Blind For Just A Day.
Author: Ben Franklin


I was born blind,
to much oxygen to the brain,
but my Mama always said,

"dont let anyone beat you down jack,
their no better then you,
your just the same".

Mama looked after me,
you could say she protected me from the world,

but sadly it happened,
mama died,
I now had to face the world on my own,
there was no where for me to hide.

It was just me and my white sticked companion,
guiding me in case I tripped,
I bumped into this man in the street one day
and he absolutely fliped!!

"Watch where your going you blind fool!!"

My mama always said that there will be small minded people
who only knew how to be cruel,
but dont get upset,
God will judge them,
just keep your cool.

I sit in the park
and over hear peoples attitudes towards each other,
moaning about unnecessary things,
I wish they were blind for the day so they could hear the little things,

Like a child innocently running,
like that bird over there in the tree beautifully humming.

There are so much racial problems,
people hating one and other,
I wish they were blind for the day
so they could realise that there is no

but I suppose they are blind,
blinded by their ways,
I just wish they were blind for a

------- Author's Notes -------

The blind see so much more.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Britney ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 03:38 am


you speak.... the truth so much... felt every word u said.... thanks for sharing greatly appreciated
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 06:56 am

If just for one day ..

then they cain see what they make themselves too blind to see...A blind souls sees with his innermost heart.he has connection to the being of yours and my soul and the the glory of God speaks through each and every one, able to behold and see what our eyes are too blind to see, this was very well written Ben, i have a dear friend whom is blind, whom i love very dearly, i love bein' around him cause he teaches me to feel and see with my heart,when we share a moment i enjoy his touch as he sees inside my soul..and leaves hand prints on my heart.we all could learn many things from a blind person, patience tolerance, love and so much more.ever notice how happy a blind person is , their smile always carries Gods light .Angel for sure to earn their wings someday.
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 06:58 am


thank you so much britney, this poem was influenced very much so by my idol Mr.stevie wonder. When ever im feeling down,
I just think of his situation and the strength he shows. Thanks for reading!
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 07:01 am


I agree with everything you say. so true about a blind persons smile!lights up the room! thanks for reading
barb ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 04:13 pm


I feel the same listening to people complain about things that don't matter if thet were blind for a day they would realize how good they actually have it .Love this
Angel in Tears ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 04:36 pm


Losing one sense, makes all other senses stronger I guess :) Beautiful, Ben!
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 07:23 pm


I agree barb,
thanks for reading!
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 07:25 pm


thank you for your kind comment!
anonymous_redhead ( -- Wednesday, May 25 2005, 02:06 am

shfifty five

I automatically thought of Stevie Wonder when reading this poem. It's cool to know where this kind of originality stems from.
Ben f ( -- Wednesday, May 25 2005, 07:23 am

thank you..

thank Miss redhead,
glad you liked!
Natalie L ( -- Wednesday, May 25 2005, 12:43 pm


I had a feeling it was because of him you wrote this because I know your'e a big fan of his. If those people really were blind for a day would they be able to see the error of their ways? Brilliant poem Ben.
Ben f ( -- Wednesday, May 25 2005, 07:33 pm


thank you nat,
and an answer to your question....who knows!
Sammy ( -- Tuesday, August 23 2005, 03:38 pm


Ben this was great! sounds strange, but i wish i was blind for just one day!
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