The Kite
Author: Ben Laney


If you do not wish
for your sweet little child
to suffer trauma
and experience childhood fright
Then do not allow
your sweet little child
to watch as you tie the kite string
around the teddy bear's arm
and proceed to let go of the kite

------- Author's Notes -------

"Hey, Teddy Bear, have a nice flight! If you make it to China, say hello to the Panda Bears for me. Bye bye Teddy Bear.......Bye bye!" Okay, okay that was a silly thing to do, but you parents out there can learn from my mistakes, right? Oh, don't learn the hard way like me and traumatize your sweet little child for life! Haaa! Haaaa! Haaaaa! Keep those cards and e-mails coming!
Later Sweet Po-tater, Ben


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 04:46 pm

Ben, ay ya yaay....Benjamin ya got me rollin'....

ha hahahahahhahaaaa you really made my day sweetheart, i remember them crazy days..try reliving them w/6 brothers pure torture ha hahaaa lost many barbie dolls that way..climbed many trees trying to retrieve them ..but we had fun, 'aye i guess beats having the neighbors dog chewing on her ...thank you for this i truely enjoyed it Luv..HUGS/LOVE
Ben Laney ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 05:25 pm

Terrie*, Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep that

Terrie*, Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep that girl a'rollin' Rawhide..Wait, that's a different thing all together, isn't it? So, yeah, I got a heaping helping of those "big brother genes", and traumatizing the younger ones was my specialty. Haaa! Haaaa! Haaaaa! Thank you sooo much for your comment. I am double-pleased to know this one made you laugh. I'm am trying to be nicer now, but it is NOT easy!
Kind Regards, Ben
Clive ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 07:18 pm

A smile that glows

Hi Ben,
this was a good light hearted read,
I remember way back then,
when growing up was hard to do,
I remember way back then learning from everything I do,
Not much has changed,
Ben Laney ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 07:40 pm

Clive, you are right, growing up is sooooo....

Clive, you are right, growing up is sooooo hard to do. I suppose that is the reason I avoid it with ALL my might! Haa! Haaa! Haaaa! Of course, that's also why I am constantly in TROUBLE, too. I thank you very much for your feedback, I am glad to found it light hearted, and I like the title of your comment as well, "A Smile That Glows." I appreciate it a lot!
Kind Regards, Ben
BARB ( -- Wednesday, October 20 2004, 07:33 pm

memories nice

I don't remember alot but these are the right kind of memories. It's funny to look back and remember, your memorie of this is something you'll laugh over for years. Good thoughts ben thank-you.
Ben Laney ( -- Wednesday, October 20 2004, 10:07 pm

Barb, I have a mind like a steel....

Barb, I have a mind like a steel collander, a lot of stuff just goes right through and keeps going to God knows where! Haaa! Haaaa! Haaaa! Want to know a secret, though? (Don't tell ANYONE, OK?) I am still the BIG brother and continue to BUG my younger siblings at every turn, so I'll have new things to laugh about! I thank you very much, girl, for your comment. I really am glad you like this one and think of it as a good thought.
Best Regards, Ben
barb ( -- Saturday, October 23 2004, 03:50 am

big brother

keep bugging them it will give you guys hours of memories.))))
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