My Forest Dream
Author: ShyHeart


I was alone, traveled a long way, this forest is new to me, I have to find my own way.
The wind is starting to howl, like the wolves, who have found my trail
The snow is falling down, the wind is reaching, into my veins, freezing the
Very, life out of me, I need to find a place, build a fire, and save, my life

Here it is, a valley, tall pines, on either side of me, yet, some shelter
I find, just outside, of a row of pines, still, the snow is falling down and I still
Hear, the wolf pack on my trial. Cold fingers, pick up wood that will burn
Seems I have traveled a life time, in this freezing wind, to find, these twigs

I lay them carefully, upon a few rocks, I have found and I strike my flint,
in hopes, of the spark of life, then it comes, the twigs began to burn. God, I love
The smell of smoke, as it rises up from my little, life saving fire, soon
I see a small flame, then it grows and becomes a fire and my heart cries out

Lord, you have saved me again, oh, this freezing wind, it is slowing down
As I place my frozen hands, over this small fire, that you God, gave to me
I feel my life, coming back to me and the howl of the wolves, seem to be
So, far away, perhaps, they know, you are here with me, and I will survive

My heart is beating now, I feel the heat, of my little fire, there is a mist
It surrounds me like one would expect, in a forest when, the snow begins to fall
Then, I hear a sound, I turn around, and through the mist, you walk toward me
Necked, as the day you were born, no shiver do I see, your heart is so warm

I see, no nakedness, as you slowly, glide toward me, beautiful as you are I see
No, flesh, yet, I feel, the heat in your heart, I ask why lady, do you come to me
In this way, from a freezing mist, why present yourself, to such a lonely man
She, never speaks a word, her smile and open arms, tell me more than words

I am here for you, as lonely as you think you are, remember, you once said
That you loved me, then, you went away, I could not let you go, I kept
Searching, and now I find you here alone, by your little fire, that is all you
Have, to keep you warm, in this wilderness, all alone, why did you leave me?

I turned from her beauty, that was the treasurer of a manís life, and looked down
The little flames, beginning to rise higher, from my small fire, and moved my Hands closer,
over the warmth of this Godly fire, then, I replied, I never left you
You were the life I desired, I thought, the love of another, burned in your heart

So, now, you find me, here in the wilderness, warming myself, with this little fire
She stands before me, smiles and says, you were mistaken, there was no other
You are such a tender heart, you refuse, to take the challenge of your own heart
So, loving you as I do, I come to you, necked as my love for you, has always been

I realize, I had been to timid, to tell her of my love, I thought she loved another
Now, in this freezing forest, she stands in front of me necked, and says,
What more can I offer you ShyHeart, that you do not see before you
Can this love, warm your heart forever, and will a fire, feed our hearts

I stand and say, the wind has died, the snow has left my heart, I understand
If, a man, loves a woman, tell her so, even if, you donít know the words
Donít walk away into the forest, and run from the freezing wind and the
Wolves howl, else you will be, sitting in front of a fire of twigs

ďMy Forest DreamĒ


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Wednesday, October 6 2004, 11:52 pm

Cry Wolf

Very nice analogy! Bravo! Get it Martin! That was a powerful summary; the last four lines! The beginning of the poem reminded me of the story about a boy who always cried wolf, even though no wolves were there. About how some men thought he was in danger, and how they came to his rescue, when the boy was fooling them all the time. This went on for about 3 more times, until the men grew tired of his tricks. But, sadly one day, a pack of wolves did come, and surround him, and he called for the men, but it wasn't until they were already gone, when the men came. And the boy wanted to know why hadn't they come when he called him, and they replied because we thought you were fooling us, like you usually do. But, unlike that story, yours has more graphic detail, more visualization, more special effects. I like how you symbolize a man alone in the forest shivering, with goosebumps and chattering teeth all because he didn't follow his heart, and tell his woman how he felt. I like how the warmth symbolizes, when two sexes, or genders, get together, to make a fire, to start a flame, one can't prepare the fire by their lonesome! So, this was a wonderful dream you had my professional poet!

Smiley face,
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, October 7 2004, 04:52 am

very passionate ......words to fall in love for...

your words...
become your move ..
didn't wait too long......
not one word wasted ..
all well meant...
love is patient..
will be there when you wake.....
perhaps the love was for someone ...
whom brings two together....
close my eyes..
i follow your dream...
my heart feels the love
and warm passion in your words..
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 02:47 pm

Thank You, Both

Meridian & Terrie,

Its always a pleasure, to read the tought of others, who like the work you have presented. Bot of you, take the time to read and feel, that is what a poem should cause one to do, not just read the words and move on.

Thank You Both,
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