A New Mummy?
Author: Amy BananaHead


I went to school today
And I wish I was sick.
We had to write about our mums
I dont have one any more
People were mean
They said mummy left coz I was bad.
I always try to be good
But sometimes I cant help it.
A girl said I will need a new mummy
Someone who will love me
Even if I'm bad
I cried all the way home.
I thought mummy still loved me
Maybe I was wrong
I went to daddy
And told him what she said
He sat me on his knee and said
I dont want a new mummy
I love the mummy I have
Even if I cant see her
I know she is there somewhere.
How can I have 2 mummys?
I hate that girl
And i hate school
And I hate the new mummy
Even though I dont know her yet.

------- Author's Notes -------

Mummy I dont like being alone no more
Mummy please please PLEASE come home for christmas
I didnt write a list to santa. Only one to God.
I asked him to let you come home
Even if it's only for a day.
Muumy please dont leave me here.
Theres a monster under my bed
Mummy daddy doesnt read stories like you do
Mummy daddy doesnt do my hair the way you do
Mummy nothing is the same without you



Comments on this poem/writing:

joyce ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 03:22 pm

Sweet little Amy

Mommy didn't leave you because you were bad...mommy's don't do that...God took her to make heaven more beautiful..just like he did my mom..remember my poem to you...there's more beauty for heaven to share...and one day you may have a new mommy , she will never replace your first mommy, but you will love her... I know you will...because no matter what you say...sweet little Amy can't hate anyone...your to sweet to do that...forget what the little girl doesn't have love in your heart for all to share...but write what you does help to get it out...and always remember it was Gods will for your mommy to leave...NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE BAD...never think that...the little girl is wrong....God took my mommy..and it wasn't because I was bad...
all my love
sweet little Amy...
Your Friend...
Emilee ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 08:34 pm


Amy, you are so right, your Mommy still loves you so much! This poem brought me to tears. You are such a talented girl, with so much love in your heart! Maybe you will get a new mommy, but never forget that your mommy loves you. God Bless~Emilee
Amy ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 11:25 pm

Miss Joyce

Miss Joyce I didnt want God to take my mummy. there'stoo many poeple in heaven so why did he have to take my mummy too? I dont care if he wanted her there. I wanted her here. It's not fair Miss Joycce. I dont want a new mummy EVER
Love Amy
Amy ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 11:27 pm

Miss Emilee

Thank you Miss Emilee. Sorry it made you cry. It made me cry too. I try to be brave for daddy. but it's too hard.
Love Amy
Emilee ( -- Tuesday, November 9 2004, 01:50 am

You are very brave

Amy, as far as I can tell, you are being a very brave girl for your daddy. Keep your spirits up and keep sharing your poetry! God Bless~emilee
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, November 9 2004, 03:18 am

HATE is a very HARD, HEAVY & HURTFUL word...

for a child to use....As we all know for unknown reasons people SAY/DO things to be thing to do is be HONEST in what WE SAY and order not to HURT anyone..and leave it all in Gods hands...You may want to ask your DADDY for HELP on this one...Good Luck...may you find the answers to what you search..
barb ( -- Tuesday, November 9 2004, 02:33 pm

very heart tugging

Amy we all wish we had the answer of why for you but we don't some things happen and we don't know why. And as far as you getting a new mommy, you tell that girl that you won't get a new mommy just an extra mommy, you'll have 2 mommies cool eh. one that will always love you and watch over you and one that will read you bedtime stories brush your hair and do all the things a mommy does. If someday you do get another mommy, she will be told by your number 1 mom what you want done and how.Don't worry Amy, you are being watched over and your daddy won't let anybody mistreat or harm you. Try to ignore what the rude people say and always know that your mom and daddy love you.
JEWEL49657 ( -- Wednesday, June 29 2005, 01:29 am


Amy, i just read your poem and it made me remember how i felt when my mommy went to heaven, but i wasnt as young as you sweetie, i was 26, but still i felt as lost as a lil girl, i loved her so much and was so mad at god for taking her from me, but i know she is better off up in heaven and i still talk to her everyday,knowing she is watching over me. My dad just got re-married 2 weeks ago. i never thought i could ever accept anyone to be with my dad, but sometimes i think my mommy must have picked her out special to be with us, she is a wonderful person and i couldnt ask for a better 2nd mommy....keep your head high sweetie and dont pay attention to those other kids, and always remember how wonderful your mommy was...
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