Dawn Breaks
Author: Capricorn


The sun has burst across the morning sky
announcing birth of day
with coloured ribbons, spreading out on high.
Night has gone away!

The birds begin to shake their wings from sleep
and sing their melodies.
Up high the fiery ball begins to seep
into the sky with ease.

As dew-drops scatter earth, all nature sings
to welcome break of day.
So mornings' glow spreads out to everything.
The sun is here to stay!


Comments on this poem/writing:

luc ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 04:24 am

no title

lovely absolutly marvalous.. i love it hehe.. the way it just seems to flow off the tounge while saying it aloud. like a happy song here to warm everyones hearts and souls. good writing capricorn :)
Dino ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 05:23 am


I can relate to this. My wife and I, before I head out the door for work, open the back door, listen to the birds singing and checking out, our Japanese style garden, with water falls and bridges. Things are starting to bloom, the morning sun is rising and the dew is still on the ground. Then open the front door, do the same thing, hearing more singing birds and off I go to work. Sounds silly I know, but it has become a ritual with us. This is what your poem does for me and we welcome the break of day, everyday with a sunny smile. Thanks for a very nice poem, really enjoyed it Cap.
barb ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 05:52 am

you should have more writer blocks. this is excellant

the way you choose your words are nice cap. You describe things so nice. good writing cap
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 12:20 pm


Thanks Luc!....glad it made you feel happy!
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 12:22 pm


Thanks for your lovely comment. Your garden sound beautiful Dino.."Japanese Style". Ever thought of writing a poem about it?
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 12:23 pm


Hehe!...yes perhaps the block did me good. Thing is it's back again!
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 03:35 pm

Great Way To Star A Day, beautiful poem.


I had a lot of business stuff on my mine yesterday, took it home with me last night, didn't sleep very well. Got to work early this morning and have been busy, then I took a brake, to come and visit my friends.

Read your poem, a couple of times, now, I feel refreshed and sorry for myself, that I didn't take the time to hear, the birds singing, they were there, I just didn't listen.

I fell much better now, thanks for gentle kick in the butt, I'm awake now and happy to be here.

Capricorn ( -- Thursday, April 3 2003, 05:33 pm


yes I think we all forget the beauties of nature at times, Martin. Thanks for reading!
Dino ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 01:35 am

Good Idea?

Good idea Cap. I'll see what I can come up with? Inspired by Cap, it will be. Be on the look out. There goes that hummingbird again. Drinking water out of my fountain, wearing his floresent orange necktie. SLAP! Dang! Those mosquitoes are hungry today. I must look like dinner?
Capricorn ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 02:42 pm


I really look forward to that Dino! those mosquitoes now!
CrYsTaL ( -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 07:58 pm


Wow, Capricorn! You really took my breath away with this poem, this is the first poem I read of yours, and I noticed you had a lot more, you've already gotten me attached! Keep writing and I'll keep reading!
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, April 6 2003, 12:42 am

Thankyou CrYsTaL

Thank you so much, I've had a bit of `writer's block' and this is the first one I've written since.
LinzAy ( -- Friday, April 25 2003, 01:40 am


well i'm a lil slow huh!!! Great feel good poem Cap!! if it were morning i'd say...great start to a day, but i have never been one to really ever know morning! lol.....
Roy ( -- Friday, April 25 2003, 11:26 am

Morning and new day

How wonderful to meet the day like this even on a rainy day with words like this. More, more,give us more because it's gonna rain sometimes with dark stormy skys.
Capricorn ( -- Friday, April 25 2003, 10:51 pm


I can't say this is written from experience,'cos I'm not a morning person either.Lol! I wrote this while looking at the sun set (if that makes any sense!!) but I did write one later about the sunset too.Glad you liked!
Capricorn ( -- Friday, April 25 2003, 10:56 pm

To Roy

Thanks Roy! i have just started writing poems about nature as I always seem to be writing about my problems etc and felt there was more to write about. Glad you apreciated. Rain with dark stormy there's a thought!! look out for that one! Might not be for a while...I find writing about my emotions easier than nature! hhaha!
Roy ( -- Saturday, April 26 2003, 04:31 am


To surf the poem or not to surf? sorry I read all your work and I find this most well worth reading. are you gonna do dark and story--ok!-- rather be about nature or Love--Dream that you are with someone that is real in life and feel the honest pure comfort in there arms or something even it might just be a fairy tail to gab hold of. Ilove a new morning and I need the day with just a whole bunch of love is very good and that is what I get each and every day! You are a trip in words
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, April 26 2003, 11:20 am

Thanks Roy

Thanks Roy, your words encourage me to write more!
Brandi ( -- Tuesday, April 29 2003, 11:29 pm


wow this poem explains the perfect morning; like the morning we wish we saw every day. its unbelievable. its too bad that not everyone takes the time to really see and cherish all the blessings of a beutuful morning. its no wonder theres a saying, "everything looks better in the morning" because its absolutely beautiful!!
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 05:03 pm


Thanks Brandi, I'm glad you enjoyed reading! I'm not much of a morning person myself, but have to admit sunrise is a beautiful time of day.We probably don't appreciate nature enough!
Martin Vann ( -- Friday, May 9 2003, 10:39 pm

Every Morning, I hear them sing your poem...,


Its May 09, 2003 and where I live, Oklahoma, we have had some terrible storms, some have died, some have survied, but lost every thing they had.

Yet, Cap, I survived, lost nothing but the opportunity to meet soles, now gone. Every morning, outside my window,the birds have never failed to sing, and I thank you Cap for this poem, for as I hear them sing, I think of the heart (yours) from which, their song was born. Your poem is more than words to me, they are real Cap, I hear them every morning, hope I always will.

Capricorn ( -- Saturday, May 10 2003, 12:27 pm


I've only just found your glad you survived!!!!

I'm not often around at dawn, but the sound of the birds beginning to sing is a wonderful sound.I will think of them differently now as they don't just signify their own lives but the lives of those who have survived! I'm glad my poem has some significance for you, martin.
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