Time For Me To Say Good Bye..
Author: Terrie*


I'm out.....
No sense in hanging around
where I do not belong
and love
doesn't need me
It's time for me to move on...
because this love that you shared with me is buried and gone
words that can not be brought back without you
a life that will never exist of you and
My tears roll down
no one to dry them for me
all memories
will never wash away as time holds
The tears from my heart
hold all the memories
that I do not want washed away
I'm gonna miss your

These tears will reappear once again
I'll continue to hunger for
the touch of your soul
something very special about

As I take up my heart
piece by piece and hold it in my hand
i'll walk away
knowing nothing will take us back to you and
I do not want to fall hard
I still feel your heart
so walk away I
because if I stay
I'll continue to cry
in the worst way
our love can not ever be
still so much left to
I 'll miss you always
you will always remain deep in my heart..
you were worth the wait...
Good bye my darling
my love
my soul mate..
my world my light
my everything
it's time for me to wake up and move forward in time and say

------- Author's Notes -------

sat w/him on our/his anniversary yesterday..and spoke these words i hope he heard every word..
and knows i miss him still...


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Tuesday, August 10 2004, 09:50 pm

Babe, I still love you but I must say good-bye

This is very poetic! Your mind is working marvellously! Very, heart touching, heart tugging, heart felt, soul stirring words! I was moved by your sincerity! Great stuff Lady T!
Take it easy! Smiles, -Meri
Clive ( -- Wednesday, August 11 2004, 02:36 am

So very touching

Terrie you always write with feeling pouring out of every letter you put into each word,
He heard ever word and every word not written just felt.
You are still my number one read
take care of you
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, August 11 2004, 03:40 am

Meri, yea my heart is learning to say good-bye..

i almost lost a contact writing this, good thing i didn't cause i'd have a problem searching the lawn haha.. HUGS/LOVE
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, August 11 2004, 03:46 am

Clive, my secret love, my friend ...

i do hope he heard/felt me in every word as honest as can be..even the ones not written that remain in my heart for only his ears and heart breaking saying good bye to some one you love so much especially when it is your soulmate..thanx for reading me sweetie.
HUGS/LOVE ALWAYS here for you..
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, August 12 2004, 10:29 pm

Love, Comes At A Price, A sacrifice

Terrie, Darlin

First, you never, bury love, it just goes back, to wehre it came from, Secound, if, you continue to cry, may I remind you, of what few have known, but lucy to, more than known, you, have shared this love in reality, yet, you are so weak, to think, love. is buried in the ground. My, your heart, sounds to me. to be so weak, you don't see his love, all around. Roses bloom, the rains fall down, and the thunder roars, where was your love, when, all of this came done? I will tell you where, it was in your heart, nothing has changed except, for your attitude, you pity yourself. LOVE, never leaves, Love, you can hear it everyday, when you feel weak, look at the snow flake, its a gift of god, even wher the rivers rage, yes, it will take its tol, but down the road, fertile lands will yeild more than food, it will yeild, the blessing, of
God's love.
To strong, my words may be, yet, look back at history, sacrifice and pain, now, that is love, tell me, what do you think?

Terrie* ( -- Thursday, August 12 2004, 11:22 pm

Martin,pity myself? noooo...

just missing someone whom became special and will always be special in my life...his love is to love someone deeply does it have to come down to feeling pity for oneself? oh geez i hope not , do i feel pain i have regrets possibly why? because our time was cut short..words too strong oh no..what could possibly be more harsher than losing someone you loved? yes sacrafice and pain is indeed love..will i ever find that same kind of love?
that made such a sacrafice?
terrie ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 02:59 am

time to let go

I'm sorry Terrie but I agree with Martin. you were so lucky to find that special oneand had him for awhile, some never find what you had. You should rejoice that you have good warm memories you use your loss to keep you in pain. My thoughts anyways . your writing is so good don't get in a rut by writing about the same topic open your horizon terrie ok
barb ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 03:06 am

oops the last comment was from me terrie

I goofed again oh well I think everybody is used of my goof-ups.Haaaa
Terrie* ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 03:25 am

Barb, haha i knew it was you..

oh hon, i have moved on ,just as my words say in every line... but.. i still have my memories,yes i still have love, some do not have the memories that i share..which are happy ones.. God sent me a new love my way and all my love rests on him,
but he understands that our love is soo new and i am taking it slow and he understands .. i must not forget where that nurturing came from that made me the loving sensitivesensual woman that i am memories of my love are something that only i can erase if they were your memories ....tell me now Barb would you stop writing about them ? if one can write of negative things why not of something positve that was good? just my thought...
Terrie* ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 03:32 am

Barb, i think..

you and i are in competition on errors i blame it on our P.C lol
sometimes the letters seem to move around on the keyboard when they start stretching to the beat of the music i play they seldom seeem to be in the same spot ...haha keep commenting you keep me motivated.. HUGS/LOVE
Barb ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 02:16 pm

no harm meant

Terrie your writing is so good I just think that all the pain comes back when you write about him.
Terrie* ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 03:39 pm

Barb, actually ...

my writing doesn't bring me any more pain than an anniversary , fathers day even my own birthday would ..because of the special things that he did,always said i love you..every single day..i miss that....writing helps me remember the love in his heart i do not want the memories that i preserved to fade from MY memory..does that make any sense? thanx 'gain..
barb ( -- Friday, August 13 2004, 06:43 pm

oh got it

I understand now terrie.It's your way of keeping him close to you. duhhh can you tell I'm ditzy.Hhaaa sorry terrie
Terrie* ( -- Saturday, August 14 2004, 01:53 am

Barb, sometimes we all....

need to be familiar w/what someone elses heart
i try to turn my light inward sometimes like anybody else so that i can learn the things about myself that may become difficult to understand and my writing helps me get there. nooo your not Ditzy doll....sometimes it is only i that understands what i expressed...but explaining one can feel and see from anothers heart...your not ditzy your just being honest..
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