A Warm Embrace
Author: Clive B Ringshall


Through your eyes you give so much,
Through your eyes I feel such love,
The way we both do touch,
We guide our hands to places of joy,
My heart now beats to a tune you play,
My heart feels your body with every beat,
As we both explore each others soul,
Lips warm and tender that end up kissing,
Your skin so soft, as if never been touched,
Your passion with mine becomes never ending,
Our bodies now naked just as our souls,
Each others beauty radiates feelings of pure delight,
Legs entwined as we map out a rout,
Bodies now pressed and almost one,
As we share our love that can never end,
Our hearts beat much faster,
Till we both scream out OH,
For us no we do not end,
As I hold you close in a warm embrace,
As I look in your eyes I see love,
As I look in your eyes I feel love,
As I see your face before me I now I知 loved,
You look to my face and see you池e loved to,
You look in my eyes and Feel I知 your through,
To be with you again and again,
To hold you safe I値l do forever more,
When your sick I値l be here to warm your broth,
When you池e tired from the day,
I値l be your strength,
Walks by the shore,
I値l be holding your hand,
When you smile,
I値l be the one, who痴 glad,
When you laugh,
I値l be the one laughing too,
Did I tell you I知 so in love with you?


Comments on this poem/writing:

J Freedom Long ( -- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 02:35 pm

Wow....very stirring

Thanks for another good one that stirs ones soul and loins and the sum of all thinking about smiles, hearts, hands, eyes...and no end to those love connections your words express so well.
Clive ( -- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 03:06 pm

Thank you J F L

thoughts used in dreams,
thoughts of reality,
its these thought that keep me writing
Thanks for your comments
Meridian ( -- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 06:32 pm

Clive strives

Hey Clive! Don't worry about the comment title, it's just me and my goofy self! Nice poem! Can't you just feel the arms console you, even when you're away from that person? Sometimes you get so close, that you feel your loved one, right next to you, breathing down your neck.

Terrific Clive!
Smiley face,
Clive ( -- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 07:21 pm


Nice to read you meri,
thanks for the warm comment to you I embrace
joyce ivy ( -- Thursday, December 16 2004, 01:13 am

Beautiful Clive

another great one Clive...looks like we're all on Love and passion today..Love your work here...thanks for sharing...
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, December 16 2004, 01:27 am

Clive, ELECTRIFYING....zapped be off my feet..

my kinda passion poetry...beautiful masterpiece you created for us Hun, this canvass of life is sooooo comforting/relaxing/warming to the soul.......for all whom love you and ....well ya know me so i do...
thank you for sharing the passion of your heart..
i loved it...
Clive ( -- Thursday, December 16 2004, 05:17 pm


Terrie you always know just what to say, to give me a grin and a mind that just keeps loving ya
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