Love's A Lie
Author: Black Angel


loves a lie its not worth shit this i know for sure,
loves a disease that infects us all for which there is no cure.
it hits without warning and leaves you in shock,
it scares you to death there's things you can't block.
he says that he loves you and you think its true,
so you wonder where it went wrong when he leaves you.
he tore out your heart and left you alone
no more kisses goodbye or long talks on the phone.
so my advices to thoes who're in love and i'de like you to take this to heart,
don't give them your love they'll just leave you to cry, they'll tear your whole life apart


Comments on this poem/writing:

Audrianna ( -- Tuesday, October 22 2002, 04:14 am

Very Good!!!!!!!

I really like that and it is true. Love is just a disguese for pain. That was really good. Bye
COOL_BLUE25 ( -- Monday, February 10 2003, 11:47 pm

untrue hun :(

there is love out there. there is also a lot of people who know how to mess it up :( keep looking hun and have faith.......a friend brian d me so we can talk ok...
Lori Ann Day ( -- Thursday, March 6 2003, 09:00 am

no title

The lie is when people misrepresent what love is, and call it love. So called "love" is so often just words, and we are so eager to think that love is there if we hear them. It's nice to hear the words, but we must look for actions.
rubydragon ( -- Monday, April 7 2003, 01:28 pm

no title

I know the feeling from the male point of view, everytime I fallen in love, they have ripped it away from me along with my dreams and hopes. It has just happened to me again recently so I can relate to what you are feeling.
I'm not sure if I can trust anyone anymore because all they cause me is suffering and anguish!!
c.r. ( -- Monday, April 7 2003, 05:02 pm

no title

this is how i recently felt when the guy i loved so dearly broke up w/ me. i hated everything that had to do w/ love cause it all reminded me of him. i thought that love was a lie too you are right about alot of things one thing especially, dont give them your love until you know for sure that they really do care for you and wouldnt hurt you and cheat on you, thats where i went wrong and now everything that i used to believe in (about love)makes no sense to me, its all B/S!
daisy ( -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 10:37 pm

no title

true that is so true
Raul ( -- Wednesday, April 9 2003, 03:59 am


This is a damn good poem, but there is love out there, you just have to patient to find it. Dont worry, you'll find your special someone out there, dont give up hope! I love this one girl but I messed up on her and now she dont know about gettin back with me, if you really love someone you would do anything you can possibly can to show them that you love them. Beautiful poem! Dont give up! Everyone has their special someone in life, I found mine! Beautiful poem!
*Ashley ( -- Monday, October 6 2003, 12:40 am

I'm torn

I am like on both sides of the argument. I have been in relationships before that hasn't worked out. And yet, i am in one right now, and its going pretty good. It just depends on who you date. but keep on searching. And oh yeah, very good poem!
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