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Life is a process in which we search for love continuously, and in everyone's life we will find four people.

Firstly, it is our self.
Secondly, it is the person who loves you the most.
Thirdly, it is the one whom you love the most.
Fourthly, it is the one who'll be with you for the rest of your life.

At first, you'll meet the one who will love you the most, and you'll experience the feeling of love.
And after you have experienced the feeling of love, you'll discover who truly does love you.
When you have experienced the feeling of loving and being loved, you'll learn how to love and you'll know what you'll need.
You will also find someone who's the most suitable for you, and whom you can spend the rest of your life with.
But the sad thing is, in real life, these three different people are often not the same person.

The one, whom you love the most, will not necessarily choose you.
The one who loves you the most, often is not the one who you love as much.
nd the one, who has been with you for the longest period of time, is also not the one who loves you as much, and whom you love as well.
Only at a suitable time, will the right person come along.
When you appear in the other person's life, will you be the first, second, or third special someone?

Nobody chooses to have a change of heart on purpose, and when the person loves you, he or she is truly in love with you.
But when he or she does not love you anymore, they mean it, as they really do not have any love for you left.
It is impossible for someone to pretend or act that they love you.
As such, when he or she does not love you anymore, it is impossible for them to pretend that they still do.

When a person does not love you anymore and wants to leave,
You have to ask yourself if you still love him or her.
If you do not love him or her anymore too, please never ever hang onto them just because of your pride.
If you still love him or her, you should wish them happiness and good luck.
Hope that he or she will be with the one they truly love and do not stand in their way as well.
If you stand in their way, this means that you do not love him anymore.
And if you do not love him or her anymore, how can you blame them for having a change of heart?

Love is not to possess.
If you like the moon, it is impossible to capture it and put it in a basin,
But the moon rays will carry on shining into your room.
In other words, if you love somebody, you can also use some other ways to keep them with you.
Let your loved one be part of your memory forever, and if you really love that person as you do, you have to love their original self - their good qualities and their flaws as well.
Never change him or her into somebody that you want them to be if you love them, as you might stop loving them if they do not turn out to be what you expect.
When you truly love a person, it is impossible to say out all the reasons for loving them.
You only wish that anytime and anywhere, whether happy or sad, you would want that person to accompany you and be there for you.
True love is when a couple, not have any expectations of each other even in times of hardships.
After all, love not only has to be given out but to be received too.

Separation is a natural and inevitable experience.
If your feelings are simply not strong enough, you just have to admit defeat.
True love will never ever change into hate.

When a couple is in love, they like hearing their partner make promises about everything possible.
This is because they do not trust them, and simply do not believe in love.
Making all these empty promises is purely a waste of time.

Nothing can ever stand in the way of our love, and my love for you will
never change. I'll love you till the end of time, and till death do us part.
Even though we know that it will not happen, we still make these kinds of promises.
And even if they can be realized, will we even get to live for that long?
When you make a promise, never promise something, which you cannot do.
In love, you might say something, but do another.
You do not believe in what your partner says and vice versa.
What about you? How many people have you already found?
In this big wide world, who have you met? And who has already met you?


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