Santa Cruz By The Bay
Author: Ben Laney


If you are in to clowns
Stop by where clowns abound
In Santa Cruz by the bay
But watch out for clouds of smoke
Some of these clowns like to toke
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Harry Krishna rings his bell
Near the Palomar Hotel
In Santa Cruz by the bay
In his orange, holey pants
Doing a really silly dance
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Gail the goddess showed up today
Woo woo! she's walking this way
In Santa Cruz by the bay
Why is it her face is so scrunched?
Could be her panties are all in a bunch
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Homeless Dan is holding up a sign
The sign says, "I will dance for wine"
In Santa Cruz by the bay
If you throw him a buck, or two
He'll twirl and do the old soft shoe
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Be sure to greet Gary guru
He'd be glad to go "om" with you
In Santa Cruz by the bay
He believes he's a lightning rod
struck by energy straight from God
In Santa Cruz by the bay

There's that nice young man in a suit
He'll give a free bible to you
In Santa Cruz by the bay
He's all about spiritual fitness
Just a local Jehovah's Witness
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Here comes "Tex" in his cowboy boots
Yes, he's a rootin' tootin' galoot
In Santa Cruz by the bay
He may look a bit out of place,
but he's got a bright smile on his face
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Look! It's "Billy Buff And Trim"
He's been working out at the gym
In Santa Cruz by the bay
He's got a six-pack and massive arms
All he lacks is a little charm
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Carol, the karaoke queen
has been know to make the scene
In Santa Cruz by the bay
She has been heard strolling along
belting out a Billy Joel song
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Yeah, the excitement never stops
uh, oh! here come the cops!
In Santa Cruz by the bay
It seems Jake the Jesus freak
punched some guy in the other cheek
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Whoa, ho! there goes Allyson
She has seen the aliens
In Santa Cruz by the bay
She's about to be beamed up
with her steaming Starbuck's coffee cup
In Santa Cruz by the bay

I once saw Lacy J Dalton
come down the sidewalk, walkin'
In Santa Cruz by the bay
She smiled and flashed those eyes
And my heart flew straight for the skies
In Santa Cruz by the bay

A couple up near the corner
are crawling all over each other
In Santa Cruz by the bay
It looks like love is about to bloom
Maybe they should go get a room
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Now there's Terry in the toga
he's into fruit, veggies and yoga
In Santa Cruz by the bay
Terry's not in a big hurry, though
He's taking his time, nice and slow
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Listen to Dave the Dobro man
With a stainless steel guitar in his hands
In Santa Cruz by the bay
Dave can play some real mean blues
I would say he's more than paid his dues
In Santa Cruz by the bay

Yes, I hope you are into clowns
"cause you could see me stumbling around
In Santa Cruz by the bay
And if you should spot my baby blue eyes,
please, just walk right up and say"Hi!"

Hey! Come to Santa Cruz by the bay
Check the views in Santa Cruz by the bay
You know, you really haven't seen it all
Till you take a stroll on the Pacific Garden Mall
Hey! come to Santa Cruz by the bay

------- Author's Notes -------

First of all, I must say that except for myself and Lacy J Dalton, the names I used here are not the real names of the people described. Any resemblence to actual persons living or dead is quite intentional! I know there is at least one poet on this site who lives in Santa Cruz, and one whom I've met personally who lives nearby. They can attest to the realness of the endless parade of characters who stream down the Pacific Garden Mall! What I think now that I started this is, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" Somebody SMACK my beautiful butt a
nd make me quit it! I will be adding more verses to this FOREVER! I hope you enjoy this poetic mini-tour of Santa Cruz By The Bay, and welcome your comments on it VERY much! Thank you! ***Ben


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 01:18 am

Totally Awesome Ben................

i like this...i like it....i like it alot....the result from reading this put a smile bigger than Texas...on my face....awww.... Santa Cruz , my all time fav....anniversary spot....much more romantic than Vegas......Santa Cruz i love the people, they are so is home to many friendly, quazy, full of life, retro clown around town..folks :)'s the mud-slides i can do w/o... great poem Ben...thumbs up!.. high five!...thank you for this cyber tour to Santa Cruz Bay...your ok!!!!
Ben ( -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 06:25 am

Terrie*, Your generous praise......

Terrie*, Your generous praise..leaves me humbled and amazed..My head's gonna swell up and POP..oh, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!! Ha! Ha! Haaaaa! I thank you VERY much, and I really do appreciate your lavish comment a LOT! It is true that Santa Cruz is a universe in itself! As I said in my author's comment, I will be adding verses to this FOREVER! There is a never endiing stream of characters flowing down the streets of Santa Cruz! My head is full of them! I really am glad you enjoyed the tour, and I will be adding more of these characters in time. This isn't video, it's the REAL world! Thanks again! ***Ben
JANIS ( -- Sunday, November 16 2003, 08:19 am

no title

hay ben whant nice wrods up(snip)i will see if you put one for me ok love you ben so may god bless you for now and every. your sister janis
Ben ( -- Monday, November 17 2003, 12:55 am

Janis, I'm glad you...

Janis, I'm glad you like this writing about Santa Cruz! Thank you soooo much for reading it and commenting, I really do appreciate it, Sis! I know you have seen some of these characters with your own eyes! Thanks again! ***Brother Ben
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