This Is To You?
Author: The Lost Girl


This is to everyone who's had that lost feeling,
who's life is so screwed there's no possible healing.

This is to anyone who's ever had to cry themself to sleep,
because there's nothing else to do other than to weep.

This is to anyone who's had a life filled with pain,
who feels that they have nothing there, nothing left to gain.

This is to those who bare those empty eyes,
because they are the only ones' who know their darkened lies,

This is to the people who feel they've been rejected,
because they weren't good enough, they were disrespected,

This is to everyone who's felt that wave of depression,
the sweeping wave of hate, that temporary session,

This is to anyone who's had to stay and grin,
keeping others happy, as they feel sadness deep within.

This is to those who never tell a soul,
that their life sucks, they want to let it go,

This is to anyone who walks aimlessly around,
not knowing what to do, not hearing happy sounds,

This is to those who see that crimson maze,
the one that takes pain away, that leaves you in a haze.

This is to everyone who can't escape the buzz,
the one that makes you think you're happy, but that's not what it does.

This is to everyone who's had thoughts of suicide,
the thought that hurts so badly you want to go and hide.

This is to those who can't escape those thoughts,
it constantly burns thier minds, it always gets caught,

This is to anyone who reads this poems and weeps,
because they know it pertains to them so it just cuts deep,

This is to let them know that it may not always be okay,
but it they just allow it, they'll see better days.


Comments on this poem/writing:

aimee aka bubz ( -- Wednesday, May 11 2005, 08:38 am

lost girl

i love this poem-thank you for writing it. luv it alot.
Taylor James ( -- Wednesday, May 11 2005, 01:18 pm


wow im lost fr words, that poem isreally good,and in some of the stanzas its for me!you are one of the best writers on this site in my opinion and this is now my favorite poem of is rteally fantastic. love your work
Angel in Tears ( -- Wednesday, May 11 2005, 01:37 pm


Thank you for wonderful words that make me slightly tongue tide, because there is so much emotion that I know I can relate to not knowing where to begin and praise you. You have included all the feelings that at least from one of them someone can relate. Simply wonderful
The Lost Girl ( -- Wednesday, May 11 2005, 09:37 pm

Thank you.

I hardly ever come on here to thank anyone for applauding my poems, this is just due to the fact that I do not feel that it is so necessary for anyone to applaude my poems. However, I do read all replies to my poems and I do appreciate them greatly- more than any of you can know. You all secretly give me ambition to continue writing and telling people how I feel because you all show me someone will listen. I thank you all very much.
Gem_13 ( -- Friday, May 13 2005, 07:31 pm


this is a poem that i can really relate to. not only hav i had my heart broken by the only guy i luv my best m8 stole him away from me :(
darkpriestess ( -- Saturday, May 14 2005, 12:54 am

no title

i love your poem. i feel those ways almost all the time...makes me happy to read it...makes me think there really are people who understand these things we go through...there are so many people that don't realize that people can keep things hidden....can keep secrets...that kind of stuff...well im sure you know what i mean...a lot of people...even your best friend...could be having a lot of secrets kept from them...or they could even be the ones keeping secrets from would bother me if a friend was keeping a secret from me, though...i keep secrets like those from them...well what am i doing saying all this stuff!? im really here to say...i REALLY love your poem
jessica nichols ( -- Saturday, August 6 2005, 08:09 pm

i love it

iloved it it made me cry i feel that way all the time
barb ( -- Sunday, August 7 2005, 12:09 am

helping others

This is a good poem. Letting others know they aren't the only one. Helping others with your words is what you have to do to get throgh your own hell. Very nice.
Tainted Innocence ( -- Wednesday, December 14 2005, 02:40 am


As i was sitting here reading...I just started crying, because all of this is so true. Everything you write about. Its just so true...great as always and just try.
stroumfita ( -- Sunday, October 2 2011, 10:16 pm

for me

So, this is for me...
Name:                                           Remember Me

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