For My Stepdad Jay
Author: Mere


I'm thinking of someone,
Someone I used to know,
You know who he is,
I don't need to show.

I have a lot of problems,
I need to work them out,
Things will get easier,
I only need to shout.

People get bad images of me from my poems,
I wonder if they think I'm weird,
I don't care, it's just me,
Now everything seems to have disappeared.

Jay used to love me,
I wonder if he does now,
I really miss you, man,
I'm trying to tell you, but I don't know how.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Amy ( -- Saturday, October 16 2004, 07:09 pm


I dont know if it will help you but when i have a problem i go to daddy and he makes it all better for me. doent your mummy or daddy make all the bad stuff go away for you too? that way you wont have to cry and be sad all the time. its not that hard to say i love you to someone. you should practice telling someone everyday. even if it is to yourself. look in the mirror and say i love you and then you will get it perfekt and tell your step daddy and he will say it back to you.
love Amy
Mere ( -- Sunday, October 17 2004, 03:04 am

My Stepdad...

My stepdad committed suicide last year, I can't erally tell him I love him now...And I have more issues than just that.

Love, Mere
Amy ( -- Sunday, October 17 2004, 01:50 pm


I didnt know what commited suicide meant so I asked daddy. my mummys not here anymore either but still everyday i tell her i love her. you dont have to see them for them to be there. just because you cant hear them it doesnt mean they cant hear you. isnt ther someone that you can talk to than can help you with your problems to help make them go away? there is always somebody there who will want to listen to you and make you feel better and happy again.
love Amy
joyce ivy ( -- Sunday, October 17 2004, 02:09 pm


there's always someone,who cares about you, and remember just keep helps...things will get easier...good expressions in your poem....
Clive ( -- Sunday, October 17 2004, 02:41 pm

We Care

I agree with friends Amy and Joyce you can talk to anyone in your head,
you can write like this poem you did,
the more you write the less trubled you'll feel.
then you can always talk to us we'll listen.
you do write well
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 19 2004, 06:33 am

Mere,i am picking up on your pain ...

in every word you pour out from your share our inner feelings is not wierd at all...when Jesus poured out his inner feelings for the world.did we think it wierd?...i don't think so..we called it LOVE... Mere,hunny, your such a young thing to be in so much pain, i can relate,cause my children went through the same when their dad died. as well as a good friends daughter.. never hold your feelings will eat you up ..your step dad may not be here in the flesh sweetie ,but he can hear your every cry,he is there for you each and every total silence you may hear what he has to say..just listen with your heart... . i feel the pain that drains from your innocent will take time ...but sweetie take it slow...God never gives us more than what we can handle...he also never carries us that far ..just to drop us...don't be hard on yourself...i have a poem called " where are they today? step away"..i wrote it after i saw the pain in friends young daughters eyes.when you have a moment i'd like for you to read don't have to comment on it..i just would like for you to read it..with your heart..remember.....never hold your pain in...we are here for you..
'aye i'm a mom i make myself available 24/7 and hunny, believe me i have seen it all...

HUGS/LOVE to you ...
Roberta Braswell ( -- Wednesday, October 17 2007, 01:12 pm

You Go Gurl!!!!!!!

Hi whats up with you? I think that you are very hepful to Mere. Your poems are magnificent. You are truly talented keep up the good worrk.
Name:                                           Remember Me

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