My Autistic Son
Author: Capricorn


Why did God make you this way?
I really don't think I can say
But who is normal,with mind at ease
Or free from some illness,or disease

I only wish you could speak today
Or communicate in some way
How you feel or what you need
But you cope somehow, that's agreed

And when you smile at me
I feel so blessed your joy to see
And your humour very plain
Who was it thought you were not sane?

For you understand more than you show
A lot goes on in your head, I know!
Peel off the layers and we would see
A person, just like anyone else, or me!

For you have feelings and needs,I know
Even though you may not show
Your needs are simple, so it seems
Even though you are a complex being

It hurts my heart to hear you cry
For I know the pain you feel and why
But when you smile it lights a dreary day
And brightens up my life, I'll say

My love for you there is no doubt
I'll fight for you, and continue to shout
Because for yourself you cannot speak
But this doesn't mean that you are weak

For underneath the layers you are strong
It's Autism that is so wrong
Who knows why your life this way was planned
I'm sure I don't understand

There have been times you've given me strife
Yet you have brought happiness to my life
And if God had not made you this way
It would not be you anyway!!

------- Author's Notes -------

Dedicated to my Autistic son who cannot speak, but with help is coping well with his life. He has a tremendous sense of humour which I love to see and a wonderful smile. He cannot do many things, so every step he makes is tremendous progress. I am very proud of him!


Comments on this poem/writing:

The Geezer ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 06:20 am

Double WoW!

Awesome Poem Cap. Alot of thought and love went into this. He's very lucky to have you. I'm still stun! Thanks for sharing. See ya!
barb ( -- Friday, December 13 2002, 06:56 pm

tear jerker

awe cap what a touching thought. Your son is lucky to have someone so caring This poem brought tears to my eyes.You have to be disabled to really appreciate this.Thank-you cap
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, December 14 2002, 11:49 am


Thasnks Dino and Barb, I was having one of my `deep thought' moments when I wrote this one. To me my son is just like anyone else, but needs a bit more help than most.He's caused us some problems, but brought happy times too.
shelly ( -- Thursday, December 19 2002, 08:24 pm

a blessing

that was an awsome poem cap. My father had cancer and every day i wondered why God would do this to him. But it opened my eyes. It just proves that no matter what may be wrong with people every one is equal in Gods eyes. He is lucky to have such a spirited mother like you.
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, December 21 2002, 12:33 am

Thanks Shelly

Yes, we always wonder Why? but I feel when we have to face up to real problems then it makes us more sensitive and caring to others. Thanks Shelly, try and join us on the forum. We like having nice people like you!
HBK247365 ( -- Sunday, March 23 2003, 04:20 am


Thank you for capturing your experiences and feeling so magnificently. The courage to share your life helps all it reaches.
Martin Vann ( -- Sunday, March 23 2003, 08:49 pm

Perfect in every way.


From my heart, I share these thoughts. My life would be completely, worthless and empty, had I never suffered. "There, but by the grace of GOD go I" Cap, I see this scripture most everyday in people less fortunate than me. Now, that is the question, are they less fortunate than me? Surely, I would not want to be in their place, but Cap, this is what I truly, believe. Yor son was born, blessed and blessed again, for he is a message being sent to me.

As If, our God were to say, I could have created this child, to be like you and me. However, I blessed him in a special way, he is my message you see, I have given him my love, in a very special way. To those of you who think you are whole, actually, are very weak.

Have you known the kind of love my special child receives?

If not, then think about this child of mine, and think about his mother who is so kind, by her "own choice," she loves and cares for this son of mine.

I bless them both so that all can see, what love is ment to be.

This child was born as a message and a gift, he is a smile from me to you, will you ever know such love as he?

His place within my house awaits him and his mother, for they are both, as I meant them to be. Yet, there are those of you who cannot see, what is strength, or right from wrong. Some of you live alone and weep and feel lost. Can't you see, the love I offer you, can not this message, you see.

This mother and her son, both created by me, perfect in everyway, can't you see!

Thanks Cap, I can see.
Capricorn ( -- Monday, March 24 2003, 04:56 pm


Hi and thanks for your comment. i am so glad you could appreciate the massage I was sending ou here
Capricorn ( -- Monday, March 24 2003, 05:00 pm

Hi Martin V

Thank you for your comment I often feel I am touched by your words Martin. You comments often show how much you understand the feeling behind our poems. Your comments have brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion Thank you for truly caring!
Martin Vann ( -- Monday, March 24 2003, 06:09 pm

Cap, you work me like, Tap Water...,hot & cold

You author poems that warm my heart and bring back sensitivy, where before, I was cold and numb.

THEN, you pour cold water in my face, with poems like Damn Baby Cryin! I just can't get over how honest and loving you are, using such humor as "Damn, Baby Cryin" then other works that tear, the coldest eyes.

I haven't seen such work from anyone other than you. You have a place upon my poet's shelf, and under your name is this inscription;

Cap, she can break your heart with sincerity, make you a loving human being, once again. Or, kick your butt with humor and make you happy to be alive. To Cap: she is one of the best!

Not only that, Cap is probably, one of the few ladies in this world that knows a snake from a snake.

My skin is off to you, Cap.

Capricorn ( -- Monday, March 24 2003, 11:30 pm

Hi Martin

Aw! you make me blush! I am so pleased if only one person can feel like that about what I you know It's always from the heart.But you Martin not only write moving poetry but your comments to are poetry to our souls.

Haha!! A couple of my snakes have shed their skin tonight too. A lot of people think I am strange keeping reptiles...a woman of my mature years!... but perhaps I like being strange!! Haha!
tammy ( -- Sunday, April 20 2003, 12:37 am


I have a daughter with Autism. She is a blessing. I agree God made her this way and although we don't know why I would not wish for another child instead of her. Everything she does for the first time is a celebration like no other in our home. She is a wonderful girl and the most precious gift we have received. We believe she is Heaven sent. Evenn when things have not been easy all we have to do is think about the 4 years tryng to conceive and remember how happy the day was when we heard she was on her way and know that to not have the joy she brings( well the thought is unbearable).
I truely believe God doen't make mistakes and I am so glad that this beautiful child is mine and I love her for all that she is and all she has yet to be.
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