Story Of Her Life
Author: Britney


The Story of her life she's finally letting out.
The truth be known and all the where abouts.
How she's felt or whats she's done. About
the things you think about but wouldn't know.
The life she has in a story untold. The way
she feels and feels so much alone. The world
she's against while there all against her.

The tears her pillow has had more than many times
you would be suprised probably more than a thousand
silent and painful cries. The nights she sleeps for a couple
of hours and then wakes up to paiful sorrow. The
pain she feels without much to say how she feels inside
everyday. The fears she holds so much inside shes
scarred to live her everyday life. How much she's been
hurt now she's scarred to trust anyone else.

The self esteem that puts her self down.... The smiles
that are fake while know one know's. The happiness
that has been cut down due to major depression. While
were talking about depressing she does major stressin.
Her life by herself to much for you to know.

The things she dreads about the unknown. Her feelings
she tries to release but no one to help keep them
so shes drown in her own feelings inside.
The Story of her life in major bliss. The darkness around
her that keeps her from the light.The sun that won't shine
because she keeps her inside dark and cold. She tries so
hard but it never matters.

But, there are days that shes happy but not very true.
There are days she smiles but she still feels very blue.
There are days that she puts her self up but not very
many times. There are the days the stressin goes down
but probably for an hour or 2. There are very few days
there is the light in her life. But other than that things don't
seem very right.

The girl that is writing the story she just tried to explain
the things in words. Thats her story told in many words....

------- Author's Notes -------

story of my life. ~Britney~ hope u like


Comments on this poem/writing:

Angel in Tears ( -- Sunday, April 17 2005, 08:24 pm

no title

Aww.*hugs*.Like this
Britney ( -- Monday, April 18 2005, 02:39 am


thanks alot. I'm glad you liked it. *hugs back* ~Britney~
Alan ( -- Tuesday, April 19 2005, 09:54 pm

no title

very good poem and well written Britney :-)
Britney ( -- Thursday, April 21 2005, 05:55 pm


Thanks for the comment! *smiles* Glad it was well written. ~Britney~
Meridian ( -- Thursday, April 21 2005, 07:49 pm


Britney Britney! Right on! You know, you express yourself wonderfully in this poem. Story of Her Life! You say that I should publish a book, I think you should publish one; I'll draw the pictures for you and get the colors together. Hehhehe! Keep it up girlie!
Britney ( -- Saturday, April 23 2005, 04:11 am


Oh yeah I really tried to express how I feel alot. I guess I did. I would love to make a book one day....sure you draw the pictures I suck at drawing anyways. I'll keep it up! ~Britney~
Angel in Tears ( -- Saturday, April 23 2005, 09:44 pm

second reading :p

I had to read this again. So I could re-digest all the words once more. I just felt that this is reading the story of my life as well as yours :p Yesterday was a light day, and well today, the clouds are building up :p. You will get through this! I know you will. Sending you sunny spells of weather :p, An Angel in Tears xxx
Britney ( -- Sunday, April 24 2005, 03:13 pm

*Angel*... my sweet Angel

i'm glad you read it. Glad to speak upons someone else in a way. I just tried to explain kinda I never tired anything like this but I guess I suceeded. I will be happy today! * I can make it threw the rain* thanks, ~Britney~
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, April 24 2005, 11:47 pm


you are such a sweet child....i cain pick up on what your feelin' this was a great read...Terrie*
Britney ( -- Monday, April 25 2005, 03:23 am


Thank you. Sweet I am...! What I felt is what I gave in this poem all true emotions usually my poems only speak of truth. ~Britney~
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