All This Progress
Author: Ben Laney


Someone built a condo
on top of Sugar Mountain
There's no end to
what money can do
Glass and steel and concrete
on top of Sugar Mountain
and a little more sky
slipped from veiw

Many birds used to fly
on top Sugar Mountain
Wild as the wind
on which they rode
But without a notice
the birds of Sugar Mountain
were served up evictions
from their homes

Tourists from everywhere
Go visit Sugar Mountain
It even made
the national news
They gaze at the monster
on top of Sugar Mountain
It seems now as then
they know not what they do

The trouble with all this progress
is that we let it go too far
And never fill the emptiness
that rages on in our hearts
Love is still the only answer
It is and will be
Just as it was at the start
The trouble with all this progress
Is that we let it go..
Oh, we let it go......
We let it go too far

------- Author's Notes -------

As you are reading these words, thousands of plants and animals are becoming extinct. Losing their habitat is only one of the root causes of this travesty to God's creation. Dr. Edward O. Wilson, a biologist at Harvard University, estimates that 27,000 species per year, or three per hour, are becoming extinct. There's a lot of trouble with all this progress, I'd say.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Friday, July 9 2004, 04:27 pm

Ben, I Can Remember When...,


I can remember when life, came from the womb, now, its created, in a laboratory, test tube. I remember when, Cherry Coke, was in my time, the drink of choice. I can remember, chicken in a basket, at my favorite drive-in. I can remember, when friends got in, the trunk of my car, and we went to movies, at the local outside, drive in. I remember the red-tailed hawks, that use to fly, in the sky, of Texas town, I lived in. Now the drive-ins are gone, my friends have their own lives, and seldom is seen, in the Texas sky, a red-tailed hawk, on the fly. But you know what, my heart has not changed, I trust that all that is being done, is being done, with the guidence, of his hand, yet, like you, brother Ben, sometimes..., I just don't, understand.

Great Poem!
Meridian ( -- Friday, July 9 2004, 06:49 pm


Dern! They put a whole lot of effort and progress into Sugar Moutain, and money!!! And now, it seems like everything is gone to waste... I'm sorry that the extinct rate is highly increasing....

As always, outstanding poetry Ben!

Ben ( -- Saturday, July 10 2004, 09:58 am

Thank you, Meridian, for your....

Thank you, Meridian for your encouraging comment. I am glad you took the time to read Sugar Mountain and to give me feedback on it! On the positive side, in spite of "All This Progress" made by mankind, there is still much beauty to behold! Thanks again!

Kind regards,
Ben Laney
Ben Laney ( -- Sunday, July 11 2004, 08:07 pm

Martin, back in the old days, last week....

Martin, back in the old days, last week, things were very different indeed. I do thank you for your response, and I'm glad to know you thought this is a great poem. Thank you soooo much, mi Amigo!

Rest Begards,
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