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Mh370 - We Will Find You, Safe
& Sound
03/13/2014 (Emotions and Emotional)
Me In Simple Words 02/05/2008 (Feelings)
Urbanization For Toto 02/05/2008 (Places)
Contemplating L.i.f.e 05/01/2007 (Life Journeys)
I Invite You Out Of My Heart 03/09/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Beauty By Heart 02/13/2007 (Love)
Waiting For The Wind To Shake
01/28/2007 (Love lost or ending)
I Need You If You... 01/04/2007 (Love - waiting for)
Rambles From A Hallow Heart 12/21/2006 (Love - waiting for)
No Strings Attached 12/21/2006 (Love lost or ending)
Dried Tears & Hardened
12/12/2006 (Life Lessons)
Life Beyond Our Vision 11/17/2006 (Dark Thoughts)
Short Love, Long Thoughts 07/27/2006 (Love - questioning)
Consummated Love 07/25/2006 (Love - passionate)
Tasty Desires Of Love 07/11/2006 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Eyre Square- A Cultural
07/03/2006 (Places)
Nostalgia Beckons 06/24/2006 (Memories)
Isn't This The Time To Be
06/16/2006 (Facing Reality)
Don't Kiss Me Goodnight 05/31/2006 (Love)
One Stormy Day On An Irish
05/22/2006 (Nature)
Oozing To Death 04/22/2006 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Longing For Loneliness 04/07/2006 (Loneliness)
Ode To The Lady Who First
Kissed Me
03/23/2006 (Parents and Parenting)
Alive And Still Going 03/15/2006 (Emotions and Emotional)
Will You Be Mine? 09/29/2005 (Love)
Feelings Untold 08/10/2005 (Love - distance)
The Homecoming 07/08/2005 (Family)
Home- Is It The World Of
06/11/2005 (Family)
Waiting With My Heart Out 04/12/2005 (Love - waiting for)
Caught In Her Web 03/29/2005 (Love - just beginning)
I Wish I Had Been Near You 02/19/2005 (Love - distance)
When You Pull Me Close 02/19/2005 (Love)
Nature’s Conquest 01/11/2005 (Nature)
The Dream Plunge 12/21/2004 (Dreams)
Work-pleasure 09/28/2004 (Life Styles)
The Sweet Moments! 08/22/2004 (Love - questioning)
The Monotonous 08/18/2004 (Life Styles)
The Hostage 08/09/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Let Me Take Care 08/09/2004 (Love - just beginning)
The Irrepairable Loss 06/28/2004 (Sadness)
I 'll Give You The Best Of Me 06/28/2004 (Love - passionate)
The Autumn Evening 04/18/2004 (Nature)
Let Me Hold You For A Moment 03/18/2004 (Love)
I Want You Out Of My Heart 03/05/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Do I Trust Me? 03/04/2004 (Trust)
I Wish I Had Told Her 01/14/2004 (Breaking Up)
Is This The End Of Love? 01/13/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Don't Ever Lose Hope 12/21/2003 (Uncategorised)
To The Friend I Love 12/17/2003 (Friends)
The Lady I Call Mother 12/15/2003 (Family)
Could Feel You In Me 12/11/2003 (Broken Relationships)
The Accident 11/24/2003 (Accidents)
Just Come Over It 11/22/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Through The Eyes Of A Child 10/20/2003 (Attack - 911)
I Shall Wait 10/17/2003 (Breaking Up)
Friends 10/13/2003 (Friends)
Is This Magic Or A Curse! 12/31/1969 (Drugs and Alcohol)
What Do I Want From You? 01/21/2003 (Relationships)

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