweet are an inspiration...

in this life many ppl will come N go ..and as they say for a purpose...i do hope that when my final day of passin' through finally arrives..i pray thati would of touched many lives not with just one word but with many that were sincere..thank you...
joyce ivy ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 01:57 pm


very positive and touching poem...makes me wonder how many lives I have touched...very good...thanks....
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 04:03 pm

your heart has touched my life..........

Joyce,you read the end of my words..

"it was my life you touched"

i am among many...whom you have touched...
thanx glad ya like...
joyce ivy ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 06:56 pm


thank you...and your too have touched my...through your words and your poetry...thank you for sharing both with me...I really enjoy reading your work..thank you...joyce
joyce ivy ( -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 06:56 pm


touched my life...LOL
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