Author: Charmaine


I used to do well,
In each and every exam.
I used to get straight As,
And make my parents proud.

Suddenly I feel like,
I知 falling from a cliff.
My grades are sliding downhill,
And there痴 nothing I can do.

I did my work,
And I tried my best.
I just don稚 understand,
Why my grades turned out like that.

I feel so stressed up,
Like I知 in a pressure cooker.
I知 losing control,
And I知 sinking fast.

The horrible grades I get,
Is killing me slowly.
I feel my life ebbing away gradually,
And I知 starting to lose hope.

This ship is going down,
Its sinking much too fast.
I can hardly catch my breath,
Much less try to stay afloat.

I知 trying my best,
Everything within my means.
But the results prove otherwise,
And my future seems bleak.

I知 so scared of failing,
Of not meeting my expectations.
How can I let my parents down,
Much less disappoint myself?

------- Author's Notes -------

I wish I was dead. The pressure is too much to take.


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Tuesday, October 5 2004, 12:22 am

Don't give up

If you are trying your best than you should ask the teacher what's going on tell them how much pressure you feel. And I'm sure you still make your parents proud and you should feel proud that you are doing your best.
Clive ( -- Tuesday, October 5 2004, 05:19 am


School is not your only outlet, have some quiet time, have some FUN time, take walks and see whats around you hear the sounds,
Parents are proud anytime, from birth you filled them with pride and then not much did you do?
Love them as they always will you,
Charmaine ( -- Tuesday, October 5 2004, 11:27 am


Thank you Barb and Clive! Your comments put a smile to my face. One of my subjects is finally improving. I'm really glad. Thanks again!
joyce ivy ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 12:11 am


Maybe you should step back for a minute and try to think about it in a new perspective...Just stop trying so hard to please other people...maybe you are trying to hard....your parents will be proud as long as they know you tried your best...joyce
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 12:31 am

Charmaine, take a moment to breathe in...

and let out slowly..sweetie ,you'll ace your other courses....i agree w/ Clive listen to the man w/wisdom... i have 2 kids in their early 20's and ya know what i tell them ?..chill life was'nt accomplished in one day nor is it over YET.....there could never be anything in life that they could ever do that would disappoint or dihonor me, ( i speak for myself as well as all other parents)i stand proud and tall because of what they have their short life..i am soooo sure your parents feel the same..don't put too much on your plate darlin' ya don't want to over load your brain...(that can become dangerous heh)avoid needless headaches and sleepless ness.. give your lungs some air it's will do just find ..take the given time to breath and absorb life..your still young...enjoy every today, before it slips away..the more you struggle to accomplish what you aim for the harder you are on yourself, chill enjoy your time to enjoy life, you'll still accomplish your goals in a timely manner..sorry 'bout that but...i'm a mom..trying to be a mom..again ...any one up for bid ???? hahahaa trust in yourself and what you have already achieved...
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 12:43 am

Charmaine..i meant to add...

when you find yourself in a situation that feels to heavy to bare....
brainstorm your goals ,
your accomplishments
and what you NEED t
o get to the level your AIMING at..
bet your accomplishments fill the page huh?
struggle to Pause for the cause....
keep us updated ...
Charmaine ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 02:36 am

Thank you all soooooooooo muchh..

I used to flunk my Chemistry! But I passed it this time round! Oh my god..i'm so elated! Thank you all so much for the support!
Meridian ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 09:48 pm


Hey there! Man, if I couldn't have written the same point; well actually I wrote something kind of like it, but not quite. At one point in my life, I got tired of all the grades that I kept getting. It was so upsetting. I called, went to the tutorial sessions, that were never really helpful. What can you learn in 25 minutes? They would have snacks for us, that would take up at least 10 minutes of that time, a.k.a break time. So, I'm online finding helpful websites relative to my work, to help me enhance my work! Nice one Charmaine!

Keep it up! You'll do great, because you have the mindset and determination! Ask me how I know, because by submitting this poem, it shows that you're concerned and will go at any lengths to increase your grade.

Meridian ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 09:49 pm


Hey Charmaine! Sorry there, I meant, "if I couldn't have written the same poem"
Charmaine ( -- Thursday, October 7 2004, 04:49 pm


Thanks Meri. I just found out I flunked another subject. Aw man. Whats the purpose of education if it only makes one feel so small and like an utter idiot. Its wrecking my self-esteem and there's nothing I can do about it.
Meridian ( -- Wednesday, November 14 2007, 12:17 am


May i take your poem
shiloh ( -- Thursday, November 15 2007, 01:55 am

just do the best that you can...

Do not get down on yourself. If you are doing your best, then that is all you, or anyone, can expect - I always told my kids as long as they were trying their best, that was good enough. You can't do more than that. I finally got them to stop stressing about tests, and they relaxed and were able to look at each day like a small gift to be opened and enjoyed, even tests! Now my severely dyslexic son posts here and is about to graduate from SUNY - and he can't read! But he does his best. You can, too.
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