Poems by Category :- Hopelessness

9 To 5, And Some - Mikey A Good Day - Crayton
Alzheimer's Mouse - Capricorn Artificial Eyes - Eryemil
Better Off Alone - Heretic Dead Silence - Kadhir
Desert Island Blues: A Diary - Colin Stewart Diminished Into Dark: - Christian V
Dying Of Life - Mere Eat Them For Lunch - tommyg
Elusive Is Our Search For The Glory Of Hope: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Faceless - Mike
Fading - Holly Falling Over - Silent Voice
Forget Dreams Of Tomorrow - Tangerine Hangin' In... - Shiloh
I Must Be Dreaming - Mike I'm Bad - Jughead
In Quiet Times - Rick Ryckman Lost In The Morass Of Our Closed Mind: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
Naive - Holly No More - Mere
Once Morning Comes, But Not Tonight - Eryemil Raging River - Mandy Steder
Runaway 1 - Mike Second Chances - C. Scott
Take As Directed - Meridian Zuriel The Hollow - Thia
The Undisputed Truth: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart There's No One There - Manny
To Exist - Dreamer Un-wanted Child - Dreamer
We Seem To Have A Problem Here: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart Why Cant You Exist - Sango
You Failed - Leah06  

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