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04/19/02 - Shi 156 Sunset Drive, Alexandria - Shiloh
A Day With Friends - Dreamer A Friend - Ashley R
A Friend - Don Fraser A Friend - Megzy
A Friend - Melissa A Friend Like You.. - Terrie*
A Friend. . . - Casey A Poem For You - Cheryl
A Trip Around The World - Randy A Warning To My Words - ShyHeart
Acceptance - Barbara Goodhew All My Life - Donna
All The Way Through - TrueLife Always A Friend... - Terrie*
Always Remember - Tammy Always There - Barbara Goodhew
Angel - Barbara Goodhew Another Question - What Are Friends For - Sax
Best Friend - Barbara Goodhew Best Friendage - Korie Poleo
Best Friends - Bitter Support. - Emma-Louise
Cheers - Robert Chris - Barbara Goodhew
Co-workers - Barbara Goodhew Coming To Town - Shan
Crazy Man - XX Dear Dreamers - Terrie*
Dearest Friend- - KitKatrina Did You Leave Paradise - Dino Hi
Do You Still Hear? - Clive B Ringshall Down In The Badlands - Ben Laney
End - Booze Ever Since You - Terrie*
Everyday To Come - Clive B Ringshall Feeling Special - Barbara Goodhew
Fifty Years Is A Long Time... - Shiloh Friends - Dolphin Chick
Friends - SweetVenom Friends - Barbara Goodhew
Friends - Clive B Ringshall Friends - Faith
Friends - Dolphin Chick Friends - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
Friends Are.. - Terrie* Friends For The End - Miztrebor
Friends Or Not - Donna Friends? - KitKatrina
Friendship And Love - Del Good Old Days - Heaven
Good-bye - Lola He Guards The Heart To My Soul - Terrie*
He Is My Forever Friend... - Terrie* Hearts And Flowers - Catyrose
Hello Friend, You're Back - Miztrebor I Couldn't Leave Her All Alone - Black Angel
I Give Up... - KitKatrina I Have This Friend - Terrie*
I Know Where You'll Be... - Terrie* I Love My Friends Best - Donna
I Sit And I Wait Patiently Thanx To You - Terrie* I Thought Of The Friends I Value - Hope
I Walked A Mile In You Shoes/seiz - Terrie* I'll Never Give Up - Terrie*
If For Just One Day - Terrie* It Was Only Just A Dream - Black Angel
Journey Of Friendship - Jellie Ann Colarina-Oliveros Just Friends - Del
Just Good Friends - Clive B Ringshall Kathy - My Special Friend - Clive B Ringshall
Life Long Friend - Booze Losing You - Anna Banana
Lucky Star - Tabitha M Mary Shines - Ben Laney
Meet A Friend Of Mine - ShyHeart Missing You - Catyrose
Mr. Perfect - Dino Hi My Angel, My Friend - Terrie*
My Angels - Angel On The Edge My Bestest Friend - Clive B Ringshall
My Boy - Ryan My Dearest Friends - Terrie*
My Friend - My Friend - Del
My Friend -rictameter- - Del My Friend Listens To My Heart Cry, Remains Close By - Terrie*
My Inspirational Friend - Del My Princess - Ken S
My Shining Star 2 - Del Neighbor - Edith - Barbara Goodhew
Never Lose Sight Of A Meaning... - Terrie* Ode To My Friends - Lorene
One More Mile - Ing Twi Demalah Ones Shadow Is Ones Best Friend - Elizabeth Squires
Only My Friend - Lori Our Hill - Luke Mudge
Paris - Ryan Part Of Me - Dimples
Platonic - Lamar Cole Pole, Net & Hands - J Freedom Long
Politeness - Barbara Goodhew Pot Of Gold - Wilde Kat
Rainbow After The Storm - Tara Barnwell Real Friends Don't - Sweet_Suicide
Realizing - Barbara Goodhew Seperate, Not Apart - Elizabetta
Sharing Memories With A Friend... - Terrie* Sisterhood - Catyrose
So Much I Have Gained - Hope Some Things Are Hidden - KitKatrina
Someday, But Not Today - Terrie* Sometimes - Shiloh
Suzie - FoRsAkEn Sweet Angel - Britney
The Best - Angel On The Edge The Boy Next Door - Terrie*
The Copycat In The Hat - Willahh The note - Seizure
The Past - Barbara Goodhew The Soldiers - Francis Santaquilani
This Girl I Know - WilTheThrill To A Friend - Tammie Groat
To Brandi - SunShine To Each Friend Near And Far - Hope
To My Bestfriend Angie - CD To My Friend - Faith
To My Friends - Ryan To My Friends - ShyHeart
To The Friend I Love - SweetVenom True Friends - Angel On The Edge
True Friendship - Faith Unexpected Friends - C. Scott
Visiting - Elizabeth Squires Visitors Home - Dreamer
What Matters To Me - Steven S. When I Dance - ErinBrenna
When U Need Me - Ryan When We Were Kids - Mark Spencer
With You - Shan Wonderful Days - Tammie Groat
You - Del You Are Special - Del
You Are The Angel That Shines The Brightest. - Terrie* You Picked Me Up When I Was Down - Donna
You Reached In So Deep - Terrie* You'll Always Be A Part Of My Life.... - Terrie*
Your Friendship Means So Much - Terrie* Your Friendship, Alway's In Full Bloom In My Heart - Terrie*
Your My Forever Friend.. - Terrie* Your Pain - Britney
Your Smile.. - Terrie*  

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