Smokin' With Mary Jane
Author: Zach


I come on home from work, now,
it's been a long, hard day.
Weather report says it's going to be sunny tomorrow,
well, at least that's what they say.
But I predict it's going to be cloudy,
with just a hint of rain.
But I'm fine, sitting here in my easy chair,
smokin' with Mary Jane.
I get up in the morning,
about a quarter to eight;
Ain't got time to reflect on life,
can't be to work too late.
I'm a back-seat driver on this road of life,
always stuck in the car-pool lane,
but you see, it all comes back to me,
when I'm smokin' with Mary Jane.
Now reality is based in the mind,
and to some that might be just fine,
but it's hard for me to be sane,
'less I'm smokin' with Mary Jane.
Now you might not approve of what I toke,
you might even think I'm just a joke,
but you don't have to feel my pain,
so let me smoke with Mary Jane.
Smoke with Mary Jane.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, October 29 2003, 07:36 pm

Will Mary J, lucious as she is, share your Cell in hell?

Hey Zach;

You and Mary Jane, are crusing, in the fast lane. Like you, I like the feel of speed, and no, I'm not a hip-A-critter, but if, if your speed, kills a child, will you and Mary Jane, still smile? Bet she won't be there with you, like a lover and many have left me, there you will be, siting all alone, in that steel/cement cell.

I know, this is just a poem, damn good one, I might say, you have shed some light on freedom of the mind, but, can you invision, you, killing a child with Mary Jane, floating round inside, of your precious mind.

Zach, please, don't think I'm a jerk, this poem is outstanding, and I'm just speaking what you created, in my mind.

Good Work!

Leah06 ( -- Thursday, October 30 2003, 08:18 pm


like martin said, great poem, the meaning is a little deep and kinda messed up but great poem!

Leah Kendall
kristine ( -- Friday, March 12 2004, 06:01 pm

let him speak his mind

hey zach badass poem
hushy ( -- Tuesday, June 1 2004, 09:46 am

no title

i respect your poem,but the weed can cause mental damge,ive been smokin since i was 14,and not at one point did i feel the way you did in this poem.
good read
Luke Mudge ( -- Sunday, April 22 2007, 10:19 pm

Martin V's Comment

Martin from what he's saying you are taking it completely from context. Zach is not going to hell for taking something and using it to show utter relaxation.. I used to Puff the "mary jane" its been just under a year and i've quit for good. Never looking back, though .. see the people that kill there kids while they are pregnant and smoke, and not just weed, cigarettes, and drinking as well. the people that are out there that do careless things such as DUI and what not, they are the pathetic ones, Weed is a substance, personally i used, and i was relaxed, and fine, it took physical pain away, sure it's not the healthiest, though the people that you are talking about are retarded and they can cause that kind of harm with anything not just Mary Jane
shiloh ( -- Saturday, June 9 2007, 02:46 am

mary jane? don't think so...

has anyone even considered the possible idea that Zach is NOT talking about pot here? Mary Jane is a reference to something else entirely. Luke, I'm surprised at you, as you should know how Zach's mind works - he writes to make others think, and so far everyone seems to be 'way off the mark on this. read it again, and think about what else he might be referring to - however, i still love you both - peace... dad
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