The Question Remains
Author: Terrie*


sometimes we hear
but we really are not listening...

if you had only one wish ,
one prayer
that you'd want meet what would it be??

to me it would have to be
to spend just ONE day
with someone that I loved.
to see if he really loved me

one can not help us there
but one can suggest
asking that person
that you love for that one day..
and if they can not grant it for you..

know that someone will be there
to take and fly you away
from any pain that you may feel,
not the same
but a moment of time and memories
together two people can make..

we always look forward to
hearing the "boom boom "
not the "splat of a squishy heart"
people are forever talking the talk
but very seldom walking the walk
not the greatest impression upon a lonely heart
it takes more than a truthful expression
to wait for a heart
or carry a heart away

sometimes we need a healthy escape
an escape for ones heart
an escape every healthy heart understands..
a free spirit we are
a free spirit we'll continue to be...
since there is no one holding me..
i can fly away free

the question is not
do I love you???
or do you love me??

the question is..
Do you hear my love???
as much as I want to hear yours???

------- Author's Notes -------

words get filtered , what was said not necessarily what was heard


Comments on this poem/writing:

Ing Twi Demalah ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 03:02 pm

I hear what you are saying....

Nicely done Terrie, we often do hear what is actually being said to us, and even if we do, often what is said is not truly ment. For some reason people can use many words and never say anything or listen for hours, without hearing a word...great job Terrie
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 05:50 pm

You have an understanding heart....

glad y heard what i said...and even managed to hear what i didn't say,and even between the lines it reached you and didn't cripple nor jeopardize the thought of what being said..true i agree also in what you say...some words that are said are not really meant....and perhasps i hear ya as welll thanx for readin'/commentin' means alot....Terrie*
Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 07:11 pm

Terrie, Words Are The Crippled, Walk, Of The Heart


Words are all we have, we share them with graciousness, yet they don't mean a thing. Words are nothing like, a walk to a place, you have never been, because, you were afraid to go alone, Yet, you will skip and jump through that place, if, you hold love in your hand and heart. Terrie, let's take a walk!

Taylor Jameas ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 07:46 pm


ur words just expressed what im feeling at this moment of time....thanx for your words there sooo good **Taylor**
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 10:57 pm

my heart is hearing you....

yeap Martin, sometimes words do not mean a thing, when the most important part gets filtered out..especially when the words carry a sting... sometimes one has to walk w/the other part of their heart to make those words understood...Terrie*
Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 11:06 pm

Hi T.J

i'm glad my expressed words , you were able to understand...thanx..Terrie*
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