Mixed Signals
Author: Barbara Goodhew


We all wonder what's happening to our kids today.

We say no do it this way.

We hear adults swear in front of kids.

Then when the kids repeat what they hear they get scolded.

We are sending these kids mixed signals.

Yes they hear it at school, by other kids.

They shouldn't have to hear it from adults their parents.

If we want to change the kids, we better change ourselves.


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Terrie* ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 09:34 am

Barb, change is good..

not to burst your bubble, many children are used to hearing ppl cuss up a storm..for example my kids knew better than to repeat what was said, by an adult or another child.proud to say i was a very strict but lenient mom of the 80's
when our children were 3 we EXPLAINED to them about many words that were not to be used or repeated, many were hurting words such as shut up dummy or stupid among swearing unless you were 21 .(sometimes children repeat cause an adult not necessarily the parent finds it cute and they Giggle..) by George it worked for us as well as other parents..,their over 21 now, they continue to respect how they vocalize .my point a child listens by explaining,sometimes one must use an improper word as an example to bring something into view..Ben F. wrote a good thing on the subject...i agree w/u WE must change OURSELVES in order for the younger generation to change, cursing has been around since chooses to live w/or w/o it...PERFECT EXAMPLE..
barb ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 02:31 pm

thanks for the comment

yep we can choose to live with it or without it.I choose to live without it so when I hear it I say something . To me when they say or write or sing it, that is imposing on others that don't want to hear crudeness.
Capricorn ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 04:16 pm

no title

Good message as usual Barb.
Terrie* ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 05:16 pm

no title

yea, in society it is tough gettin' away from it every where you turn one see's graffiti sometimes i get front row seat free view for my existince in this generation haha.."Graffiti in motion when i await for the trains to clear" at a RXR crossing..the thing i PRAISE is that not the whole human population is a part of it..would you not agree my friend? i get offensive when some one speaks like that in front of the elderly or a child, but if it is just me..i can handle it..i just believe in showing PROPER RESPECT..I'LL ADMIT WHEN I bang my finger w/a hammer I @x%z# ...Big time....cause it smarts...keep sharing/spread your wisdom Barb, i just hope you do not mind MY long Comments....LOL..HUGS/LOVE
martin Vann ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 05:49 pm

No matter, how, we try..,


The world will, touch them, our kids see, on their computers, things, graphic pictures, of waht you and I, once called love, if, there is a God, and, I knowm there is, our children,will find, everything, you and I shared, in the parking lot, when, we were supossed to be home.

Thain is Barb, no matter how technology, comes into our, lives, LOVE WILL SURVIVE, Now tell me, what is there left for our kids, Barb, they will find it, as the rain falls from the sky, as thunder, lights up his, sky, Love, they, will find it.

Thank God, some things, never change, thereee is only, one kind of love, thank God, some things, never change!

Clive ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 08:08 pm

For we must learn

It is true our children will hear not from us but others in the mix,
So the parents whoever they be, should talk and explain the rights and wrongs,
To hear I can but repeat do I have to?
Nice one Barb I like it.
Barb ( -- Friday, October 8 2004, 09:05 pm

Thanks Clive

I go out for a coffee or the grocery store and I hear people in their 30's 0r 40's saying you fff ing little brat don't touch that fff ing to a 3 or 4 year old. then a few more minutes I hear the kid say I want that ffing thing mommy, Then the poor kid gets yelled at for using bad language.Duhh What do they expect.grrr
barb ( -- Sunday, October 10 2004, 06:58 pm

I may be wrong

thanks for all your comments.I know it's all over, that's my point if maybe the aduts respect kids then the kids would respect adults and stop all this graffitti, damaging our property. crudeness in front of the elder, the young and women. Just my thoughts. I want to thank everyone that took the time to read and comment on my poem.
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, October 10 2004, 10:02 pm

Barb, your too sweet...

your more than welcomed Doll,
your thank you.
is as infectious as a smile.
shared through a
kind a heart..
we will always read ,comment
and respect..
the words you share..
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