Sweet Texas
Author: Ben Laney


I just rolled in
From Texas
Lord, I wanna
Roll right back again
The sky is so
Big in Texas
It seems like
The sky never ends
Shooting stars
Over Amarillo
Made even the night
Seem clear and bright
I laid my head
Down on a pillow
And my dreams
All took to flight

I've always been
A simple man
It doesn't take
A lot to get me by
And I will do
Do everything I can
To view this life
Through a simple eye
And I saw it
I saw it all so plain
As I rode across
The great vast land
Oh, let it thunder
Pour on the rain
Lord, just let me
Get back there again
Sweet Texas!

------- Author's Notes -------

This was written after a road trip I took down to Texas. I saw an amazing display of shooting stars one night while in Canyon, Texas, just outside of Amarillo. It was like burning diamonds raining down out of a black velvet sky. It was! An awesome display!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Enchantress ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 11:37 pm

You ain't lyin'...

That's Texas alright, bright stars, clear skies. Oh, just being in Texas is a privelage. Really loved this one, especially since it's where I live. Nice Job! I LOVED IT ALL THE WAY!!!!
Ben ( -- Tuesday, September 2 2003, 11:45 pm

Enchantress, thank you for...

Enchantress, thank you for your
comment on this one! Yeah, I wanna roll right back again. I really appreciate your encouraging words! A LOT! Ha! Ha!
texas ( -- Wednesday, September 3 2003, 04:10 am

damn right

i couldnt have said it better. you express everything just right
Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, September 3 2003, 02:11 pm

Texas, Texas, Texas

Oh, the stars shine bringht, deep in the heart of Texas! Actually, all over Texas, also, my home state.

Good work, Mr. Ben. I had a staek in Amarillo years ago on my way back from Colorado, it was about the size of Rhode Island, best steak I ever ET!

Ben ( -- Wednesday, September 3 2003, 05:03 pm

Thank you texas and Martin, your.........

Thank you texas and Martin, your comments are very, very much appreciated! Yes sir, Texas puts a song in my soul every time I even think about it! I did some roughnecking down in those oilfields for Cactus Drilling Co. I've done some singing down in those parts, too! I do think I prefer singing! Ha! Ha! Your words are very encouraging, indeed! Thanks again!
Shannon ( -- Wednesday, September 10 2003, 07:00 am

no title

I loved your poem. I myself am from Texas. Now Im in CA. And I so much want to go home,only my situation keeps me here. Good to hear kind words of a place deep in my heart.
Ben ( -- Wednesday, September 10 2003, 08:37 am

Thank you, Shannon, for....

Thank you, Shannon, for letting me know you liked
Sweet Texas. I'm in Ca now, too, but I have been very much thinking of Texas as well. Hang in there, and again, thanks!!
Terrie* ( -- Friday, September 12 2003, 11:57 pm

Ahhh Texas.......whats it like?

Ben the last time we made a visit to my home-town of Texas(El Paso) i was 8 years old..haven't been back... since my parents discovered the cheese in Cali
LOL...i enjoyed my cyper-tour of another part of Texas . some day ..i may make that trip to introduce my kids my native land..thanx...Terrie
Ben ( -- Saturday, September 13 2003, 06:48 pm

Terrie*, Thank you and....

Terrie*, Thank you and yes!! Texas is the place where after you eat the watermelon you fill up the rind with water and invite fifty of your closest friends over for a pool party! Oh, dive right in!! The last one in is a California cheese head!! Ha! Ha! Haaaa! I am really glad you like this one about Texas! I have more coming on Texas, too!
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, September 14 2003, 06:48 pm

alright ! Ben...a pool party...

Ben, well i hope i won't be the only cheese-head heh..
looking forward to your next.........Terrie
Shannon ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 03:04 am

no title

Thank you once again Ben
Leah ( -- Saturday, September 20 2003, 04:30 am


It must be awesome to get so much out of life by travelling to all the amazing places that you did....I hope to travel. I like travelling so much that I'm taking a course on the tourism industry! lol i know thats not travelling but I enjoy learning about how it all works and what attracts tourists and stuff lol I hope I get to travel and see places. I know I'm for sure going to New York there is no doubt about that and I cant WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
Ben ( -- Saturday, September 20 2003, 09:48 am

Thank you, Leah, for your......

Thank you, Leah, for your comment on Sweet Texas! I hope you see that I responded to your other comments and questions under Talkin To God Above, I believe. If I missed any just let me know. And, yes, traveling is good when you can. I'm sure you are going to be good at what you do. It is usefull to know what people enjoy. I do believe you about going to New York. It is one of the places I had to go to, among others! You go, girl! And thanks again!
Dylan ( -- Wednesday, November 26 2003, 10:49 pm

no title

What a creative description of such an amazing place!
Ben Laney ( -- Monday, August 16 2004, 05:38 pm

Dylan, Texas is just a hop, jump and skip away...

Dylan, Texas is just a hop, jump and skip away, girl. Are you ready for another road trip? Haa! Haaa! Thank you for your comment, sweetheart. I am glad you find it creative and I'm ready to take you there again anytime you want to go to Sweet Texas! Love, Dad
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