Poems by Category :- Feelings

13 Inches Of Solid Love - Karla Bardanza 2 Sides - Maranda Berkley
4rm Me 2 U - FoRsAkEn A Cut To The Wrist - Ryan
A Feeling Within - Manny A Letter - Clive B Ringshall
A Love Poem - Karla Bardanza A Love Story - Karla Bardanza
A Moment... - Moonstarshine A Pain Free Chidhood - Barbara Goodhew
A Poetic Confession - Karla Bardanza A Prayer - Jamie
A Rainy Dreary Day - Del A Rock - Tim Koehler
Admiration - Barbara Goodhew Affection - Clive B Ringshall
Affection - Sean Age - Barbara Goodhew
All That I Need - Megan Alone - Terrie Lavelle
Angel Of My Nightmare - RubyDragon Apathy - RinRin
Appreciation - Barbara Goodhew At The End Of The Day - Goofyone
At The Va Clinic On Thursday - Shiloh Autumn Inspirations - Dreamer
Aware - Clive B Ringshall Awkward Silence - Cookey
Bad - Jughead Beat A Dead Horse - Meridian Zuriel
Beauty - A Danger? - Sweet Sara Believe Me Or Not - Taylor James
Belonging - Mike Blinking - John Holt IV
Brandon - Erin K. Cortez But Never Jealous... - Emilee
Calm Before The Storm - Capricorn Calmness - Barbara Goodhew
Can You Tell Me? - Terrie* Can't See Through The Tears - Pamela O'Brien
Childhood - Barbara Goodhew Clarity And Fog: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart
Close Your Eyes - Terrie* Come On - Ashlee
Confused - Brett Contentment - Barbara Goodhew
Contentment - Leah06 Control Freak - Crush Me
Cradle Me For A While - Hope Cradle Me In Your Arms - Elizabeth Squires
Crystal - Seizure Crystal Blue - Luke Christopher
Dance Gypsy Dance - Daphne Day Of Doubt - Dreamer
Degradation - P K Padhy Disappointment - Barbara Goodhew
Do Life - Shan Do You Think?... - Terrie*
Does Anyone Know Me - Kali Does It Mean A Thing? - Shan
Drawn Into Fears - Crush Me Each Day - Mike
Electric - Elizabeth Squires Emoticon - Meridian Zuriel
Emotional Footprints - Mental Emotions - Barbara Goodhew
Empty Stomach - Luke Mudge Encrypted Memories - Dreamer
Even If - WilTheThrill Evening Of The Third - Dreamer
Every Day - TrueLife evol......love - Mee
Exasperation - Dreamer Expectations - Shorty
Expressions - Mike Fake Smile - Britney
Falling - Charmaine Falling Rain - Chris G Vaillancourt
Fascination -rennet- - Del Feel - Dilvorn
Feel Me... Part 1... - Jughead Feeling 65 And Loving It - Meridian Zuriel
Feeling Good - Barbara Goodhew Feeling Out-of-sorts - Shiloh
Feeling...? - Shiloh Feelings - Barbara Goodhew
Feelings - Brittany Walker Feelings - Brittany MS
Feelings - Lyrical Queen Feelings - Lamar Cole
Feelings Of Comfort - Jamie Feelings Of The Disabled Or Challenged - Barbara Goodhew
Firework Display - Emma-Louise For Every... - Terrie*
Frustration - Barbara Goodhew Frustration: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Get Together - Barbara Goodhew Getting Closer - Sarah Taurus
Gloomy - Barbara Goodhew Good And Bad - Barbara Goodhew
Goodbye - Heath A May Grateful - Barbara Goodhew
Green-eyed Monster - Barbara Goodhew Grief Stridden - P K Padhy
Guilt - Barbara Goodhew Hakata, Japn 1968 - Shiloh
Happiness And Loneliness - Lonlyrockstar Have You Ever Had That Feeling - Dolphin Chick
Have You Ever Wondered - Dolphin Chick Having A Past - Barbara Goodhew
He Is The Drug - Sweet_Suicide Hear My Heart's Echo - Terrie*
Heartache And Pain - Tammy Her Lovely Web - Karla Bardanza
Here Are My Tears - Vampyr Lost In Love Him - Brenda Gisell Garza
Holding Back - Barbara Goodhew Holding Hands In Sleep - Dennis R
Home - Shorty Homeless - Will Berry
How I Feel.. - Shy Surfer How Much I Care - Charmaine
I Do - Clive B Ringshall I Don't Know - LinzAy
I Feel - Dreamer I Feel ( 2 ) - Dreamer
I Feel Like... - Terrie* I Feel Stupid - Ashley
I Hate - Confused I Hate You - Your Melody
I Have A Fragile Heart... - Terrie* I Have No Fear - Karla Bardanza
I Love You - Shorty I Miss My Life - Seizure
I Miss You - Nicole I Miss You - Crissy
I Stand Like A Symbol - Chris G Vaillancourt I Used To Love My Life - Donna
I Walk Away And Never Look Back - Terrie* I Want To Dance With You - Pondering Red
I Will Miss You - Moonstarshine I'll Come For You - Seizure
I'm A Bitch - Dreamer I'm Me - Zach
I'm Not Sorry - Megan I'm Tryin - Shorty
I'm Trying To Say It, But Will It Come Out - Britney I've Done My Time - Clive B Ringshall
If I Could - Leah06 If I Were You And You Were Me, This Is How It Would Be - XoForeverXo
If You - Ryan If You Love Someone Let Them Know - Terrie*
Im Still Here - Luke Mudge In His Arms - Tricia
In The Silence Of This Ride - Rick Ryckman Inconsideration - Barbara Goodhew
Indefinitely - Shan Inside And Out - Barbara Goodhew
Introspection - Airtime 13 Is There Someone - Rick Ryckman
It's All About - Shan Its Not Right... - Simik
John Foster's Sonnets - Marion Carroll Josh 2 - Your Melody
Josh 3 - Your Melody Josh I - Your Melody
Just A Feeling, Not A Mistake - Tabitha M Just Breathe - Luke Mudge
Kindness - Barbara Goodhew Lady Moon - Karla Bardanza
Let It Show - Lori Let Me Have My Say - Taylor James
Lets Hope - Angel On The Edge Letting Go But Not Forgetting - Olly Man
Life Goes On. - Jughead Liking Vs Loving - Barbara Goodhew
Limousines And Scotch Tape - ShyHeart Long Night - Timothy Graham
Looking Thru The Windows Of The Past - Terrie* Losing Out - Barbara Goodhew
Love - Barbara Goodhew Love - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
Love In Vain - Amanda C. Love Me As Much - Leah06
Love Me Tender - Hope Love You But Don't Like You - Barbara Goodhew
Luciana - Miztrebor Made Of What You Say - Shan
Made Of What You Say Part 2 - Shan Mask - Natalie Leer
Matters Of The Heart - Robert Me In Simple Words - SweetVenom
Merging Thought Into Words - Chris G Vaillancourt Mika - Faye
Mike - Francis Duggan Misery - Barbara Goodhew
Miss The Most. - Emma-Louise Missing You - Counsellina
Mixed Feelings - Barbara Goodhew Moon Watcher - Pondering Red
Moon Watcher 2 - - Pondering Red Moonbeams And Rainbows ~ A Gift To Myself - Counsellina
More Than A Friend - Terrie* More Than Just A Crush - Jennylisa
Music - Dreamer Music Of Life And Passion - Karla Bardanza
My Attack - Shan My Cardinal Points - Karla Bardanza
My Desire Is My Identity - Karla Bardanza My Feelings - Shy Surfer
My Feelings 4 U - Gemma_13 My Heart And I - Del
My Heart Cries, In Silence - Terrie* My Heart Has Eyes - Terrie*
My Heart Speaks Tome - Terrie* My Hero Is You - Scorpio
My Letter - Heaven My Love I Will Never Take Away - Terrie*
My Motions - Samara My Own World. - Emma-Louise
My Ray Of Sunshine - Del My Saviour - Barbara Goodhew
My Seed - Marty Henry My Turn - Sweet_Suicide
My World - Kyle Ditch Nervousness - Karen
Never Enough - Barbara Goodhew Never Make A Promise.... - Terrie*
New Day - Dreamer New Year - Barbara Goodhew
Night Time - Barbara Goodhew No Audio /sound Effects Needed.. - Terrie*
No Letter In The Mail Box, Again Today - ShyHeart No Rest - Shiloh
No Way To Tell You - Ashley J Not Meant To Be -
Nothing - Shan On Her I Dotes - Devilyangelic
Once More - Shira Once Upon A Time - Luke Mudge
One More Shadow, All To Myself - ShyHeart Our Escape - Barbara Goodhew
Our Hearts Intertwine - Devilyangelic Our Minds Together - Clive B Ringshall
Outsider - Barbara Goodhew Overwhelmed - Pamela O'Brien
Pages Of Life - Clive B Ringshall Patience - Barbara Goodhew
Payback - Barbara Goodhew Peace - Meridian Zuriel
Peak - Maranda Berkley People's Feelings - Barbara Goodhew
Peoples Feelings - Shy Surfer Play That Tune - Tim Kitchen
Please, Do Not Tell Me, Not To Cry - Terrie* Possessions - Mindrunner
Power - Jen-Noelle Promise!! - Taylor James
Promises - Lisa Anne Quick Thoughts About August - Luke Mudge
Rain Drops Of Love - Jellie Ann Colarina-Oliveros Reassuance - Barbara Goodhew
Resignation - Karla Bardanza Ripped Off The Page Part 1 - Luke Mudge
Ripped Off The Page Part 2 - Luke Mudge Rollercoaster - UnKnOwN
Sandwoman - Karla Bardanza Satan Dwells Within You !! - Paul Geurin
Saying I Am Sorry - Shiloh Scared - Melissa L
Sealed With A Kiss -concrete- - Terrie* Secret Closure - Liz
Self-centered - Barbara Goodhew Selfish Desires - CD
Selfshiness - Karla Bardanza Shared Love - Barbara Goodhew
She - Karla Bardanza Should I Ask Him - Terrie*
Showing Feelings - Barbara Goodhew Silence - Clive B Ringshall
Silent Art - Luke Mudge Silent Love - Annimal House
Slipping Away - Ashlee So Close - Clive B Ringshall
Someday - Ashlee Stay To See - Shan
Still Around - TedBeck Still Hope Within - Clive B Ringshall
Stuck In Needles - Ben Laney Sublime Night - Karla Bardanza
Subliminal Message - Pamela O'Brien Success - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
Support - Barbara Goodhew Surviving - 2 - Barbara Goodhew
T.a.t. - KitKatrina Take The Time.... - Shiloh
Teaching Tact And Courtesy - Barbara Goodhew Tender Pearls - Moonstarshine
Thank-you For Small Wonders - Barbara Goodhew Thankful - Barbara Goodhew
The Blemish - Ashley The Blue Condition: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
The Embrace - Karla Bardanza The Fog - Crayton
The Fool - Counsellina The Gift To Give - Shan
The Kiss - Karla Bardanza The Life That Lives Within - Terrie*
The Little Things - Leah06 The Memory Of The Wind - Karla Bardanza
The One - Counsellina The Pain In My Craving.... - Terrie*
The Puzzlement Of The Aberrant Mind: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart The Queen Of Rain - Karla Bardanza
The Rain - Laura Van Sickle The Role She Plays - KitKatrina
The Simple Gift You Gave Me - Meg The True Side Of Someone - PoisonIvy
The Way You Make Me Feel.... - Jughead The Woman That I Am... - Terrie*
There's Someone Out There - Del These Three Words I Freely Say Out Loud To You... - Terrie*
Think About This..... Really, Really Think About It. - Shiloh Think Twice - Shana
Thirsty Of Eternity - Karla Bardanza This Little Place We Call Home... - Terrie*
This Sensitive Heart Of Mine Needs To Be Loved... - Terrie* This Unpredictable Child Who Lives Inside Myself - Karla Bardanza
This Woman - Karla Bardanza Thoughts - Clive B Ringshall
Thoughts - Barbara Goodhew Through Someone's Eyes - Luc
Time Goes By... - Terrie* Tired - Barbara Goodhew
To Do - Mike Together We Flow - Clive B Ringshall
Tonight - Dreamer Under My Skin - Karri
Understand! - Crush Me Understanding - Barbara Goodhew
Unfold - Shan Unspoken Words - Counsellina
Unsteady - Shan Until Midnight - Mental
Untouched Soul - Shan Up Lifted - Barbara Goodhew
Us - Clive B Ringshall Utopia - Lisa H
Warning: I Care - KitKatrina Well Of Tears - Mike
What Of The Time? - Shiloh What's Going On? - Britney
What's In A Heart? - Terrie* When - Shy Surfer
Whispering Hearts - StarlightDreamer Why ? - Jughead
Windchimes - Terrie* Words And Hearts Collide - Counsellina
Wrapped In The Arms Of Love - Terrie* You - FoRsAkEn
You - Willahh You And Him - Tarna
You Ever Been Happy? - Shiloh You Laugh The World Laugh With You - Francis Duggan
You Make Me Feel So Macho And Real - Karla Bardanza You're The One I Choose - sarah*
Your First Love - Shorty You’ll Never Know - Charmaine

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