The Mighty Oak
Author: Bill


Thus begins the tale of the mighty oak
That stands strong, not frail
Stands he the oak above the rest
Better than the best
There are giants in the form of seeds
In this forest fo all kinds of trees
Seeking the sun with just a poke
They look up at the Mighty Oak
With a smile that turns to a frown
As they reach above the ground
They see no light at noon
In the shadow of the oak they loom

At the sapplings a great maple did look
Then the fish in the stream partook
All life in the forest had looked his way
By the end of the day
At the dawn of light, only one tiny tree left to fight
He started up to the sky, but found it hard to even try
The mighty oak between, the sun never seen
All the creatures began to strive, to help him survive
They tried with all their might, to get some light
When the sappling was four feet tall
His growth began to stall
The Mighty Oak became a thief stealing frome the stream
Two beaver saw this happen
They looked at the tiny tree saddened
The oak tried to end the little tree
But the animals of the forest and the stream
Used natures tools, to keep this from truth
To stop the Mighty Oaks task
Of making the tiny tree part of the past
The squirrels removed some leaves from the branches of the oak tree
So the sappling could obtain some of the sunlight and rain
The beaver dug in the earth
A canal, from which they used the dirt
To build a dam, to stop the oak's plan
The Mighty Oak saw this happen
He too looked at the tiny tree saddened
Many years had passed
The oak knew his reign as king would not last
The sappling was now twelve feet tall
But compared to the oak still small
Every chance the animals had , they made the oak even more sad
Then one year a test for the stout, came as a drought
Just when it seemed it would end
A fire started and then came the winds
In the great fire many things died
The twelve foot tree remained alive
In the form of a strong and stout
Bud, that did happen to sprout
A few more years passed, before the little tree was at last
The same height as the charred remains
Of the oak that had it in chains
One year during the spring, the sappling noticed something
The oak did begin, ever so slowly to sprout again
Then the mighty sappling decided, although in spite of
The oaks intentions at all firsts
It would allow the lesser kings rebirth
Finally at last , twenty years had passed
Both the mighty trees, ruled the land in all their majesty
Now the Mighty Oak once again ruler of ordinary men
And the once tiny sappling saw over all, what was happening
And tried to keep the peace, without becoming a theif
But with all the times of good leading
The mighty Sappling could not stop thinking
I am the greatest of all
There is not another in the forest to make me fall
After all the things he did for good
So begins the tale of,
The Mighty Redwood


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