No Tomorrow
Author: Your Melody


I turn on the hot water. As the bathtub is filling with water, I walk back into my room and take a look around. I find a piece of paper and a pen and write, "I'm sorry." and lay the note on my mom's bed. In the corner of my room, there's a pile of crumpled up paper's all saying the same thing. I walk into the spare room. My violin rests neatly in it's case, and all of my music is picked up. The only time anything ever gets done is when I feel like this. I go back into the bathroom. Everything's ready. This time it's going to work. Nothing's going to stop me. I look at myself in the mirror. I don't even recognize the girl looking back at me. I know it's not me, because I'm sitting the other room practicing my piano. Yet I know I've seen this girl before. Maybe it was the last time I felt like this. I get this feeling all of a sudden. The piano stops playing, and I'm facing reality. I know this feeling well. After you actually do the dirty deed, it goes away. Or at least attempt to do it. But this time is it. I can't live in this "perfect" world that I've created. There is no longer going to be a next time, or a tomorrow. I look away form the mirror. I climb into the bathtub that is almost overflowing. I still have my school clothes on and my hair still looks neat. I slowly slide underneath the water. The piano grows softer and softer. I remember how everybody at school used to laugh at me. But now it's my turn to laugh. For I tricked you all. I smiled all day, acted happy, packed my bag and went home. You all thought I was coming back tomorrow with my homework done and a smile on my face. But Ha-Ha I tricked you! There is no tomorrow or at least not for me, because I'm not coming back. I hear a knock on the bathroom door. Which is conveniently locked. I don't respond at all. I don't even move., I just lie there under my blanket of running water. Years pass, and the knocking still continues. At least it seemed like years. But this time I got tricked, for it was only seconds that passed. By now, the water is running over the edge of the bathtub, and out into the hallway. I hear my mom ask if I was O.K.. How was I supposed to tell her that everything was wrong? I don't respond at all. I don't even move. I just lie there under my blanket of running water. My mother screams at my step-dad to find a way to get the door open. After 5 minutes they succeed. I know because I was watching them from somewhere above the bathtub. I hear my mom scream and my step-dad say "Holy Shit!" My mom pulls me out of the bathtub, but it's to late. For there's already no tomorrow. I has so much to say, but nobody to say it to. No one would listen. The next day at school, nobody was playing tricks or laughing. They were all ready to finally listen. But it was too late, for there already was no tomorrow.


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Nicole ( -- Wednesday, December 18 2002, 06:01 pm


Wow.. Great poem.. I like the line "I had so much to say, but nobody to say it to. No one would listen.".... thats how i feel but theres no one to say it to. no one at alland no one seems to care. your a great poem writer, i love your poems
Your Melody ( -- Friday, December 27 2002, 02:25 am

Thank you

Thank you so much for your nice comments. I've been reading alot of your poems too, and you're a very good poem writer yourself.
Jenna ( -- Monday, January 13 2003, 10:50 pm

This was the sadest poem I have ever read in my life.
jennifer rose ( -- Sunday, July 27 2003, 03:29 am

sad story kind of creepy but a good story

i would love to here some more of your poems .that was really sad my sister started crying
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