Moments Away.....
Author: Clive B Ringshall


I spend all these moments alone
I sit and think of you
and how you have helped me survive

My heart now beats in tune with you my friend,
My moments are filled with the comfort of you,
If a tear should fall,
I know itís you who will be there to call.

I break away for a moment of my day
Even many miles away I feel you thinking of me,
I pass each flower in the garden,
Just to inhale their sweetness
Every breath reminds me of you
Within in
Hoping to absorb the lovely fragrance
Deep into my soul

I reach out and I touch you
I feel you holding my hand
You sweet lips upon my lips,
My heart beats faster than a running train,
Itís then I begin to miss,
As I know you feel the mist in my eyes
As my friend you know me,
As my friend you feel me near,
As things go wrong you never ask me why,
You feel my heart deep inside,
Itís a place you can always find,

You touch my heart as well as my soul
You touch my life and make me whole
You never question but its strength I receive,
Our love has grown and trust followed deep,

Without you in my life
I'd surely be lost
You give me direction,
Without you to call my friend,
You know my heart would cry out loud,
You give me inspiration,
You give me strength,

Every morning we say hello,
Each night we share our bed,
We talk about our day,
We remind how much we love,
To miss you as I do,
Iím reminded of our burning love,
So my friend itís with love Iíll say,
With out you I would be lost.

------- Author's Notes -------

This work is one I wrote with my dearest friend, a friend I trust a friend who I belive in We all know her as Terrie,
But more than that she is a writer with a heart so proud.
Thank You Terrie


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Friday, December 10 2004, 06:37 pm

Clive, as always...

you did an excellent job to finish off this piece,ya got what it takes to liven up a poem..thanx for allowing me to edit/play w/you
this was so much fun...AGAIN..i gave it birth, but... Clive gave it life...

to all who read this piecs..Clive is the genious here..i just placed my heart down besides him and he knew what to do..he knows my words too about you????lets give my friend a standing ovation...
joyce ivy ( -- Saturday, December 11 2004, 06:34 pm


For a man Clive you have a deep heart...and I do give you a standing Ovation...this is great...and Terrie...hummmm....wasn't expecting two are great...Thank you for sharing this piece it is magnificent....
Terrie* ( -- Saturday, December 11 2004, 07:10 pm

Joyce, thank you...Glad you like..

yes we are great are we not???
we seem to connect our thoughts on the same wavelengths spreads like wild fire..
joyce ivy ( -- Saturday, December 11 2004, 07:14 pm

Yes Clive it does

it does spread like wild fire...the poetry here is great...I have a passion for poetry...I have found fulfilled here...Thanks for sharing all your poetry...both of you...
Your friend...
joyce ivy ( -- Saturday, December 11 2004, 07:22 pm

Sorry Yes Terrie

Terrie is what I meant...
Clive ( -- Sunday, December 12 2004, 09:21 pm

thank you

Umm "for a man"
joyce ivy ( -- Sunday, December 12 2004, 09:25 pm

Am I wrong Here

Umm am I...
joyce ivy ( -- Sunday, December 12 2004, 09:29 pm

Meant to say

did I mistake something here...just took it you were a man by your name..anyway your witing is beautiful...your words well your work...
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, December 12 2004, 09:43 pm

Joyce, sharing insights..

My (our) friend 100% man, he is among one of many that has a deep passion for a "man" LOL... you will read it in all he writes whether as a duo or solo...
he inspires many with his given words as they wrap around our heart.....It is an honor to write w/him...

hope ya didn't mind Clive...
joyce ivy ( -- Monday, December 13 2004, 01:32 am

I'm sure he won't Terrie

I can tell this man has a forgiving heart...a heart of gold...I am sorry Clive...didn't mean anything by ...for a's just that you seem to have more passion with words...such a deep heart...beautiful words...just unlike most men i know...but my man is like this also...doesn't write poetry...but he has a deep passion and a way with words...just like you Clive...hope I didn't offend you...and Terrie I know you are honored to write with him...I can see so much passion in your your work...I take take your words with me as I lay down in the early hours of the morning...thank you both for sharing your poetry with me...lovely work here both of you...
your friend...
Clive ( -- Tuesday, December 14 2004, 12:18 am

no title

Na I was playing with you joyce I'm used to the "only a man " thing ;-)
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, December 14 2004, 08:32 pm

Joyce, more words...

i thought you might be interested in. Clive and i edited as a duo..hope ya enjoy as well...explains why i enjoy writinig w/my friend we think alike... "memories from afar" and "life and trust" HUGS/LOVE to you our friend
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