Life Is A Bastard
Author: Capricorn


Life is a Bastard! Life is a Bitch!
Life leaves you lying in the ditch
Just when you get yourself up to carry on
Life gives you a kick and your courage is gone

Life's problems continue,one after another
The next one comes along before you recover
Where is the light at this tunnels end
Will I find it around the next bend?

Life's forever giving a slap in the face
I'm so tired of being in this race
Life gives me a kick when I am down
If I was in water then I would drown

Life's supposed to make a better person of you,they say
If you cope with whatever it sends your way
This being so, I must almost perfect be
I'd rather be wicked, some enjoyment to see

Kick! Slap! Push! - Here I go then!
When will I ever get up again?
Yes, Life is a Bastard! Life is a Bitch!
And here I am once again crying in the ditch


Comments on this poem/writing:

barb ( -- Tuesday, November 26 2002, 02:09 pm


very good cap sometimes you wonder but don't let life get you are a fighter, don't let life win by making you bitter.Do what I do get mad and think" you think you'll win well you're not winning I am so there." But I know what you feel.
Luc ( -- Tuesday, November 26 2002, 09:06 pm

nice choice of words. especially the first stanza. barb has a good point there too.
Capricorn ( -- Tuesday, November 26 2002, 10:59 pm

Barb and Luc

Thanks for your comments. Don't worry I won't get bitter - life is too short! By writing this poem I've got it out of my system. When I feel mad with life again I'll just say this poem!
barb ( -- Wednesday, November 27 2002, 05:06 am

don't change

anytime you have a bad day just come on and write your feelings ok. good writing I understand your writing.
others it goes over my head whew! You know what I mean don't you. You have to make things simple for me. OH not that your poems are simple minded:))
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, November 27 2002, 10:09 am

I understand Barb

I understand Barb, some people write poems that are deep with hidden meanings,difficult to follow. I like to write as I think, easy for everyone to understand.
Seizure ( -- Wednesday, November 27 2002, 11:24 am


it was very well written. for some reason it made me thing of a quote i can't get out of my head right now...

"Sometimes the mind distorts to protect itself from negative surroundings. Sometimes it's surroundings are so negative that the mind completely snaps in two."

don't know why... oh well.. don't know much these days...
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, November 27 2002, 03:07 pm


Not heard that quote before -Given me something to think about!
Pamela ( -- Thursday, November 28 2002, 03:01 am

Not Like Your Usual

Definitely a change from your usual poems that are upbeat and full of positive energy - but like they all said, we all have our days and if writing is a vent for them, keep on venting :o)

Another good quote for ya - "To be without some of the things we want is an indispensable part of happiness."
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, November 28 2002, 11:45 pm

Hi Pam

Yes,Pam this poem represents the side of me I usually keep hidden, as I like to be positive. But every so often when things get bad this side of me just bubbles up to the surface! - it's good to let it out!
I like your quote - True words!
barb ( -- Saturday, November 30 2002, 10:32 pm

me too

I have times I get down and negative. Then I see the news or hear about somebodies problems and I think boy i'm lucky not to have that problem. Thats where I get the positivity from other peoples Negativity not nice I know. But you have to survive somehow. That's the way I survive. Your writing is true and talented I like reading your poems.
Xeracy ( -- Wednesday, December 11 2002, 07:32 pm

Nicely written. I like the overall flow of the poem. It takes a while to develope the talent of "flow". I like the energy I get from the words. For some reason I love to bathe in negative energy. I think it makes the good stuff seem better than it really is. Thanks.
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