Celestial Conversation
Author: Capricorn


I spoke with Dad today at his new place,
Celestial city -- resting home for folks
who live above that cloudy space.
We chatted for a while and shared a joke --
his sense of humour still abounds. I told
him Mum has left as well -- was called away
with friend Alzheimer, to a comfy fold.
The move was swift and caused me some dismay.

He said I shouldn’t fret, for they’ll receive
the greatest care; we knew she’d not be cured.
This move was sure to come and make me grieve
-- I’d done my best and was to rest assured.

This conversation buzzed around my head;
I know the words are those he would have said.

------- Author's Notes -------

My mother has just moved into a care home because of her Alzheimer's.


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Friday, October 1 2004, 01:17 am

doing the right thing

Oh Cap In your writing I can tell you feel bad for doing what you had to do ,everyone yes including your dad knows you did the best you could . I know to protect her against herself you had to have more care for her and the place you chose has the staff to look after her.Don't put your self through anymore doubt, you did the right thing.This writing shows how hard it is on loved ones to make a final decision.:)))))))))
Terrie* ( -- Friday, October 1 2004, 03:04 am

Cap, the right thing ..a couragous act....

i am very familiar w/the the alteration of alzheimer and indeed she will recieve great care , special classes must be obtained and passed before one works in an alzheimers unit, total different level type of care depending on the stage level, a 42/7 type of made the right angelic Barb said they have the qualified staff for round the clock not let it weigh your heart was a couragous act of father-in-law and a good friend whom was like a dad were Dx. w/alzheimers i tell you it was totaly sad witnessing their memory deteriorate.. utilize the time to visit and place familiar things in her path...thank you for sharing your heart with us..God Bless You...
Terrie* ( -- Friday, October 1 2004, 03:06 am


GEEZ....i meant 24/7 ...
be nice if we had that many hours in a day..i'd get alot more done heh..
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 3 2004, 10:49 am

Thanks Barb

You've been with me in spirit through much of my problems and I know you understand how I feel. It's not easy -- but I know Mum will be well cared for. I couldn't give 24hr a day care without my own health deteriorating. Thanks for your understanding and frienship.
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 3 2004, 10:53 am

Thanks Terrie

You always say such understanding words -- you've been there with your father-in-law and friend so you know the problems. Deep down I know this had to happen soon, but right now I feel bereaved again (lost my dad in May). Thanks for you thoughful words.

Yea -- 42/7 would be good! LOL!! Perhaps I'd get everything donr then
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, October 3 2004, 06:07 pm

Cap, no thanx needed...

among friends...Cap,i am sooo sorry on the loss of your dad..letting go is tough...i know it takes time to get over it..yes when a family member has alzheimers you lose a part of them, i have worked in a lockdown alzheimers unit when staffing was short the first time i spent time in a unit i was touched by a gentleman as we sat there talking he expressed to me that he knew that someday his behavior was going to deteriorate like some of the others, in a unit they allow them to be as independent as they can once they can no longer ambulate they are placed in a Long-Term SNF (skilled Nursing Facility) one must carry compassion in their heart to work in a unit..
i get tenderhearted, i don't know why my heart wasn't made tough...i placed bells above my entry doors when my in-laws visited cause lord knows if dad was to walk out my front door it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, i didn't want anything to happen to him..Hang in there kiddo The Good Lord doesn't hand us any more than we can handle, nor does he carry us so far just to drop us or let us fall..he continues to carry us..notice how he died embracing the world, when he showed us how much he loved us...We love you Cap...i am there among your many other friends if you should need an extra heart...HUGS/LOVE
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 3 2004, 07:15 pm


Thank you Terrie -- it means a lot to know that you care and are my friend.
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