I Am
Author: Counsellina


I am the sea my dearest friend, a tranquil water blue
Whose depths doth hide a mystery of something not so new
I am the stirring water that ebbs with gentle calm
The liquid of the universe like love so very warm

I am the luscious hillside rising ever more
Green grasses do lay cover to my surface rolling `oer
My gentle incline leading to a sky filled with sunbeams dancing free
Caressing clouds that mingle with my swelling crests for thee

I am the rock that stands so strong
Every crevice deep and warm
Protecting all that come to me
From hurt and pain and harm

So too am I the flower, budding ever slow
Looking to the heavens for water that I might grow
Raindrops were the food I sought, not the tears I cry
To thrust with life my sole desire to have you by my side

Yes, I am the budding flower
Come pluck me from these fields
And nourish me with all your love
My soul to you I freely yield


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Thursday, February 24 2005, 03:24 am

Councellina, pleasant....and that is l "LOVE"..

found this to be an extraordinary have a pleasant way with words so warm and touching..i love these words..ever so true..thank you for sharing words close and warm to the heart...Terrie*
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, February 24 2005, 09:55 pm



You, took my heart, where it has often wanted to go, water so deep, one could loose their soul, then to the mountains edge, where all is fresh and grows, high, past all the obstacles of life, sometimes hard, then, sometimes warm and gentle.
Like the petal of a rose, still, there is the thorn.

Surley, your petals will grow love from the rain, that God pours down upon your loving heart, and it will be, as warm and solid as the rock washed by the raging, white, foam, of the sea wave, which give no grace, except to love. Your words bend the storm of the seas, your heart is strong, as its love, comes pouring down on your soul, you are as your words say, the calm, after the storm. Now, rest, feel the moon light on your soul, the storm is gone, all that is left is your soul and love. You have survived the storm and the jagged rocks, So, how does it feel, to be in love?

I know, how it feels to me, how does it feel to you, when you survive the storm and jagged rocks of love, I can see, you were not washed up upon the shore, you survied. So, how does it feel, to be in love?
Counsellina ( -- Monday, February 28 2005, 06:23 pm

Thank You Terrie and Martin

Your comments are both appreciated and thought provoking. So how does it feel to be in love?....Good question Martin. We learn so much as we move through life. We are taught that Love is Patient, Love is kind...but it truly is so much more than that. Love is all consuming. Love is what propels us to grow, laugh and dance with the rythyms of life. When a relationship ends and yet the love remains ever so strong, it leaves one feeling.....lost. That's how it feels to be in love....lost.
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, March 3 2005, 12:27 am are sooooo right....

very wise and mature nailed how it feels to be in LOVE ...just right..."LOST".....Terrie*
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