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A Moment In Mind - Miztrebor A Parent's Lament - Catyrose
A Sad Goodbye - Everett After The Rain - Nikki
Alice - Ben Franklin Alive And Still Going - SweetVenom
All Of Me - Stacy Tate Alone - Christian V
Always My Mistake - V1NC3 Always On My Mind? - Christian V
Amongst The Flames - Catyrose An Expression Of Pain - Shiloh
Aspiration - P K Padhy At This Moment - Barbara Goodhew
Away... - LAR Ballerina - Karla Bardanza
Battered Hag - P. Grey Beautiful - Ben Franklin
Beautiful Moment - LinzAy Beautiful Things - Scorpio
Binghamton, New York - Shiloh Broken - Shan
By Yourself - Everett C'est Fini - Shiloh
Can't You See? - Shorty Care - Simik
Cautious - Barbara Goodhew Challanged Or Disabled - Barbara Goodhew
Challenging Days - Barbara Goodhew Coldness - Brenda Gisell Garza
Collision Of Heart And Mind - Pondering Red Constantly - Shiloh
Contents Of Pages Written - Hope Crush - Shorty
Crying - Barbara Goodhew Dark Time - TriTran
Death From Above - Brian Hamm Deeply Looking - Simik
Dehumanised - Holly Demons Inside Me - Brian Hamm
Devadasi - Karla Bardanza Different - Barbara Goodhew
Dissolved Emotions - Mental Do What You Have To - Holly
Drops Of Eye Rain - Mental Dumbly Numb - Jackie C
Emotional Lobotomize - Sax Emotions - Barbara Goodhew
Emotions - C. Scott Emotions Day By Day - Britney
Emptiness - Jughead Empty - Jughead
Euphoria - Pamela O'Brien Every Day Thoughts On Paper - Brett
Everytime - Christian V Expectations - Dr Sirisha Dabiru
Fate Doesn't Care About Me - Karla Bardanza Fate's Illusion - Crimson Angel
For My Blue-eyed Boy - Anjali Thapa Fragile Heart - Everett
From Where It Comes - Shiloh Frustration - Barbara Goodhew
Get This Stuff Off Of Me - Meridian Zuriel Ghostly Rumors - Mental
Goodnight, Goodbye - Everett Grrrrrrrrrrrr - Daniel Luther Myers
Guess Who's Back - Shorty Guilty Hands - RinRin
Happy Was The Nightmare - Mental Hard To Understand - Sweet_Suicide
Help - JroP Here - Shan
I Am Willing To Remember - Pamela O'Brien I Can't Imagine - Dino Hi
I Died Yesterday - Everett I Dissolve Myself In Poems - Karla Bardanza
I Feel, Her Moon Light - ShyHeart I Lost My Identity Yesterday - Karla Bardanza
I Love You Much More - Clive B Ringshall I Love, To Feel The Sunshine - ShyHeart
I Miss Her So - Pamela O'Brien I Whisper The Hope And Coming Of November - Chris G Vaillancourt
I'm The Child Within The Woman That I Am.. - Terrie* I-10 My Golden Ribbon Road - Mental
If Only - Counsellina Ignited - Pamela O'Brien
Immersion - Elizabetta Impatience - Newage Caveman
Inner Child - Dreamer Insecurity Sucks. - Emma-Louise
Insightful Beauty - Miztrebor Irish Wild - Pamela O'Brien
Is It Good Or Bad Being Myself ? - Brett Is There A Way - Brett
It Finally Sinks In - Dreamer Its Just A Kiss... - Hazem Al Jaber
Its Really You? - Ramona Nelson Lack Of Compassion - Dreamer
Lola - Victoria Umanah (Avikaie) Lonely - Nikki
Lonely Bridge - Seizure Lost - Shiloh
Lost Souls - Catyrose Lots Of Emotion - Olly Man
Lover Of Gods - Eryemil Meek - Barbara Goodhew
Memories - Nikki Mh370 - We Will Find You, Safe & Sound - SweetVenom
Miss Me - KristyD. Moment - Jennylisa
Mood Swings - Meridian Zuriel Moods - Barbara Goodhew
Mother Of A Murderer - Candy My Black Heart - Brian Hamm
My Blissful Ignorance - Holly My Broken Soul's Resurrection - The Lost Girl
My First Time - Pamela O'Brien My Hardest Decision - Brett
My Heart Asks For Pleasure - Karla Bardanza My Life Unwrapped - Kay_13
My Light - Clive B Ringshall My Love - Lonlyrockstar
My Love - Dr Sirisha Dabiru My Nighttime Thousand Yard Stare - Shiloh
My Turn, We Share Everything - ShyHeart Negative Day - Barbara Goodhew
Negativity - Barbara Goodhew New Light - Shaun
New Steps - Luc Night Of The Beast - Pamela O'Brien
Not Your Type - Farea Nothing - Strycken
Nothing Left - Kimberlee Noticing A Spring Day - Dreamer
O Many Men - Princess Oh God - Dennis
On Edge - tommyg One - Shaun
One Of Those Days - Barbara Goodhew Our Walls - Dennis
Overwhelming - Barbara Goodhew Pain - Terrie*
Random Rainbow - LinzAy Read My Heart - Moonstarshine
Reflections Of The Lost - Brian Hamm Right Here - Jennylisa
River Of Emotions - LinzAy Saddle Up Your Horses - Squirrol
Sadness - P K Padhy Safe Haven - Amber Senst
Satisfied - Barbara Goodhew See Me In You - Shan
She Was - Sarah Taurus Should I Fall - Mental
Sick Game Of Torture Tag - tommyg Silence - LinzAy
Silence - Dr Sirisha Dabiru Silence - Manny
Silver - LinzAy Soft - Dreamer
Still Love You - Shorty Sunlight - Holly
Tear Me Apart - Seizure Tearful Flames - Sax
Tears - Shiloh Teary Death - Brian Hamm
Tease - Pamela O'Brien Tell Me A Story - Christian V
The Beast Within - Miztrebor The Blue Condition: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
The Chase - Ing Twi Demalah The Emotive Persuasion Which Unties The Bind: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
The Eyes Speak Softly - LAR The Feeling In My Heart - Andrew James Ball
The Heart Is A Fragile Thing - Ben Laney The Man Who Cried - tommyg
The Midnighters - Mental The Necessity Of The Moon - Miztrebor
The Pressure To Be The Moon - Miztrebor The Price Of Freedom - V1NC3
The Reasons Were Petrified - Mental The Song - Crimson Angel
The Soul Which Touches Soul - Mental The Unsung Hero - Newage Caveman
The Visit - Seizure There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Capricorn
Things You Don't See - Nicole This Horrid Ache - V1NC3
Thoughts - Barbara Goodhew Thoughts Re-written - Brett
Today! - Paul Geurin Tomorrow Is What I Have... - Karla Bardanza
Too Cold - David Boatright Too Old To Dream - Tarna
Torment In My Mind - Miztrebor Trust - Barbara Goodhew
Turning - Crush Me Unnamed Poem - Scorpio
Unwanted Tears - Mental Waiting For The Rain To Tumble - Chris G Vaillancourt
Wasted - Tiffany Waters Of Rebirth - Chris G Vaillancourt
What I Feel - Marci What It's All About - Shan
What Needs To Be Said.. - Brett What Will "home" Bring? - Brett
What You & I Have In Common - Pamela O'Brien Why Can't You See How I Hurt? - Brett
Why Should I? - Everett Wilting Rose - Scorpio
Winking With Open Eye - Chris G Vaillancourt Wish It Rains - Moonstarshine
Without Me - Dee Words Can't Describe How I Feel - Brett
Woven Dreams - Moonstarshine Written Spirit - Luke Christopher
Written With Sincerity - Hope You Won't Answer - Sweet_Suicide
Your Eyes - Leah06  

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