The Treasures Of The Snow
Author: James LNG Hamilton


The Light Shines On The Mountain Top
Upon The Glistening Snow
Bright In Layered Majesty
The Shimmering Crystals Glow
Each One A Perfect Pattern;

Not One Again The Same
Stunning In Their Differences Yet,
Each Without A Name.

Beauty Not Yet Investigated –
Can Be Seen Through The Light Of The Son
The Warmth Meets And Changes Form
And Down The Waters Run.

Streams Of Sparkling Radiance,
Gurgle, Splash And Flow
A Childlike New-Born Entity
Destined To Live Below.

New Born, New Form,
New Life-Giving Waters – Gather;
The Streams Become A Rivulet,
As Life Sent From The Father

From The Loins Of Purest Snow
Speak The Words Of The Living Water -
Giving Truth-Proclaiming Life
To Every Son And Daughter.

We Drink Our Fill, We Wash Our Being,
We Utilize The Splendour
We Taste The Gift Of Life And Slake Our Thirst
And Rarely Pause To Ponder.

The River There Is Ours To Use,
To Take The Water In
To Live, To Love, To Laugh, To Learn,
To Share With All Our Kin.

The Current Flows And All Our Lives
Are Blessed By Such Provision
Moving By And Always There
The River Has A Mission

The Sea Is Reached But Never Filled;
It Billows, Churns And Surges
And Humankind Upon The Oceans Sail
With Ships And Giant Barges

Tossed About Within This Life
Of Erring Misdemeanours
Like Crafts Upon Life’S Ocean Depths
We Steer Our Yachts And Steamers.

Mankind Pollutes, Yet From The Seas -
Clean Mists Again Distil,
Ascending Up And Up And Up And -
Higher Yet, Until -
The Vapour Pure Has Made Its Rise
Unto The Channels Of The Skies

The Clouds Are Formed
And Carried On By God’S Prevailing Pressure
Gathered Up, Securely Held
In The Fists Of Our Creator.

The Cleansing Rain Is Ready Now
To Drop As Torrents Or As Tears
To Fall On Forests, Fields And Farms
To Wash Our Fragile Fears.

T’Would Be Too Much - Or Not Enough –
The Faithless Mind Complains
Can Spirit, Water, Blood Prevail
To Wash Away Such Stains?

Without God’S Water,
Life Cannot Be –
Not Three In One;
But One In Three.

Abundant Are The Hints From God
If Man Would Search And Look
Pictures Freely Provided
Around The Earth And In The Book.

All Around This World Of Wonders
The Symbolism Shows
A Benevolent Sentient Maker
Who Gently Teaches What He Knows

Promises Prevail That Point
To Life That Will Never End
When We Choose To Love And Trust Our God,
The Future Is Our Friend

That Future Life
Is Never Bleak;
Sea, River, Cloud
And Mountain Peak.

Pilgrim, They Are But Symbols,
A Place From Where To Start
The Honest Search Begins
When Truth Comes In Your Heart

In Searching, Truthfully For The Light,
Is Righteousness, Didn’T You Know?

Human, Hast Thou Considered Yet,
The Treasures Of The Snow ?

------- Author's Notes -------

Inspired by Job 38:22

Who has ascended up into heaven?
Who has gathered the wind in His fists?
Who has bound the waters in a garment?
Who has established all the ends of the earth?
What is His name?
And what is His Son's name if you can tell?

………Proverbs 30:4


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Friday, May 28 2004, 05:59 pm

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ is His name! His love I proclaim! Very good soul searching poem, dedicating this to the master who sits on the throne.... If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't be here....
You've inspired me today by your spiritual poem! Keep em coming.......!

Martin Vann ( -- Friday, May 28 2004, 06:54 pm

Even has his love flows, some, walk on by, Not I


There is no snow or ice, his love can not melt, and when it flows, will mankind drink their fill? Some will, some will let the flow of love, pass them by, all our Lord can do is try.

I try to drink my fill, need his love, more than most.

More than a poem!

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