Poems by Category :- Facing Reality

6 Feet Down - Shiloh 60 Watt, Light Bulbs - ShyHeart
9 2 5 In The E R - Lotus A Certain Paradigm - Mental
A Dream - Heaven A Fools Game - Catyrose
A Hand Dealt By Fate - Keith A Poet's Immortality - Silent Voice
A Tired Hand - Shan A Whisper For You To Dream - LinzAy
Acception Of Rejection - Shan Adios For Ever - Sweet Sara
Aging - Barbara Goodhew All To Time - LinzAy
Alone Again Naturally - Catyrose Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely - Barbara Goodhew
Always More Questions Than Answers: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart An Honest Man - Mark Spencer
An Image - Leah06 And Thus Ended My Dream - Lost
Another Word For Life Is School - Barbara Goodhew Are You Cold Blooded ? - Pondering Red
Available - Catyrose Awake - Chuko
Beautiful Let-downs - Scorpio Being Aware - Barbara Goodhew
Believe - Taylor James Beyond All Hope - tommyg
Bonsai - Mike Book Of Myths - Karla Bardanza
Can't Take It With You - Meridian Zuriel Celestial Conversation - Capricorn
Coin Jar - Meridian Zuriel Cold Out Here - Meridian Zuriel
Color Me Blue - Catyrose Common Sense - Barbara Goodhew
Confidence - Barbara Goodhew Coping: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Countless - Durlabh Singh Cowboy's First Time In Town - ShyHeart
Cut To Deep - Scott Hatch Jr Dancing In The Whirlwind - Ben Laney
Dawning - tommyg Death To The Fool - Stacy
Decimation - Simon Marshland Demystified - Stacy
Dignity - Barbara Goodhew Disability - Barbara Goodhew
Disability - Barbara Goodhew Does A Heart, Remember Its Dream - ShyHeart
Dreamer - Eve Dreamers - Barbara Goodhew
Drifter - Barbara Goodhew Eliminating My Enemy - Fallen_Angel
Emotions - Daniel Luther Myers Encouragement - Barbara Goodhew
End Of The World Scenarios: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Endless Burdens - Ashley
Enough Is Never Enough - Terrie* Eternal Soldier's - Pezo
Euphoria (inspired By Emma-louise) - Mike Expectations - C. Scott
Face Down In The Street - David Soriano Face It - Tabitha M
Facelift - Dino Hi Facing Mortality - Dreamer
Facing The Storm Without You... - Terrie* Fall - Britney
Feelings That Lift You - Barbara Goodhew Fields Of Misconception - Dreamer
First Person Pronoun: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart Flattery - Barbara Goodhew
Fledgling Feathers - Capricorn Fondly Remembered V.i.p - Ify Okoli
Footsteps On The Staircase - Tim Kitchen For All But I - Demoinai
From Somewhere At The Back Of The House..... - Shiloh Frosty Windows - Mental
Frustration - Barbara Goodhew Gift Of Love - Barbara Goodhew
Give What Is Missing - Barbara Goodhew Giving Up - Barbara Goodhew
Gone - Capricorn Gone Are Distant Memories - Ryan M Holden
Gone My Love - Franca Adah Good And Bad Things Happen - Barbara Goodhew
Got No Reason, Got No Rhyme... - Shiloh Gremlins - Capricorn
Growing Up - Your Melody Having Experince - Barbara Goodhew
He Makes Me Smile - He Has To Go - Pondering Red Hear These Words - Pamela O'Brien
hey! - ShyHeart Hollow Words - Bench
Hope - Barbara Goodhew Hush Now - Nicola J Steel
I Am Not You - Sweet_Suicide I Can't Help But Think - Dfade
I Count Down The Days - Shira I Look In The Mirror - Capricorn
I Thought I Knew Everything - Pamela O'Brien I Tried But My Heart Continued To Cry - Terrie*
I'm Doing Fine - ShyHeart I'm Sorry - Holly
Identity - Leah06 Idol - Dimples
If I Were You , I'd Hate Me Too - Megan If Tomorrow Never Comes! - Angel On The Edge
Image - Your Melody Imperfections - Barbara Goodhew
In A Moment - Rick Ryckman In The Night Sky - Dragonsinger
Induced Defiance - Pondering Red Into The World - Senko
Isn't This The Time To Be Strong? - SweetVenom It Finally Sinks In - Dreamer
It Is My Mask - Rick Ryckman It Wouldn't Be Right, Somehow - Shiloh
Jump From The World - Fallen_Angel Just Tired - Heavenlynoe
Just To Win - Paige Just, A Little Air - ShyHeart
Leaving - Jennylisa Let Me Tell You... - Shiloh
Life - Joseph Ogbonna Life Is Not Fair - Megan
Life's Phases - Barbara Goodhew Lifes New Commandments - Barbara Goodhew
Lifetime Of Surroundings - Randi Jung Life’s True Meaning - Andrew James Ball
Lifting Our Spirits - Barbara Goodhew Light - Kimberly
Liking Yourself - Barbara Goodhew Lillian - Francis Duggan
Listening With Ears - Barbara Goodhew Living On The Streets - Casey
Lord, I Failed You In The Worst Way - Terrie* Lost - LCN
Love - Sonic Love Isn't Everything - Sheetswa
Love Songs - Barbara Goodhew Making Your Own Kind Of Fairy Tale - Barbara Goodhew
Mandala Of Ice - Pondering Red Martyrs - Barbara Goodhew
Meant Sincerely Mom - Shan Midnight Realities - Mental
Mirror - WaterLegendX Mistaken Intentions - Barbara Goodhew
Moments - C. Scott Moving - Capricorn
Moving On - Sarah Taurus Much More Than Gold - Billy Campbell
My Empty Nest - Capricorn My Heart Set Sail Into The Sea... - Terrie*
My Mutation / Evolution Is Now - Joseph James Prena My Truest Friend, Is My Shadow - ShyHeart
My World - Seizure Never Happy - Barbara Goodhew
No Clue - Barbara Goodhew No Exceptions - Dreamer
No More Thoughts - Barbara Goodhew No Promises - Your Melody
Obession - Samara Ode To The Chair - Red Dragon (Bernz)
Oil's Well That Oils My Well - Frank Kontos On Nights Ground - Deno Sandz
One Question I Can't Answer - Leah06 One Split Second - RubyDragon
Onyourown - Willahh Overview - Pezo
Paralyzed - Andrew James Ball Part Three - Willahh
Past Forever - Ryan M Holden Pedestal - Tarna
People - Barbara Goodhew Personality Quirks - Barbara Goodhew
Personality Traits - Barbara Goodhew Playground Rules - Ben Franklin
Playing It Cool - Barbara Goodhew Poems - Barbara Goodhew
Popular - Britney Predjudism - Barbara Goodhew
Pretty Wrapping - Shaz Quiet Screams - Rick Ryckman
Rain Drop - Forgotton Sorrows Reality - Crimson Angel
Reality - Kathie Mikie Reality T.v. - Mark Spencer
Realization - Elizabetta Reflection - Megan
Reflections - Capricorn Reflections - Sweet_Suicide
Remembering - Holly A. Badolato Replay - Leah06
Respite - Victoria Umanah (Avikaie) Rude People - Barbara Goodhew
Rules - Barbara Goodhew RunAway - Danielle
Sad Saturday Night - Ben Laney Sadly Pissed Off - Shiloh
Secret Place - Daniel Luther Myers Secrets I Hide - Tzuhsi
See My Glasses? - Dino Hi Selective Sight - Thia
Self-centered - Andrew James Ball Semantics And Syntax Of Love - Karla Bardanza
Sendai Bay - Puppet Sentimental Suicide - Dorsey Baker
Sets You Free - Devilyangelic Shattered - Megan
Smarts - Barbara Goodhew Smell The Cold - Mental
So Grateful - Barbara Goodhew Sometimes - C. Scott
Soul Flowing - Willahh Sounds - Barbara Goodhew
Sporadic Memories - Luke Mudge Step Back And Deal - Megan
Strength - Barbara Goodhew Stumbling Block - Mark Spencer
Sunday's - Barbara Goodhew Sunset Gloom - Mental
Sunshine - Barbara Goodhew Superwoman - Korie Poleo
Survivors - Barbara Goodhew Sweet Lies - Emilee
Teachers - Tonight Tears Of A Child - Barbara Goodhew
The Black Knight - ShyHeart The Blues: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
The Creation Of Isolation - Fallen_Angel The Demon - ShyHeart
The Firefly - Anthony Wright The Golden Rule - Barbara Goodhew
The Human Blueprint: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart The Inside Of My Heart - Terrie*
The Nickel Calling The Penny Cheap - Meridian Zuriel The Price Of Non-conformity - Meridian Zuriel
The Real World - Stacey The Success Ladder - Barbara Goodhew
The Way It Is - Pondering Red These Chains - Leah06
These Seeds Of Doubt Which Grow Within: 5 Poems - Colin Stewart Thinker - Barbara Goodhew
Those - Maranda Berkley Three Little Words - Because She Didnt Think She'd Get The Chance - Natalie Leer
Through - Dilvorn Time - Barbara Goodhew
Time Elapsed - Maranda Berkley Time, Life, Death, And Heart - Heather
To Live And Learn: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart Uniting In The End! - Miztrebor
Unknown - Sinners_Pride Unveil My Heart - Devilyangelic
Us - Heaven Vanity Of Life - Joseph Ogbonna
Waiting: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart Wake Up - Jayne Ashleigh
Waking Up - Itai Blank Walk Away - Barbara Goodhew
War Of Mind - Ben Franklin Watercolours - Ben Laney
We Created These Dark Clouds - Luke Mudge We Were Born To Serve The Blues: Poems 1 To 5 - Colin Stewart
Weather - Barbara Goodhew What Do I Feel? - Terrie*
What I Can Be - Leah06 What I Do Best - Pamela O'Brien
What I Hold Inside - Taylor James What If The World Were A Little More Perfect - Your Melody
What If The World Were A Little More Perfect 2 - Your Melody What Makes My Dad - Your Melody
When We Rise - Everett When Worlds Meet - Dreamer
When, We First Met - ShyHeart Where Did The Time Go? - Devilyangelic
Why - Barbara Goodhew Why? - Your Melody
Wicked Streets - Ben Laney Wisdom - Barbara Goodhew
With A Knife In The Heart - Karla Bardanza Words To Say - Britney
Worlds Apart - Michael Bradley Nelson Worrying - Barbara Goodhew
Wounds - Karla Bardanza Write Me Well - Luc
Writer - Barbara Goodhew Writings - Barbara Goodhew
Yesterday,today And Tomorrow... - Terrie* You Come And Go - Clive B Ringshall
You'll Never Know - Kat You're Always By My Side - Anjali Thapa
Young Or Old Love - Barbara Goodhew  

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