Anywhere Else
Author: Buttney


     "Brittany, Your Mom's here," Yells a voice from across the crowded Sonic parking lot. Brittany starts to grab up her purse and backpack to head for the car.

     Inside the maroon, square shaped four door sedan, her mother waits for her.She is a hefty woman with long beatiful strawberry ringlets of hair that falls right above her huge mound of breasts. These were the only thing that Brittany envied about her mother and wish that she too would have inherited them.

     "Bye Brittany, See you tomorrow," everyone at the red, metal picnic tables replies. "Bye you guys." Brittany enters the vehicle and is ready to go home. "Anyone need a ride home today, Brittany?" Hermother asks. "No Lorinda and Bethanie have to stay after school today. Let's just go home, I'm exhausted." "Okay, littlebird," her mother replies.

     "So Mom, did you bring anything today?" Brittany asks. "Yeah, It's in my purse, But you'll have to dig it out." The busty woman tells her daughter. Brittany neals down in the floorboard and begins to rumage through her mothers purse. "Here it is!" Britt is now excited. "Wait umtil we pull onto Nonaville to light it, okay Brit?" Her mother requests. "Okay."

     Brittany's mother finally turns onto the less busy street. Brittany begins to pull somesthing out of her mother's purse. It is a previously lit joint, probably one her mother had smoked earlier in the day. She pulls out a pair of well-used hemostats too. They have been used so much that resin is beginningto collect at the tip of them. Brittany carefully clamps the hemostats onto the joint making sur that she does not puncture the delicate paper in which it is wrapped. She puts the flame of the lighter to one end and her lips to the other. She suck in as much smoke as her Fifteen year old lungs can hold and passes it to her mother. Brittany holds it in as long as she can without choking and releses a yellow cloud of smoke into the car. She also lets out a sigh of relief at the same time, as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

     Her Motheer drives past the street in which they live and brittany demands,"MOM! Where are you going?!" "Don;t worry little bird we'll be home shortly we're just taking a small detour." "But mom I'm tired and I just want to go home, please?" Brittany gives one last desperate attemp of begging because she knows she is about to have to see another one of her mother's 'crazy' episodes. "Calm down, this will only take a minute," her mothert reassures her.

     The red headed woman pulls into Shutes Branch. It is a recreational area on the lake. Her mother parks on the side right next to the bridge for the main road that crosses the water. She pops the trunk and Brittany is whining again, "Mom, what are we doing here? Can we please go?" "When I'm finished dear. I only have one small spell to release." Brittany huffs, rolls her eyes, and under her breath moans, "Oh great, here we go again."

     "Littlebird, will you grab the spells from my purse?" Her mother asks. Brittany is getting more and more frustrated, but she digs in the womans purse once more so that she doesn't get upset and turn her crziness onto her. Brittany pulls out three torn out journal pages. She unfolds them and each one has jibberesh written on them. One has a picture of a bird drawn with blue colorpencil, the other an arrow in yellow, and the third a green feather. Brittany gets out of the car and walks to the trunk where her mother is holding three peices of wood.Each is one is smaller than the next. They are all tied together with one of Brittany's old shoelaces.

     Brittany walks over to the edge of the water with her shoe tips just grazing the gentle waves that are rolling into shore. She faces the direction towards which the sun is setting and wishes that she was anywhere else at that moment. Meanwhile, her mother walks to the water holding the logs and torn pages of her own language. She lifts the largest log with both hands abover her head and throws it into the water while saying,"This is for Yellowfoot." The next she does the same except chants, "This is for Flyinghawk." The smallest log still has the old shoestring wrapped around it she is gentler with it and she lays it in the water giving it a nice push out to the open water and softly speaks, "Brittany-anee." She take the ripped pages from the back of her bluejeans pocket and rips all three papers into tiny shreds letting the wind carry them into the water while she chants jibberesh that Brittany does not understand.

     Brittany once again glances at her mother with disgust, rolls her eyes, and looks out onto the water and wishes she was anywhere but here. <


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Meridian ( -- Sunday, April 25 2004, 04:25 pm

Anywhere Else

Great one Buttney! Brittany's mother took Brittany to Shutes Branch, to do a little errand, but all Brittany wants to do is go home and get some rest.....Outstanding author Buttney! When's your next book coming out? Hhhahahha...

Bungala ( -- Sunday, April 25 2004, 04:33 pm

Anywhere Else

Bravo Buttney! Brittany's mother sounds like a "witch"! hahaha Enjoyed reading your story and envisioning the author's visions. Looking forward to reading more adventures about Brittany-anee and her mother!
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