I Found
Author: Terrie*


I found the card you bought me
for our 13 anniversary

I found it exactly
13 years to the day

sometimes I wonder why..
I let so many years go by?
why did I find it that day...
was there something you wanted to say?

when I read it
I felt you next to me
as you read it out loud

the words you wrote
brought you back to life

I believe we shared
one single tear drop
that very day
I felt it when it fell
down from the sky..

many ask me today..
why can I not let go
of your memory
I have no answer
I do not know

but, as I recall
you've been a comfort for me to hold
I stay silent as I usually do
while I nod my head
as i hear my heart cry for you

somethings one may never understand
concerning the love I had for one man
I tend to take love
a notch further above

just as I feel for my love for Christ
I cry for the pain he endured
as I think of him on that cross
when he died
I thought all hope was at a loss
my life to change I try

I cry for his mother
whom watched it all
I cry for you
whom I will never touch

the older I get
mature is perhaps
a more proper word

the wiser I become
sometimes I never know
where my words are coming from

then I start to think of you
and the one whom had sent for you...

I pray to him to keep me close
for at times without your love
I become a wilting rose...

------- Author's Notes -------

Gods reply to him..when his tears start..She will be home go back and lay down..


Comments on this poem/writing:

Amy ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 05:36 pm

Miss Terrie

wow Miss Terrie. this one was long but i read it all by myself. i understood most of it and it made me sad because you get sad. but what you say right at the bottom is right. you will be there too one day. not soon though. in 100 years time you will. and it wont be home but at the same time it will be home and you will be togheter and you wont have to cry anymore or try to remember things because they will stay in your head forever. i gfot told not to remember the bits that make you sad and cry. instead i should remember things that will make me smile and laugh and be happy. i think you should do the same too Miss Terrie. dont cry anymore.
love Amy
anonymous ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 06:25 pm

Amy,I am very proud of you....

sorry this made you sad, you felt my feelings and me besides you...i will do as you say hunny and not cry no more..thank you..your comments mean alot...God Bless You
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 06:28 pm

Amy, oops.....

sorrrry, i forgot to type in my,Terrie
joyce ivy ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 03:37 pm

Heart touching Terrie

Terrie you know stranger things have happened... Maybe it was his way..of letting you know he was ok...People who don't understand why it's hard to let go...have never lost a love that was true...great poem
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 03:10 am

Joyce, a love time capsule..from the grave...

yea, i gave several boxes of things away to a nephew never sorted through them i was detaching myself from materialistic things. on 08/09/04 my nephew brought me a box that was inside a larger box dated and sealed 08/1991 he felt that he should bring it back..think it brought tears and memories back? ( breathing in & out silently) yeap big time..thanx...
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