A Good Day Ruined
Author: Ben Franklin


Co-written with Meridian

"I remember as I drove down the street
With the sun out and my hair blowing in the cool wind,
I said to myself, "what a way for the day to begin".
Everybody driving seemed to have a smile on their face,
Just cruising, such a lovely day, no need to race

Usually Iíd disobey the speed limits, but I took it easy
I was headed for the tunnel, when it got a little breezy
My top was down and I was driving in the slow lane,
With song number nine on repeat, I felt gay and fain
Hittiní eastbound now, on interstate 301
Lowering my visor to block the hot sun
My stomach started to growl, so I took exit 268 A
Stopped in Taco Bell and ordered a Nachos Bell Grande

I also got a medium drink, while waiting for my food
Noticing that all the employees were in a nasty mood
I took my order, and walked back to my navy blue mustang
While sweat from the sun, slicked my hair down, into a bang
With my convertible in reverse, I backed out, and drove away
Got stopped at 3 red lights before getting back on the interstate
Meanwhile, I wolfed down the nachos and took a sip of my Coca-Cola
And as the third light turned green, I belched the contents of my soda

If you ask me why I was burning unnecessary gas
Well, it was a day for leisure; so, I thought Iíd make it last
I already did the yard work and repainted parts of my house
Furthermore, I put on my khaki pants, and my blue blouse
To me it wasnít unnecessary, cause I donít get this much fun
Therefore I went on an outing, singiní along as the CD spun
Now, coming to the scene that changed my entire life forever
Before what happened to me, my life was a whole lot better

I saw a blur in my rearview mirror approaching faster and faster
And it still traumatizes me, whenever I reflect back on the disaster
Nevertheless, I made it this far, so Iíll be able to tell you the rest
Sorry if I pause to hold back the tears; Iím really trying my best
It happened as I was winding a curve, behind a few other cars
I was next to a jersey wall, and here comes this speeding Jaguar
He sped up on my blind side, and thatís when I felt my car tilt
Next thing I know, I was up in the air, as if my car were on stilts

Well, thatís only what my memory will allow
Thatís all I remember, before I blacked out
Witnesses say my car dropped hard, and burst into flames
That it took approx. 15 minutes before the paramedics came
Meanwhile, a lot of witnesses pitched in to save me from the fire
For that I thanked not only them but God; for I was truly inspired
They wrote about it in the paper and showed the accident on the news
Iím so grateful to be alive! Words nor hugs, canít express my gratitude

As for the driver, he got arrested for DUI and a few years in jail
I hope he stays in there for life, or until he learns how to drive well
It baffles me how drunk drivers always come out without a scratch
While some of the victims they crashed into, wonít be coming back
Thank God I was only injured, but thatís already enough
Though he took my happiness away, I have to remain tough

ďSo here I am lying in this hospital bed,
Because of some drunken fool
I have lost the use of my legs".

------- Author's Notes -------

We were just trying to find the right choice words for Author's Notes. Have you ever been to Riverside Rehabilitation Institute before? Have you seen an amputee? Many have stories about how their limbs were amputated in a crash, involving a drunk driver's carelessness. This poem is mainly about drunk driving and the effects alcohol has on a person when they're behind the wheel. They can cause someone to get killed, or lose a limb, or limbs. We did not write this poem for humor, nor for entertainment.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Saturday, January 22 2005, 02:23 am both did an extraordinary job...

your words are self explanatory..thanx for the eye opener..i know that side of life very well..the man made danger zones on the roads...HUMAN MOUSE TRAPS...thanx once again...
Meri&Ben ( -- Saturday, January 22 2005, 02:59 pm


thank you terrie*
from both of us
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