Poems by Category :- Love

2nd Chance Double Or Nothing - Miztrebor 57 Chevy Bel Air - Lamar Cole
6th Sense - Thia A Boy - Dolphin Chick
A Candle For You - Moonstarshine A Castle Made Of Sand - Mark Spencer
A Chance - Leah A Dawn Glimpse - Williamsji
A Day To Be There - Serenity A Devoted Man - Francis Duggan
A Flower Of Blue - Bipedalguy A Garden On The Plain - Mark Spencer
A Heart Filled With Gold - ShyHeart A Heart So True - Terrie*
A Heart's Shell - Miztrebor A Heart, Thrown Deep, Into, The Burning Sun - ShyHeart
A Journey Into The Unknown - LinzAy A Keeper I Will Always Be - Hope
A Kiss - Crimson Angel A Lifetime - Crayton
A Living Angel - Miztrebor A Long Overdue Answer - Pamela O'Brien
A Love Relationship - Del A Love That Lasts - Catyrose
A Lover - Melissa A Lover's Journey - Joseph Ogbonna
A Loverís Sonnet - Mark Spencer A Maze Within My Mind -
A Modern Day Spartanís Love - ShyHeart A Moment In Time - Silent Voice
A Mothers Love. - Crayton A New Day Begins - Clive B Ringshall
A Night For Love - Del A Night Like This - Lamar Cole
A Place Where You Are - Tarna A Poet's Love Letter - Joseph Ogbonna
A Possibility - Barbara Goodhew A Road Dog Like Me - Ben Laney
A Rose In Me - Moonstarshine A Rose That Never Wilts - Ing Twi Demalah
A Secret Love - Lamar Cole A Simple Love - Barbara Goodhew
A Slave To Love - Del A Song Of Parting - Francis Duggan
A Summer Night's Dream - The Unrequited Dream A Sunset To Remember - Hugs
A Thought On Love - Pamela O'Brien A Thousand Sunsets - Doug Dunigan
A Very Special Love - Del A Wake Of A Love - Heath A May
A Windless Breeze - Luke Mudge A Winter Morning With My Love - Miztrebor
Adam And Eve - Del Adam And Eve Again - John Feddeler
Addicted To You - Miztrebor Again And Again - Clive B Ringshall
Against The World - LinzAy All I Need - Cathy
All I Want To Do Is Love You - Lorraine Gibson All My Nothingness -
All Of Me - To You, For You - LinzAy All Over You All Over Me - Willahh
All That My Heart Needs - Luke Mudge All We Have - Shan
Alone - Lamar Cole Alone I Stood... - Terrie*
Always - Always - Lori
Always In My Heart - Del Always In My Heart - Del
Always Love You - Heaven Always Need You More - Clive B Ringshall
Always On My Mind - Moonstarshine Always Together - Hugs
Amy Girl - Ben Laney An Angel - Everett
An Illusion No More - Del An Ocean Of My Own - Terrie*
An Understanding Of Love - Faith And I Love You Too - Angelina
And None Other - LAR Angel - Eric Miller
Angel - Del Angel - Tim Kitchen
Angel Food Cake - Lamar Cole Angel Wings - Lamar Cole
Angels - Tricia Ani Ahad Attah - Ing Twi Demalah
Anything At All - Terrie* Apricot Tree - Lamar Cole
Araid I'd Lose At Love - Bryon D Howell Architect Of My Dreams - Newage Caveman
Are My Feelings Yours? - Brett Are You Afraid As I To Fall In Love... - Terrie*
As He Sleeps - Dreamer As Humble As Can Be.. - Terrie*
As I Watch Him Sleep - Moonstarshine As If You Know - Willahh
As It Is Now - LAR As Life Goes On - Andrew Gasca
As We Entwined As One - Hope As, Iím Walking, Toward Those Pearly Gates - ShyHeart
Astonished Glow - Vampyr Tears At Night - Don Fraser
Autumn Storm - Miztrebor Baby I Love You... - Gemma_13
Back Again - Eric Miller Back To The Road - Ben Laney
Ballerina Legs - Lamar Cole Be Patient With Love And Lust - Miztrebor
Beautiful - Liz Beautiful - Krys
Beauty - Stacy Beauty By Heart - SweetVenom
Beauty In An Empty Sky - Miztrebor Beauty Of Love - Hermione
Because Of You - Juzjon Before Midnight - Mental
Before You - Karla Bardanza Bell Of Love - Clive B Ringshall
Beyond The Light - StarlightDreamer Blessed - KitKatrina
Blessed - Lamar Cole Blinded - Ghost
Bliss - Willahh Bliss - Williamsji
Blue Eyes, Sleep In Our Heart - ShyHeart Blue Me - Willahh
Blue My Eyes - Ken Boldness - Elizabetta
Bound - Willahh Bradley, You Are Amazing - Angel Laney
Breakfast, In The Morning - ShyHeart Breakfast: Coffee, Eggs, And Love - Miztrebor
Burning - Kristen Candlelight Dreams - StarlightDreamer
Cane Fishing Pole - Lamar Cole Canít Tell You A Thing About Love - ShyHeart
Carried To The Stars - PoisonIvy Castle Of Ice - Lamar Cole
Catching Moon Beams, For You - ShyHeart Caught Myself - Bizza
Celeste - Binh T Ngo Celestial Love - Thia
Chance Ruined - Maitree Muzumdar Che-che - FoRsAkEn
Cherish Forever - Lamar Cole Cherish My Love - PoisonIvy
Cherry Snow Cone - Lamar Cole Cinnamon Roll - Lamar Cole
City Park - Lamar Cole Clair De Lune - Karla Bardanza
Climbing Just To Fall - LinzAy Cocoon - Pamela O'Brien
Cold Heart - Miztrebor Color Of Love - Lamar Cole
Come - Willahh Come Back - Clive B Ringshall
Come Closer To Me - Del Conveyed In The Heartprints - Hope
Cotton Candy Sky - Lamar Cole Courage And Strength - LinzAy
Cover You With Love - Ben Laney Crazy - Donna
Crazy For You - Pamela O'Brien Cupid's Love Potion - Ravie
Cyber Sex - Del Dandelion Magic - Lamar Cole
Danielle - Jeremy Morzos Dark Clouds - Lamar Cole
Daydreaming Through Conversation - Miztrebor Deadly Assumptions - Pamela O'Brien
Dear Heaven - mArLeNe Debra My Wife - Clive B Ringshall
Deep Blue Space - Pondering Red Deep In The Woods Of Your Heart..... - Terrie*
Deep In Thought - Leah06 Deep Within My Eyes -
Depths Of My Mind - Lori Desires - Lisa Anne
Desires - Williamsji Difficult To Describe Your Love... - Terrie*
Divine Intervention - Miztrebor Do You Get The Feeling? - WilTheThrill
Don't Cry - Del Don't Cry - Del
Don't Go To Bed Angry - Meridian Zuriel Don't Kiss Me Goodnight - SweetVenom
Don't Leave - Stacy Don't Want To Believe - LinzAy
Dont Fade Away - Lori Double Love - Lamar Cole
Doubtful Heart - Del Dragons And Pengwens - XX
Dreamin' About You - Ben Laney Dreaming - RoOkie
Dreaming Of A Song To Sing - Miztrebor Dreams Of Heaven - Miztrebor
Drive-in - Lamar Cole Each Hour - Ken S
Earlobe - Lamar Cole Echoes Of Silence - Moonstarshine
Echoes Of Your Heart - Lamar Cole Eclipse - Shan
Elena's Enchantment - Eric Eloping Under Moonlight - Moonstarshine
End It All - Angelina Endlessly - Paul Geurin
Endlessly - Paul Geurin Erotic Lovers - Del
Eternity - Illeana Eternity - Morgan Marie
Eu Te Amo - Karla Bardanza Even As She Sleeps - ShyHeart
Even Before Our First Kiss - Paul Geurin Every Night, I Take A Step, Toward The Sunlight - ShyHeart
Everyday, I Walk A Thin Line - ShyHeart Everything - PoisonIvy
Everything I Couldn't See - Emilee Everything I Dreamed - AJ
Everything Just Fits - Emilee Everything You Make Me Feel - LinzAy
Everytime I - LinzAy Everywhere - Paul Geurin
Expressions Of Love - Lamar Cole Eye Love Dancing - Lamar Cole
Faded Pearl - Fallen_Angel Fallen Angels - LCN
Fate Holds The Key - Hugs February 14th - Shiloh
Feed My Heart -cinquain- - Del Feel With Me - Clive B Ringshall
Feel, Heavens Heat - ShyHeart Feelings - Jessie F
Feelings From My Heart - Lyrical Queen Fields Of Gold - Counsellina
Finally Found Love - Moonlight Finally I Found You - Danielle W
Fingers Crossed - Clive B Ringshall Fire Inside - Ing Twi Demalah
First Kiss - Lisa Anne First Met - Binh T Ngo
First Time - Del First True Love -
For Me To Share With The World - Terrie* For Chris - Maranda Berkley
For Him - LinzAy For Love - Ing Twi Demalah
For The Very First Time - Del For Who I Am - Thia
For You - Leah06 For You - Langston
Forest - LinzAy Forever - Del
Forever - Kyle Anderson Forever You Be My Life - Terrie*
Forever Can Be Forever - Clive B Ringshall Forever In Love - Maybe One Day - Angel On The Edge
Forever Mine - PoisonIvy Forgive Or Forget - Confusedfreak101
Found - Clive B Ringshall Free - Lamar Cole
Freezing Rain - Miztrebor Friendship After Love - Amanda C.
From Napoleon To Josephine - Joseph Ogbonna Full Circle - BrianV
Gazing Into The Night Sky - Miztrebor Gift - Lamar Cole
Gifts Of Love He Gave To Me - Terrie* Go Ahead And Cry - Patricia Zimmerman
Go Light On My Heart - Ben Laney God Sent Me An Angel - Danielle W
Golden Moonlight - Del Good Morning Chizzie - Joseph Ogbonna
Good-bye - Lisa H Goodnight - Pamela O'Brien
Green Thumbs - Del Guaranteed Love - Del
Guess Who? - Don Fraser Haiku 16 - Elizabeth Squires
Haiku 6 - Elizabeth Squires Happiness Of Angels - Jven
Happy Birthday, Lucas - Shiloh Happy Heart - Del
Have A Wonderful Day - Hugs Have You Ever Seen, The Sun Blink? - ShyHeart
He Didn't Chose This - Vampyr Tears He Was There - Heather W
He's Wonderful To Me - LinzAy Heart - LinzAy
Heart Dance Me Tenderly - Hope Heart Of Glass - Rick Ryckman
Heart's Lovingly Interlaced - Hope Heartprints Are The Reminders - Hope
Hearts Desire And Dreams... - Terrie* Heartstrings - Lamar Cole
Heaven - Lamar Cole Heaven Bound - Rick Ryckman
Heaven Kissing - Willahh Heaven Sent - Rick Ryckman
Heaven Tonight - Lamar Cole Heaven's Whisper - Keith
Heavens Dream - Rick Ryckman Heavens Tapestry - Rick Ryckman
Heavens Whisper - Rick Ryckman Hello Love - Fallen_Angel
Help Me Follow You - Vicki Gaudreau Her - Simik
Her Love For Him - LinzAy Her Physical Beauty - Lamar Cole
Her Sweet Love - Lamar Cole Her Warm Embrace - Rick Ryckman
Hidden Dreams - Rick Ryckman Hidden Gem - Moonstarshine
Highway Of Love - Lamar Cole Him - Morgan Marie
Him - Mere Him And Her - LinzAy
His Kiss - Del His Name Is Hunter - Shiloh
His Warm Embrace - Moonstarshine His Way Of Saying I Love You - Moonstarshine
Holding You - Simik Holding You Close - Clive B Ringshall
Hollywood Love - LinzAy Home - Stella
Home - Moonstarshine Honey - Del
Hope I Am Not To Late - William Bill Jones Hopeful - Qutiepie
How Can I Tell You! - Paul Geurin How I Know - Willahh
How I Wish You Were Here - Del How Is It - Tammy
How Love Starts - Del How Much I Love You - Scott Waters
Hummingbird Song - Lamar Cole Hunnie Bun - Cristy
I Praise Him For Your Love So True... - Terrie* I Am - Counsellina
I Am A Reasonable Woman - Karla Bardanza I Am Darkness - Dolphin Chick
I Am The Rose Of Love - Terrie* I Appreciate You In Every Way - Terrie*
I Didn't Realize How Lucky I Was... - Terrie* I Do - ShyHeart
I Dreamed Of You - Keith I Had A Dream, This Cloud Poured, Rain Upon, My Heart - ShyHeart
I Hate How I Love You - Leah06 I Hate The Way - Rachael
I Hate You - Crimson Angel I Have Tasted The Wine - Rick Ryckman
I Killed Love - Karla Bardanza I Knew This Guy - Tiffany Rider
I Know - Clive B Ringshall I Laid An Invisible Rose At My Love's Feet - Rick Ryckman
I Long For The Day - Brett I Love - Daisy
I Love Me - Willahh I Love The Rain - Terrie*
I Love The Taste Of Your Love - Terrie* I Love The Way - Sheena
I Love Thee - Paul Geurin I Love You - Donna
I Love You - Miky I Love You - Shy Surfer
i Love You - LinzAy I Love You - Batafish22
I Love You - Your Melody I Love You Son - Ben Franklin
I Love You The Most - Ben Laney I Miss You - Ghost
I Need - Terrie* I Need You - Adorable One
I Need You - Don Fraser I Need You More Than Ever - Jorjette
I Need, I Want, I Miss, I Love You - Terrie* I Often Think And Wonder - DreamWeaver
I Promised - Vicki Gaudreau I Ran My Ad, In Heavenís News - ShyHeart
I Remember - Clive B Ringshall I Remember You - Ing Twi Demalah
I Return - Teresa Ortberg I Think I'm Falling - Del
I Want To - Tammy I Want To Marry Mars - Karla Bardanza
I Want To Stay In - Ben Laney I Will Always Love You - Terrie*
I Will Always Love You - Ryan M Holden I Wish So Badly - Miztrebor
I Wish You Love.. - Shorty I Would Be Yours - Angel On The Edge
I Would Love - Jughead I'll Ask Then - Clive B Ringshall
I'll Catch You If You Fall - DaRascal I'll Hold You In My Heart - Del
I'll Let You Know - Clive B Ringshall I'm A Heartbeat Away - Terrie*
I'm Blest - Udiah I'm Finding The Glow - Del
I'm Loving You More - Ben Laney I'm Not Supposed To... - Gemma_13
I've Fallen - Terrie* I've Fallen For You - Scurrd
I've Held Nothing Back - Tammy Icicles - Lamar Cole
If - Britney If - Ing Twi Demalah
If For - Terrie* If I Could ! - Paul Geurin
If I Should Die Tomorrow - Mark Spencer If My Words Your Heart Could Understand - Terrie*
If Only - Alan St Vincent If That Means Loosing You - Dolphin Chick
If You - Sweet Sara If You'd Then I'd Too - Clive B Ringshall
Imagine - Lisa H Immeasurable - Paul Geurin
In A Moment - Clive B Ringshall In An Instant - Clive B Ringshall
In Heartprints For You - Hope In Keepsakes Of Love - Hope
In Letters Of Love Written - Hope In Love - Paul Geurin
In Love - Alan St Vincent In Love - PoeticGent
In Love With My Best Friend - Christa In Love With You! - Paul Geurin
In My Arms - Paul Geurin In My Arms - Rick Ryckman
In My Heart Of Hearts - Prinie Sarah In Peace Forever - Hugs
In Search Of Something Beautiful - Larizse In The Eyes Of My Beholder - Terrie*
In The Night's Dream - Miztrebor In The Silent Santuary Of Love - Hugs
In The Stars Above - Moonlight In The Sweet Waters Of Our Love Lake - Terrie*
In Your Arms - Tarna In Your Eyes - Miztrebor
In- Love With You And You With Me - Heath A May In-love - Paul Geurin
Inlove With You - Heath A May Inspiration - Elizabetta
Intimate Touch - Rick Ryckman Into The Clouds - Rick Ryckman
Is It Ok? - WilTheThrill It Feels So Good - Del
It Gave Me Reasons To Write - Hope It Is Love - Terrie*
It Is My Love - Heath A May It Isnít Heaven Without You - Mark Spencer
It Walks With Me - BabyGirl It's A Special Thing... - Shiloh
It's All Up To Me - Scott It's Been Too Long - Becky
It's Hard To Write This - The Lost Girl It's Only In My Dreams - Tammy
It's Over And So - LAR Its Been Awhile - Karri
James - Gemma_13 Jessica - Mere
Joey - Bizza Journey Into Sky-blue Eyes - Eryemil
Journey Of Love - Rick Ryckman Just As One - Part 1 The Soul - LinzAy
Just As One - Part 2 The Heart - LinzAy Just As One - Part 3: The Love - LinzAy
Just As One - Part 4: So True - LinzAy Just For You - Willahh
Just Pretending - Del Just That Simple - Ing Twi Demalah
Just The Way It Is - Pondering Red Just Walk Away - Tricia
Just Walking Down An Old Dirt Road - ShyHeart Just, Another Day - ShyHeart
Keeper Of Love - Clive B Ringshall Key To My Heart - Vicki Gaudreau
Key To My Heart - Del Kingdom In The Sky - Rick Ryckman
Kiss - Eve Kiss - Bipedalguy
Kiss In The Wind - Lamar Cole Know - Part 2 - Ben Franklin
Kool-aid - Lamar Cole Lady Of My Dreams. - Durlabh Singh
Late In The Afternoon - LAR Laughing With You - Ing Twi Demalah
Leap Of Faith - Miztrebor Lemonade Lips - Lamar Cole
Let Me Be - Tammy Let Me Hold You For A Moment - SweetVenom
Let My Love Be - Jackie C Letter Sealed With A Kiss - Hope
Life With Out You - Crystal Iris Life's Journey - Paul Geurin
Light To Dark - Ben Franklin Like A Beautiful Pink Camellia - Francis Duggan
Like The Angel - WilTheThrill Linger - Lamar Cole
Liquid Joy - Lamar Cole Live For Today - Del
Lock Two - Willahh Lonely Heart - Del
Lonesome Soldier - Del Longing For You - Clive B Ringshall
Look Into My Eyes What Do You See - Terrie* Lost In Rome - Willahh
Lottery Win - Lamar Cole Love - Tabitha M
Love - Costa Love - Monica
Love - Scorpio Love - Mere
Love - Miztrebor Love - Tanean Schaller
Love - Donna Love - Del
Love - Tammy Love - Del
Love - Ryan Love - Bench
Love - Bizza Love - Scott Hatch Jr
Love & Spring - Binh T Ngo Love At First Sight - Lori
Love Beyond Imagination - Powerofthysword Love Changes Everything - Clive B Ringshall
Love Chimes - Lamar Cole Love Comes From The Heart - Del
Love Everlasting - Don Fraser Love Expression - Lamar Cole
Love Flashes Me - Karla Bardanza Love For Him - GhettoSexy
Love Found Me - Clive B Ringshall Love Found Me & Helped Me Grow - Terrie*
Love From Above - Love From Me To You - Hope
Love Hideaway - Lamar Cole Love Hurts - Taylor James
Love In The Waves - Dija Abernathy Love Is - Paul Geurin
Love Is A Sword - Karla Bardanza Love Is All I Had - BabyGirl
Love Is Blind - Miztrebor Love Is This - Shan
Love Is...a Feeling Sublime - Hugs Love It Anyway - Meridian Zuriel
Love Like A Hurricane - Miztrebor Love Me - Clive B Ringshall
Love Me For You Will See - Tiffany Love Me Love Thyself - Agatha Weeks
Love Moon - Miztrebor Love Never Dies - Hugs
Love Never Dies - Clive B Ringshall Love Nurtured - Williamsji
Love On Icq - Vicki Gaudreau Love Online - Leah06
Love Only, Comes At Night - ShyHeart Love Quote Combo - Leah06
Love Shone Everywhere - Hope Love So Pure - Del
Love So Rare - Del Love Song - ShyHeart
Love Spread Wings - Williamsji Love Struck - Angel On The Edge
Love Struck Wondering - Miztrebor Love Touch - Clive B Ringshall
Love Touch - Lamar Cole Love Transcends On High - Hope
Love Trip - Lamar Cole Love You - Del
Love You -cinquain- - Del Love You Dont Know - Gemma_13
Love You Everyday - Clive B Ringshall Love You Just Words - Barbara Goodhew
Love You Sweetie - Shan Love Your Enemies - Angel On The Edge
Love's Way Of Finding Us - Miztrebor Love, A Puppet On Strings - Del
Love, Love Me - Willahh Love. Love? Love! - Thia
Love... - Randy M Love: A Magician - Dr Sirisha Dabiru
Love? - Del Love? - Leah06
Love? - KitKatrina Lovely Realization - Miztrebor
Lover's Island - ShyHeart Lovers Again - Del
Loves Light Shining - Tim Kitchen Loves Serenade - Rick Ryckman
Lovesick Limerick - Bipedalguy Loveís Tender Side Of Passion - ShyHeart
Loving Him - Faye Loving You - Tim Kitchen
Loving You - Lamar Cole Loving You - Mark
Loving You Is So Very Easy - Paul Geurin Magic Carpet - Rick Ryckman
Magic Moonlight - Del Make It Love - Karla Bardanza
Marble Masterpiece/ Reawakening - Miztrebor Marigold Love - Lamar Cole
Marija - Pondering Red Melody On Wings - Keith
Mental Fasting - Sax Michael - Pamela O'Brien
Mind Blown - Willahh Missing Page - Clive B Ringshall
Missing You - Jason Wong Mist Ballet - Lamar Cole
Moment - Lori Moments And Time - Paul Geurin
Moments To Cherish - Desiree Moon And Stars - Del
Moonlight -rictameter- - Del Moonlight Dancing - Del
More Than Before - Clive B Ringshall Morning Glory - Mere
Mountain Man's Dream - Ben Laney My All - Britney
My Angel - Del My Baby's Got My Back... - Terrie*
My Best New Found Dream - Jven My Biggest Tip... Her Love - Ben Franklin
My Brother's Suicide - Angelina My Cowboy, My Angel - Tammy
My Daughter Yasmim - Karla Bardanza My Everything - Leah06
My Fallen Angel - Razors Blood My Feelings - Angela
My Future Mate - Ryan K My Gift To You - Keith
My Golden Years - Mark Spencer My Happiness - Del
My Heart - Christanie Cameron My Heart Hurts For Yours.. - Terrie*
My Heart Belongs To You - Del My Heart Flutters With Love... - Terrie*
My Heart Is All That I Can Give To You - Mark Spencer My Heart Whispers - Rick Ryckman
My Heart's Beacon Light - Del My Hungry Eyes - Karla Bardanza
My Internal And Eternal Love - Terrie* My Life Will Never Be Empty - Bench
My Lonely Heart Soars - Emilee My Love - Dreamer
My Love - Terrie Lavelle My Love - Karla Bardanza
My Love - Lamar Cole My Love - KitKatrina
My Love - Christa My Love For Her - Timothy Graham
My Love For You - Clive B Ringshall My Love For You - Ser Olmy, Steven Z
My Love For You - Dreamer My Love For You - Sweet Sara
My Love For You - Terrie* My Love For You Was Like - Dawn
My Love Grows - Clive B Ringshall My Love, My Life - Paul Geurin
My Love...not Ours - LinzAy My Lover - Shaz
My Lover And I - Del My Man - Terrie*
My Man - Rosha My Miracle - Leah06
My Moonlight Angel - Del My More - Thia
My Name Is Love - Karla Bardanza My Promise - Keith
My Response To You - Terrie* My Soldier Sweetheart - Del
My Soul - Lamar Cole My Soul Bared To You - Christanie Cameron
My Sweetheart - Lamar Cole My Tears For You - Tricia
My Thoughts On What Love Could Be - LinzAy My True Love - Bee
My Undying Love For You - Del My World - LCN
My World - Thia Mystery Of Love - Del
Mystic Love - Del Nan - Shan
Napoleon's Love Letter To Josephine - Joseph Ogbonna Napoleon's Love Letter To Josephine - Joseph Ogbonna
Nathan - CD Nature's Song - Tammy
Neath The Glowing Sunset - Hope Necessity - Sweet Sara
Never Leave Me - Don Fraser Never Too Late For Love..... - Terrie*
New Year Dream Weaver's Loom Of Love - J Freedom Long Nic - Mandy Steder
Nightfall At Castle Juliet - Willahh Nightingale - Lamar Cole
Nina, May I Have This Dance - Rick Ryckman Nineteen-seven Street - Victoria Umanah (Avikaie)
No Dreams - Del No Face - FoRsAkEn
No Matter - Vicki Gaudreau No More Awkward Silences - Pamela O'Brien
No Title - Mandy Nokomis - Ing Twi Demalah
Not All Great - Jughead Not Letting Go - Series100
Not The First - Mark Spencer Nothing - Eric Miller
Notice - Lisa H Now And Forever - Steven P Rheaume Sr
Now This Is Love - Texas Obsession - Rick Ryckman
Oceans Of Love - Lamar Cole Ode To The Blue Nighttime Sky - Pondering Red
Oh Precious One... - Karla Bardanza Oh, I Wish, I Wish, I Wish - Del
On A Quiet, Summer Day - ShyHeart On My Mind - Moonlight
On The Path Of Life - Del On The Road With Me - Ben Laney
Once, The Passion Flows, Where, Does The Love Go? - ShyHeart One - Teresa Ortberg
One - Crayton One In A Million - Miztrebor
One Key - Clive B Ringshall One Moment - Mark Spencer
One More Mistake - LinzAy One Moretime - Clive B Ringshall
One Night The Sun And Moon Made Love - ShyHeart One Word - Shan
Only A Spark? - Miztrebor Only Love - Lamar Cole
Only You - TrueLife Only You - Styles
Only You - Terrie* Orange Crush - Lamar Cole
Our Circle Of Love - Terrie* Our Hearts Are Interlaced - Hope
Our Hearts Speak.. - Moonstarshine Our House - Marty Henry
Our Love - Shan Our Love - Lamar Cole
Our Love - Del Our Love Is So Special - Del
Our Nights Together - Amanda Our Novel, Just A Turning Of Another Page - Luke Mudge
Our World - Stacy Out Of Reach - Leah06
Over And Over - Sarah Bilby Over You - Brian P McKay
Overloaded Lover - Mental Pain - Bizza
Painkiller - Holly Painting Love - Karla Bardanza
Palace Of Love - Lamar Cole Part Of Me - Willahh
Passing Dreams - Langston Passion - AJ
Passion - Williamsji Passion Delight - Lamar Cole
Peach Sweet - Lamar Cole Pearl Of My Heart - Moonstarshine
Peppermint Kiss - Lamar Cole Perfect - Sheena
Perfect Dream - Paul Geurin Perfect Harmony - Moonstarshine
Petals Of Love - Moonstarshine Pillow -rictameter- - Del
Please Forgive Me - Ing Twi Demalah Please Never Go - Don Fraser
Please Tell Me, Dear Heart - Del Pleasure -rictameter- - Del
Poem 4 - Karla Bardanza Poems From Your Eyes - Miztrebor
Poetry In Motion - Del Poodle Skirt - Lamar Cole
Popsicle Lips - Lamar Cole Power Of Love - Moonstarshine
Powerless - Mark Spencer Precious Love - Del
Precious Things - Sarah Bilby Pretending Again - Del
Pretty Blue - Timothy Graham Prisoner - Aubrey
Private Dreams At Night - ShyHeart Promises - Mark Spencer
Pssssst.... I'm Over Here! - Russ Rhoe Psst.. - Christa
Pure And True - Aud Man Pure Spring - Elizabetta
Puzzle - Shorty Queen - Lamar Cole
Question - Bizza Rain Drops - Fairy
Rainbow Treasure - Lamar Cole Rainbow Wind - Lamar Cole
Rainy Daydreams - Miztrebor Rare Diamond - Lamar Cole
Ready - Ben Franklin Real Love - Mike
Real Love - Lamar Cole Recipe For Love - Lamar Cole
Recipe For Love: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart Red - Strawberry Neon
Reflection Of God's Love - Lamar Cole Reflections - LCN
Reflections From The Sea - ShyHeart Reflections Of The Heart - Del
Reinforcement - Aubrey Rejoice - Don Fraser
Remade - LinzAy Remember Me - Del
Remembering Truth - Hippiechic21 Ride - Boy Torpe
River Dip - Lamar Cole Romance Heaven - Lamar Cole
Rose Of My Heart - Twizted1 Sacred Ground - Fallen_Angel
Safe Harbor - Miztrebor Sarah - Ing Twi Demalah
Save Me - Eve Say I Love You - Clive B Ringshall
Scared - Shana Scarlett - Elizabetta
Searching For My Shell - LinzAy Second Chances - CD
Secret Place - Lamar Cole Seed Grows - Del
Seeking - Russ Rhoe Selfish Love - Miztrebor
Sending You My Love - Del Seven Years Ago Today - Terrie*
Sharing Tender Moments - Hope Shattered - Eric Miller
Shaun - StarlightDreamer She - Clive B Ringshall
She Drove Away... Straight To My Heart - Miztrebor She Hates, He's Had: Love - Miztrebor
She Is The Only One For Me - Paul Geurin She Is, The Best Of Me - ShyHeart
She Said, He Said - Mark Spencer She Sleeps, At Night - ShyHeart
She Takes Me, To The Stars In Her Eyes - Miztrebor She's Wild - Ben Laney
Sheís Looking For A Man - ShyHeart Ships That Pass In The Night - Mark Spencer
Silent Fear - Moonstarshine Silently We Love - Del
Sirena - Skorpion Sixth Sense Of Love - J Freedom Long
Skipping Across, The Universe, Just, You And Me - ShyHeart Skylar - Tonya Dzierzon
Sleeping Beauty - Miztrebor Smultion - Willahh
So Beautiful - Scurrd So Far - LinzAy
So Very Precious - Del Soldier's Lament - Del
Some Say - Tammy Some Say This, Others Say Different - Dolphin Chick
Someday - Alan St Vincent Someone - Sarah Bilby
Someone Just For You... - Terrie* Someone Loves You - Don Fraser
Something's Missing - Sweet Sara Something... - Simik
Sometimes - ShyHeart Sometimes I... - Terrie*
Songbird - Lamar Cole Songs Of Heart Feeling - Miztrebor
Soothing Sundays - Pondering Red Soul Mates - Stacy
Soulful Sounds - DreamWeaver Sounds Of Ecstasy - Lamar Cole
Sparkling Eyes - Del Stardust - Del
Stardusted Wonder - Willahh Stargazing - ShadowGallantmon
Stars - Franca Adah Still In Love With You - Clive B Ringshall
Still Love Ya - Ashley Justice Storm Of Love - Terrie*
Stranger - Elizabetta Strawberry Madness - Strawberry Neon
Strawberry Moon - Lamar Cole Strawberry Shortcake - Lamar Cole
Strolling By The Sea - Tim Kitchen Sun - LinzAy
Sun Keeps Shining - Del Sun, Moon, Love - ShyHeart
Sunrise - Lamar Cole Sunset - LinzAy
Sunshine - Del Sunshine - Del
Surgent Love - Moonstarshine Surreal - Tarna
Surrounds - Lamar Cole Sweet Love - Del
Sweet Misery - Britney Sweet Potato Field - Lamar Cole
Sweet Thrills - Lamar Cole Sweeter Than Roses - Sherilyn Goodwin
Sweetheart - Del Swinging On A Star - Del
Symphony - Rick Ryckman Take It All - Terrie*
Take Me Home - Pamela O'Brien Take Your Time - Willahh
Talkin' To God Above - Ben Laney Taste Life - Lamar Cole
Tastes - Lamar Cole Teardrops - Moonstarshine
Tears - LAR Teenage Love - Del
Telephone Booth - Lamar Cole Tell Me - Del
Thank God - Lamar Cole Thank You - Scorpio
That Evening, Back In May - Shiloh That Is What Love Is Like - Dolphin Chick
That Moment - Lamar Cole That Old Line - Your Melody
That Perfect Girl For Me - Walker That Someone - Courtney2
That Was Just Yesterday - Angelina The Beat Of My Heart - Lori
The Beauty And The Beast - Moonlight The Beauty In The Unexpexted - Leah06
The Call Of Your Heart - Moonstarshine The Chain - Randy M
The Choice - Mark Spencer The Color Of Love - Terrie*
The Coming Of Summer Rains - Miztrebor The Dance - Sarah Bilby
The Day I Fell In Love - Tammy The Day You Said You Loved Me - Shorty
The Dream Of Being Immortal - ShyHeart The Dream We Shared Last Night - Del
The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost...and You - Mark Spencer The Feeling Of Being Loved - Dolphin Chick
The Fire In Me Burns - Terrie* The Full Moon - Pondering Red
The Gift Of Love - Catyrose The Greatest Love - Paul Geurin
The Grind - Shan The Gypsy In My Heart Finally Settled Down - Terrie*
The Heart In The Tree - Robert The Journey To You - Nathan Ortberg
The Klaidescope Of Love: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart The Labyrinth Of Love: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
The Last Dance - Robert The Lonely Clown - Willahh
The Lord Of The Dance - Ing Twi Demalah The Love I See Within Your Eyes - Paul Geurin
The Love That Changed My Life - Torrey The Magic Of Our Love - Vicki Gaudreau
The Melody - Randy M The Miracle Of You - Bench
The Nature Of Two Lovers - Pamela O'Brien The Orchestra That Plays, Only, For The Heart - ShyHeart
The Passion On A Chrome Machine - Terrie* The Perfect Angel - Ryan M Holden
The Perfect Pair - Rachael The Petals Of Our Hearts - Karla Bardanza
The Poet Within - Paul Geurin The Poetís Deck Of Hearts - ShyHeart
The Promise - Mark Spencer The Promise.. - Terrie*
The Proposal - Mark Spencer The Proposal - Shan
The Real Me In Sculpture Form Created By You - Terrie* The Reality - Ing Twi Demalah
The Reason Why - SoMe1iNLuV The Rose - LCN
The Sailboat - Mark Spencer The Special Things - Karen
The Star Of My Heart - Keith The Story Of Us - Keith
The Stowing Away Of The Bestowed (love) - Airtime 13 The Sunset - Moonstarshine
The Sweet Song Of The Robin - Gentle Earth Cosmic Mind The Things I Meant - The Unrequited Dream
The True Color Blue - Dolphin Chick The Vows - Mark Spencer
The Warmth - Jesse Boole The Way I Feel About You - Christian V
The Ways Of Subconscious Thought - Miztrebor The Weight Of Love - Udiah
The Words Never Said - Silent Voice The Writing Upon The Midnight Moon - ShyHeart
Then And Now - Leah06 Theres Something About You - Andrew Gasca
These Feelings Inside - Raul These Few Words - Julia
Thinking Of You - Jenny This Girl - Raul
This Is The Love A Heart Brought In For Me - Terrie* This Love - Lamar Cole
This Love In My Heart - Del This Madness Drives Me Insane - Clive B Ringshall
This Much - Clive B Ringshall This Rain Is Our Bond - Miztrebor
This Special Man Is Mine - Terrie* This, Is The Best, I Can Do - ShyHeart
This, Is What I Say - ShyHeart Those Feelings We Once Had - Mandy
Thought, I Heard, It Raining - ShyHeart Thoughts Of You Pacify Me - Terrie*
Three Primary Colors - Sweet Sara Three Simple - Miztrebor
Three Times Baby - Tangerine Thunderstorm - Lamar Cole
Thunderstorm Of Love In My Heart... - Terrie* Thy's Heart - Dolphin Chick
Ti Amo - Shiloh Til The End Of Time - Del
Time - KristyD. Tiny Things - Miztrebor
To Aunty Wendy - Shan To Be - LinzAy
To Be No More - LAR To He Who Loves Only Me - Willahh
To Lacey, With Love - Shan To Look And Touch - Pamela O'Brien
To Look Away - Pamela O'Brien To Love Someone - Barbara Goodhew
To Me You Are - Dreamer To My Daughter-alexis - Tanean Schaller
To My Love - Paul Geurin To My Mamasita - Amber Senst
To My Number One Man - Tonya Dzierzon To Please - Clive B Ringshall
To Stacey - LCN To... - Karen
Today - Bizza Together - Everett
Together At Last - Del Together Forever God, You And Me... - Terrie*
Together We Are - Clive B Ringshall Too High Above - Seizure
Trail Of Butterflies - LinzAy Treacherous Terrain - Pamela O'Brien
Tribute - Dave Trickery - LinzAy
Trina - FoRsAkEn True Beauty - Miztrebor
True Emotions - Barbara Goodhew True Love - KrBr
True Love - Smilee True Love - Del
True Love - Andrew James Ball True Love - KitKatrina
True Love -3 - Del True Love -tetractys- - Del
True Love's Eyes - Dreamer True Love, So Sweet - Del
Truth And Love - Shan Turnip Patch - Lamar Cole
Twelve Twelve - Kali Twice Everyday - Shan
Twilight Pleasure - Lamar Cole Two Angels, Wrote A Poem & Sang A Song - ShyHeart
Two Hearts - Vicki Gaudreau Two Rainbow Sky - Lamar Cole
Unbreakable By Time - Andrew James Ball Uncertain - Elizabetta
Unconditional Love - Marty Henry Unconditional Love - Barbara Goodhew
Understanding - Shiloh Unspoken Recognition - Pamela O'Brien
Untitled - Teresa Ortberg Untitled Haiku - Scurrd
Unveiling Venus - Karla Bardanza Upon Your Cheek - Miztrebor
Views - Luke Christopher Virtual Rhymality - Miztrebor
Waikiki - Lamar Cole Wait For True Love - Del
Waiting For Him - Del Waiting For The Night - Del
Walking With You - Del Waltzing In Dreams - Moonstarshine
Wanting - Twizted1 Wanting More - Clive B Ringshall
Wanting You - Clive B Ringshall Warm Feelings - Hugs
Warm Light - ShyHeart Warmth - Clive B Ringshall
Watch Me Multiply The Threads Of Infinity - Karla Bardanza Watercolors - Silent Voice
Watermelon Love - Lamar Cole We Are Divine - Pamela O'Brien
We Are Here At This Moment - Music Box - Jeremy Morzos We Are What The Stars Hear - Karla Bardanza
We Know We Belong - Hugs Weeping Willow Veil - Lamar Cole
What A Girl Wants..what A Girl Needs.. A Woman Gets... - Terrie* What Does It Take, For Love, To Come True - ShyHeart
What Else, Can I Say - ShyHeart What Have You To Offer? - Del
What Is Love? - Clive B Ringshall What Is More Powerful - Paul Geurin
What Is So Beautiful About You? - Ing Twi Demalah What Love Really Is - Paul Geurin
What To Do - Dolphin Chick What You Don't Know - Willahh
What's Love For? - Randy M What, Do You Believe, About Life - ShyHeart
When - LinzAy When I Hold You Hand - Paul Geurin
When I Realize - LinzAy When I See Her - Paul Geurin
When I Think Of You - Dreamer When We Are Apart I Feel So Lost - Paul Geurin
When We Kissed - Dara Lilac When You Pull Me Close - SweetVenom
When You Sleep - LinzAy Whenever I Think Of You - Paul Geurin
Where Is He -2 - LinzAy Where It Counts - Terrie*
Where Love Is Written In Gold - Hope Where Lovers Lay - Pinky Mcflip
Whispers And Lies - LinzAy White Picket Fence - Lamar Cole
Who Needs Someone - Del Who You Are - Dreamer
Whooped - Luc Why - WilTheThrill
Why #1 - Randy M Why #2 - Randy M
Why #3 - Randy M Why Do I Do It? - Alexandra
Why Do I Love You - Clive B Ringshall Why Do I Love You - Clive B Ringshall
Why I Love You - Udiah Why Is That - Dolphin Chick
Why The Wait - Pamela O'Brien Why? - Alexandra
Why? - Raul Why? - Diana
Wide Awake In A Beautiful Dream - Ben Laney Will It Last? - Randy M
Will You Be Mine? - SweetVenom Wish For You - Moonstarshine
Wish I Were Your Pillow - Del Wish I Were Your Pillow - Del
With An Exuberant Embrace - Powerofthysword With Love Timeless And True - Hope
With Love To You From Me - Hope With You - Leah06
with You I Have Everything - Clive B Ringshall With Yours Alongside Mine - Hope
Within My Heart - Paul Geurin Within My Heart - Paul Geurin
Within Your Beautiful Eyes - Paul Geurin Without You - Raul
Wonderous - Sarah Bilby Words - Miztrebor
Words Fail - LinzAy Words From My Heart - Ruthie
Words From The Heart - Paul Geurin Words In A Love Song - Hope
Words In The Morning - Miztrebor Words Of Passion - Karla Bardanza
Would You Ask Me! - Paul Geurin Yes, I Live In A Dream - ShyHeart
Yesterday, Tomorrow And Today - Del Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today - Clive B Ringshall
Yesteryear - Del You - Lisa H
You - Ash B You - Bench
You - Mike You And I - Terrie*
You And I - Amanda You Are 2 - Terrie*
You Are More, So Much More - Tammy You Are My Everything - Paul Geurin
You Are My Mystery - Karla Bardanza You Are My Poem - Paul Geurin
You Are The One - Dean Morris You Bring Out The Best...in You... - waltzingwithyouforever
You Forever - Mere You Got Me - mArLeNe
You Have My Heart - StarlightDreamer You Just Smile At Me - ShyHeart
You Know When Your In Love If.. - You Loose - Willahh
You Make Me - Leah06 You Make Me Feel - Scorpio
You Never - Ing Twi Demalah You On My Mind - Clive B Ringshall
You Or My Dream - Abhi You Said You Loved The Beatles - Willahh
You Truely Touched Me... - Terrie* You'll Know - Del
You're Everthing My Heart Could Wish - Clive B Ringshall You're Loved - Clive B Ringshall
You're More The Opposite - LinzAy You've Created A Fool - LinzAy
You've Got Me All Tied Up - Kendra B You, Dear Fate - LinzAy
Young Love - Leah06 Your A Gift - Clive B Ringshall
Your Eyes - Shorty Your Heart A Beautiful Place To Live - Terrie*
Your Kisses - Del Your Lies Are In Your Eyes - Jackie C
Your Love - Lamar Cole Your Love - Del
Your Love -tanka- - Del Your Love Is My Reward.... - Terrie*
Your Love Planted In So Deep - Terrie* Your My Angel - Carny
Your Other Love - Del Your Poetic Eyes - Terrie*
Your Song On The Rainy Pavement - Miztrebor Your Sunshine - Everett
Your Unsuspecting Heart... - Terrie* Yours - Your Melody
Zach - Leah06 _ ____ ___ ? - Amanda

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