My Thought Was To...
Author: Terrie*


my thought was to stop writng
since you will never again read what i write
nor will i ever get your reply
my thought was to stop lovimg
because thoughts of you make me cry

my thought was how do I keep my heart beating
cause my heart was wrapped up in yours
my thought was how do I keep on breathing
cause my every breath was captured in your lungs
my thought was
how do i say good bye
when i cannot even begin to try

I've never felt this alone before...
when I was with you
you never gave me that chance to be alone....
or even be by myself
i was always safe at your side

silence we never had
you shared everything
your love showed me consideration
it didn't go out for personal gain
you never cared what others thought
your main concern was that i was made happy
and aware that the world new how much happines was in your heart

your love was a testimony of all that you had to share
the feelings and softness from your heart
you showed me that Love was a reflection
of the grace of God
when our love is shared publicly in his name

now that you are forever gone
from my life of the flesh
my love for you will always be shown
and strongly known publicly

I thank God for the precious time
we were given when I spent them with you
I spent all evening thinking of you
and of the life you and I would have had

as I get on my knees
I feel so numb
I feel so lost
I'm still so in love
with a man that has been gone
for a long long time..

I pray to God to release my love to you
so that one of us may feel that love that we both shared
and to help me move on with my life..
I pray to him to continue to guard my heart
since it will affect everything
in my life that I do

------- Author's Notes -------

saying good bye , a final closure is a difficult thing to do...especially when it is of the ONLY LOVE you have ever known...


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 08:05 pm

Oh Please don't! (lol)

Oh please don't stop writing! We need you up here Terrie*! By your writings I can tell he was a very special man, a greater treasure than rubies, diamonds, and pearls.... It's great the way you express the way you feel to him, to let him know he means a great deal to you, and how he's still apart of your life, your thoughts, your heart....I can almost envision you looking at his photo album and reminiscing his life on Earth, and laughing at the pictures, where both of you had fun, and at the pictures where you were in a romantic moment... My mind is racing right now, because your poetry blooms like a flower, I find it compelling.... Very, very glorious!! I love it! Great writing Miss Terrie! Smiles, Meri
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 08:25 pm

Meri, are ya kiddin' i would never..

stop poetry..i may put it on the back burner for awhile..i have too many unposted still some i will keep only for me..i love your comments too much...don't cha know? i don't think i could ever give it up..i come here to dreamers to escape the real world (what a cop out huh?)i find comfort in others writings as well as in my own..even though my life is burning w/a new love , he understands that my first love was the first/last man that has ever touched my heart/flesh and i still have a deep connection to him not just our children..i have another poem coming out on 8/09 which would of been our 26th anniversary day, instead it is his 13th anniversary you know why i love the man whom my love burns for right now..he is so understanding..God yes i love him so..sorry my heart got away from me lol..HUGS/LOVE and lots and lots o' SMILES
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 08:43 pm

Poet's beware, Of where, Love, Will Take You

Terrie Darlin I beleive, it was God's plan, to plant love, upon a sparrow's wing. Se flies in the summertime, at the pincics, we share, with family. She flew in our bedroom, then you would say, that will not do. I want, to be a lone with you, no shadows show, how much I love you, I want to be a lone with you and turned off the lights. concealing, part of your beauty, from me. Then one day, the light went out, my heart was still, yet, it has always, bee in love with you. Now, you don't see me, but, still, in your heart at night, you hear, me sing, your favorite songs. There is no depth, where they can bury my soul, that my heart, is not, with you. Sometimes at night, and even at high noon, I feel you cry, though no one sees, the tears, fall from your eyes, but, I do. Hey, baby, I'm doing fine, my love is so great for you, I'm sending someone...,to you, I know him well, he will, love you as I do. Sweet heart of love, don't cry for me, with permission, from the one above, I send someone, who loves you as I do, don't turn away, I send..., him, to you. -MV
Terrie* ( -- Friday, September 17 2004, 01:31 am

love took me alright..

into another sphere and straight into the arms /heart of someone so much compassion and understanding......
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