She Was Only 18
Author: The Lost Girl


She had just turned 18, she had a wonderful life,
until she started dating, this one guy caused her strife.
She always ran to him when she was feeling alone,
but he never gave her true love, his heart was constant stone.
She followed him blindly through all thick and thin,
She thought he was the rest of her life, that with he she'd always win,
but sometimes he got angry, too much for her own good,
she'd always forgive him, she always thought she should.
If his rage left a mark, on her cheek or her eye,
she'd cover it up with make-up and promised not to cry.
The pain he caused she never spoke of, inside it all was locked,
until she couldn't stand it, and thus she began to cut.
She knew he wouldn't notice, she knew he wouldn't care,
he'd ignore the signs completely, ignore that she was there.
So, along with dark glasses, and a heavily painted face,
she now wore gloves and long-sleeves, showing not a trace.
His love to her was alcohol, she couldn't escape the buzz,
she wanted to be with him, but hated what he does.
She eventually stopped calling him, stopped going to his house,
but he would eventually find her, and trap her like a mouse.
Her life was now consumed by pain, consumed by constant fear,
She sat afraid of the dark, and quietly shed a tear.

Once again, she tried to leave him, forget him in every thought,
but once again he found her, this time her life he sought.
His rage was flying high, abuse unlike before,
he knocked her into the wall, slammed her against the floor.
He thought that she was gone, that his mission was complete,
so he left the house empty, the house now obselete.
Her heart still was beating and she was getting up,
she wished that he had killed her, she had had enough.
She dragged herself to the kitchen, crying all the way,
and found a knife in the drawer, that's what kept her sane.
She leaned weakly up against the hardwood cabinets,
the pain wouldn't hurt as bad as his love or hits.
She closed her eyes and said a short prayer to God above,
before cutting deeply into her arm, life had been so tough.

She had just turned 18, she had a lot to live for,
she had a wonderful life, but she always wanted more.
She thought he'd fill that hole in her heart, but it never went away,
so the beautiful girl took her life, by the knife she was saved.


Comments on this poem/writing:

anonymous ( -- Friday, March 18 2005, 01:19 am


KitKatrina ( -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 12:25 am

no title

That poem was really touching, very heartfelt. You have a wonderful way with expressing emotions, keep it up. Very good poem.
Britney ( -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 12:48 am

no title

Dang great pom. ~Britney~
Angel in Tears ( -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 07:45 pm


Umm...what can I say?Lost for words realy (in a good way):)
anonymous ( -- Monday, March 21 2005, 02:54 am

no title

this poem has alot of feeling to it, you sure do know how to write poems which after all is really good, keep on writing this well and you can make it far.
scurrd ( -- Monday, March 21 2005, 03:05 am


wow this is
this is one of my favorite poems
RainFlyer8 ( -- Monday, March 21 2005, 06:00 am

no title

I wrote a cutting poem along the same lines as this, only she kinda killed her b/f first u did a great job tho! keep writing
KinKyBb ( -- Thursday, March 24 2005, 06:16 am


This poem is so true, it hurts me to even read it. WOW!
Mike ( -- Saturday, April 9 2005, 10:51 pm


I kind of cheated with this poem. Read the last paragraph first (which is what I do with long poems). Reading that last paragraph made me reads the poem three more times (fully). This poem is one of your best ones, in my opinion.
Holly ( -- Sunday, April 10 2005, 05:19 am

no title

I read it all the way through...and considering my attention span, that's pretty impressive. That's just such a brilliant poem. I'm speechless xD
jessica nichols ( -- Saturday, August 6 2005, 08:16 pm


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