The Homecoming
Author: SweetVenom


Calling on ‘Mom’ on Mother’s Day,
I didn’t feel it like yet another day,
Felt like taking a long stroll, to the store,
Buying flowers on the way made tears pour.

Went to the ‘vintage’ house and rang the bell,
But the door opened before the rings’ ‘kill’,
She stood in front to welcome me,
Like a third person, I went in with a silence, behind me.

Dad was in the kitchen making the breakfast,
He had been always perfect and always too fast,
Rushing past ‘Mom’ to give me the hug,
I felt I should live in here, just for that sweet embrace.

Mom’s kiss is the last I got,
Those terrible fights which I never forgot,
Made me tremble at her sudden weakness,
Seeing them grow old made me nervous.

As I put the flowers close to her heart,
She forced them near her, as if it would part,
I spoke those hard words that were stuck deep on my mind,
‘I would like to live in here with you, if you don’t mind’.

Happiness is what I saw in-between the tired wrinkles,
Dad was joy-filled, laughed and made some jingles,
Mom had nothing to say with happy tears in her eyes,
Only one word gasped out of her mouth-‘When?

I moved soon to my old room,
Still stuffed with my ‘rackets’ and old brooms,
As I moved around the dusty cases,
Old memories flashed in my head at fast paces.

Living with them gave me the happiness,
Seven years of freedom had brought in a unique sadness,
Making the two souls happy is my only goal,
While I sleep thinking, I also pen down my thoughts without, blinking.

------- Author's Notes -------

Dedicated to my beloved Parents without whom I couldn’t have seen, heard, felt this ‘beautiful’ planet and people around me.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Saturday, July 9 2005, 05:10 pm

Sweet V

i got such a pull from this..i know the feelin's of your parents (mom's) heart, my two ,in their early 20's still live w/me, i wish forever they could stay, but... i KNOW SOMEDAY, that day will come when i must force myself to let them go, not too soon i hope/pray, i got to see and feel what their dad missed since his death, children are irreplaceable. your words tugged on another mother's heart...thanx for sharin'.
Meridian ( -- Saturday, July 9 2005, 05:57 pm


This was so nice. It's wonderful when family can fellowship with one another, and just have a great time. The Homecoming made me smile inside! Very good SV!
Aravind ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 03:17 am

Mr.sweet venom

This is a very nice poem.Keep the good work going
Sweetvenom ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 04:25 am

Thanx Terrie*,Meridian & Aravind

I had been planning to live with them for so long but I was tied to my work and live in a different city. Now, I really feel, I have to live with them. Nice to see your thoughts on my work. And Terrie, my mom hasn't read this yet. Nice to know how a mom, having kids of my age feels :) Guys-Your comments made my day. Thanks.
Dinesh Ram Rajan ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 04:45 am

Too Gud

This poem is too good. Its everyone's feelings
Bharath ( -- Monday, July 11 2005, 04:52 am

Dinesh's friend

Gud attempt... can stop being concious about the poem rythm at the end ( ex : room broom ; cases paces , etc.. ) n can concentrate more on the feel
kowsalya ( -- Wednesday, July 13 2005, 02:09 pm

really good

this was a real good one from you.have your parents read this?
they'll be really happy
cheer so sweet ( -- Friday, July 15 2005, 02:31 pm

love it

i love this like someone said is it has every one feelings well this would and will be a speaciel thig for moms
Ashvita ( -- Monday, July 18 2005, 05:00 am

The feeling is great....

The feeling is great and nicely put down into words
Neeta ( -- Monday, July 18 2005, 05:07 am

Nice one

A very nice expression & leave a good feeling in the readers heart.
Sweetvenom ( -- Wednesday, July 20 2005, 05:11 am

Thanks-All of you

Thanks a lot for posting your comments.Thanks everyone.I am happy that everyone feels the same way just like I do.Once again, Thanks
Vishnu ( -- Monday, July 25 2005, 10:27 am

Very Good

Too gud
Balaji ( -- Saturday, July 30 2005, 09:04 am

No words to praise

SV you have really expressed the feeling what people staying away from home will have. Great job
Padma ( -- Tuesday, August 30 2005, 11:22 am


Too good.keep it up..a few people like u get this virtue,that reveals da truth that "worth havin' a son" 4 parents.
Abi ( -- Sunday, September 4 2005, 05:39 pm


Ur poem is very nice.
Raven ( -- Wednesday, January 11 2006, 12:04 pm


Which way is the exit?
Ravi ( -- Wednesday, January 11 2006, 12:12 pm

Good Poem

Hey, I found this poem really nice to read and to empathize on these lines was a pretty good feeling too. Carry on the good work mate.
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